Mom, wheres my dad?

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  3. Michigan runner goes viral after NCAA title: 'Where's my mom?'

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Barb informs Steven that Sadie did not come home last night. Barb, assuming Sadie went to work instead of going home, had tried to drop Sadie's lunch off at work. Steven is confused at Sadie's disappearance, as she told Steven the previous night that she was headed home.


Mom Wheres My Dad?

Barb tells Steven that Sadie has probably snuck off somewhere else with her "boyfriend". Steven explains she was at a party yesterday and was headed home. Steven mentions that Lars never showed up to the party, and that Onion has also gone missing. Steven tells Barb about Jamie's package that never arrives. Barb remembers that Jamie had this package when he was leaving to go to Steven's house. Steven is more intrigued and confused, realizing that these disappearances are a serious issue. Steven and Barb split up, trying to find the missing citizens elsewhere on the Boardwalk.

While checking the Funland Arcade , Steven mentions to himself that it is up to him to find his friends. Steven finds that no one is in the Arcade, or in the Vending Machine after buying a bag of Chaaaaps. While continuing his search, Steven stumbles across a small blue Gem , asking the question of "Are you my dad?


After Steven exclaims his surprise at seeing her, the Gem repeats her question, asking if Steven is "My Dad". Steven informs her that he is not her dad. The Gem flies away quickly, and Steven cannot catch up. Steven heads back to the temple, having Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Connie draw the Gem based on Steven's description. Steven mentions the gemstone under her left eye, and says that Connie's drawing is the closest.

With a new Gem in Beach City, Pearl infers she must be here for the Crystal Gems , and that they should prepare for a fight.

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Steven explains that she is looking for her dad, and that many of his friends have gone missing. Everyone is confused, as Gems don't have dads.

Connie mentions that Steven has a dad , but Garnet clarifies that no other Gem is like Steven. Connie brings up the idea that the Gem could be like Steven. Garnet decides that they should split up to find this Gem.

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Steven is excited at the possibility of Garnet unfusing into Ruby and Sapphire , but Garnet meant splitting up into teams to search Beach City. Steven is teamed up with Connie, Pearl with Amethyst, and Garnet "with herself".

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After splitting up, Steven and Connie discuss the new Gem. Connie theorizes that the Gem may have been adopted by a human father. The two travel to the Beach City Woods. Steven confesses about how he feels about the missing people and the new Gem. Connie informs Steven that if there is a problem, they can get through it together. Steven continues searching in a log, as Connie stays near a tree. Steven sees the Gem on a branch behind Connie. Connie looks at the Gem, and is pleased that the Gem looks very similar to her drawing.

Connie attempts to help the Gem, telling her to jump down to be caught safely. The gem asks Connie "Are you my dad? Connie is confused and offers to help the Gem find "your [the Gem's] dad".

Michigan runner goes viral after NCAA title: 'Where's my mom?'

Steven, stuck in a log, tells Connie to wait and be careful. Hearing Connie's name, the Gem asks if she is "Connie". Connie says that she is. The blue Gem laughs and flies away, shouting to " Topaz " that she has "found another one". While Steven is confused, loud stomping noises shake the Forest. Connie grabs her weapon and gets prepared. The footsteps draw closer, revealing themselves to belong to "Topaz", a large yellow Fusion Gem.