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  1. Sreeram Srinivasan: oh! So Magnifique
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C’est Magnifique! Le FabShop Delights Design Clients With 3D Printing for Production

Down there, with subdued light gleaming from dark polished surfaces and deep-buttoned oxblood wall sofas, was a Francophiliac feast of images — a tour of impressionist landmarks taking you past the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde etc. Then there was a plethora of oh-so-French advertisements Regarde: a pretty mademoiselle gazing at herself in the mirror with Parfumerie scrawled across it.

  • "C'est magnifique !" in English.
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Well I sniffed and rolled around my tongue the contents of a Diet Coke. Such is the fate of diabetic drivers….


Sreeram Srinivasan: oh! So Magnifique

My choice was a Basque egg — a tangy assortment of pan fried flavours, including Toulouse sausage, chorizo, new potatoes and peas, all cooked with smoked paprika and finished with a baked egg. It was spectacular and so filling that it obviated the need later for me to order a side dish. A screaming gaggle of female revellers with collective laughter that could cut through steel particularly one who I described as the decibel of the ball made sure of that.

In order to be heard, everyone else raised their voices a notch and in response came rising terraces of cacophony as ear-splitting as a Caravelle coming in to land. Back to the food: Mrs G tucked into her croquettes de saumon — homemade salmon fishcakes served on mixed leaves with French fries and tartare sauce.

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I wrestled with the prospect of Jarret du pork au cidre — slow cooked pork shank braised with cider on a course grain mustard mash; or Loup de mer — fillet of sea bass on creamed sweet potato with lemon dill sauce. But I opted for neither. Instead, I chose a traditional boeuf bourguignon — large chunks of tender beef, casseroled in red wine with smoked bacon, field mushrooms and baby onions, plus mash which at first seemed to be more solid than creamy, but changed my mind when it softened with the heavenly sauce.

At that moment the revellers left and we savoured both the food — and the relative silence…. Best to book a table.

"C'est magnifique !" English translation

Despite the pressure being relieved at Castlegate, it is safer not to turn up at the Lendal restaurant unannounced. Opening times are daily from noon until 10pm.

Oh ! So Magnifique

There is a lunchtime menu with mussels as a speciality, plus light meals such as sandwiches, baguettes and burgers and an array of omelettes and salads. Gift vouchers are available. These reviews are nice and helpful, but also inoffensive and anodyne. If the point of the column is to promote local businesses then fine. If it is to be objective then it will be interesting to see if the author has any bite when it comes to a restaurant that is sub-standard.

We turn their drawings into 3D images.

If they draw the rings of Saturn, we try to make real 3D models of those drawings. One floor of its Paris-based facility houses the design team and the other, manufacturing.

So Magnifique

The team has produced, among the many other projects previously described, a complete miniaturized Parisian village for a Christmas window display. Bernier and his team are able to accomplish all of this—across its three offices—thanks to modern 3D-modeling and cloud-collaboration tools, namely Autodesk Fusion Fusion is affordable software that embeds various software tools in one product.

For instance, it places the fabrication application tool inside the design process with a plug-in that sends your art to a 3D printer or a CNC application. It allows you to visualize the way your object will be carved into the material while still in the design software.