Missing the chance

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  2. Police release last known pictures of missing Auckland man Denver Chance | RNZ News
  3. SAR crews find dirt biker missing near Chance Creek
  4. Translation of "missing the chance" in Portuguese

Police initially said his car was seen in Waihi disappeared but now say that may not have been the case.

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They say its possible another red Skyline was spotted in Waihi, and the quality of CCTV footage means it's not possible to read its licence plate. Detective Senior Sergeant Megan Goldie said police were still carrying out inquiries in Waihi - and nearby Waikino - because Mr Chance was looking to buy property in the area. They were also looking at Karaka, in rural southern Auckland, because phone records suggested Mr Chance was in the area the day he went missing, Ms Goldie said.

Denver Chance's car - a red Nissan Skyline. Ms Goldie told Checkpoint all police could conclusively say was that he was last seen leaving his house at 3. We have the car on the motorway and heading to the motorway, but no actual footage anywhere where we can conclusively confirm that he is in that car," she said.

But she said no one else drove his vehicle - he kept his keys in his room - and there was only a very "slight possibility" that someone else met him up on the roadside and drove off in his car.

Ms Goldie said Mr Chance's cell phone pinged a cell tower in the Karaka area west of the southern motorway on the Sunday. What do you think? I don't know any other phrases. TASK: 1. That was close! That could have gone anywhere! Good effort! That's miles off target! Yes, many of these were new to me 2. No, I think there's no land for the players on my team. TASK 1. Good effort. That's miles off target. Yes some, but not all. It was close! Good game and effort! How unfortunate! All phrases are new for me, in this podcast everything it's ok. No, I do not know anything now, I think everything is very complete.

I can't believe he's missed that! My nan could do better than that! Miles over the crossbar! Bye, bye Thanks for the lesson.

This lesson looks at the words and phrases we use when our team is losing and when our team has lost. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Football Shout-out: Missing Chances. Jack : If you listened to our last lesson, you will remember this: Rich : Come on! We need to get the ball off them. Get stuck in! Rich : We need to keep hold of the ball. Jack : We need to get it in the box.

Down the line. Go on skin him.

Police release last known pictures of missing Auckland man Denver Chance | RNZ News

Jack : Go on. Have a pop! Get in!! Here they come. Get rid of it!! Get it out!

Missing You

Listen to this: Jack : Go on! Have a shot! Rich : Unlucky! Against the post! Jack : Penalty! Rich : Oh no. He hit the last one straight at the keeper! Jack : Here we go! Jack : Nope. Rich : And, sometimes players miss sitters, too.

SAR crews find dirt biker missing near Chance Creek

Jack : Listen again. Do you understand everything now? Jack : Go on! Rich : Bye for now and enjoy your football. Quiz Please login to take this quiz. Log in. Were any of these phrases new for you? Leave a comment Log in to leave a comment Comments. Log in or register to post comments. Vietnam Manchester City Other phrases Tough luck! Zimbabwe Chelsea Poland Manchester United Most are new to me. I can shout to you many things of encouragement. Colombia Tottenham Hotspur Yes, many of these phrases are new to me. Colombia Arsenal There are some new pharases for me.

Colombia Manchester United Yes, for example you can!

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Colombia Liverpool Several of them are new to me Ohh, I do not know. No new phrases here. Super interesting. Colombia Manchester City No new phrases for me. Colombia Newcastle United All of this phrases was new for me. Colombia Wolverhampton Wanderers Colombia Chelsea The majority. Great lesson. All the phrases were new for me. I do not any other similar sentences. Yes, all the sentences were new to me. I can not say more phrases because I really do not know any more.

Translation of "missing the chance" in Portuguese

Some of them are new to me. Oh, come man! How you miss that one! Task: -Unlucky!

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More concentration boy! There were a few words new for me. Colombia Stoke City If most of these phrases knew them.