Presenting Our Body a Living Sacrifice

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  1. What Does the Bible Mean By ‘A Living Sacrifice’?
  3. Present Your Body a Living Sacrifice to God. Bible study on self-sacrifice (discipleship).
  4. What Is A Living Sacrifice? Romans 12a

Where, O death, is your sting? But thanks be to God! Rome was like the western world today wallowing in every kind of indulgence of vice associated with the body.

What Does the Bible Mean By ‘A Living Sacrifice’?

In some ways it is more dangerous with us today in that vice has now entered every home by the world wide web. The craving for the urges and desires of the body to be satisfied was everywhere in Rome even as it is everywhere in Wales today. Paul was a realist. If the Christian faith did not affect how men and women behaved regarding their bodies then the claims that Jesus Christ saved and changed people for the better, totally and completely, could be discarded.

Christianity could then be another form of Buddhism, but Paul is beseeching these Christians to take very seriously what he says about the use of their bodies. We teach our children from the youngest age that God expects them to glorify him in their bodies. We pray that he will enable them to yield the members of their bodies as instruments of righteousness to God. What is more important than to instill into children a correct attitude to their bodies.

Is it going to be ashamed of its body, immodest about its body, or prudish? Will it be pensive about its body, or pamper it, or discipline it?

Will it harm its own body, or at the other extreme, idolize it? Will it care for its body? Go ahead! Satisfy them! If you like the taste drink it. If you like to enter the dream world then smoke it. If you like the buzz then snort it. If you like the ecstasy then swallow it. If you like the mood change inject it. If a person likes it, that is the single criterion that matters. Go on! Do it! If both persons like it then let them both do it. It says certain experiences might very well seem beautiful to you, but self denial and cross bearing are more beautiful.

Satisfy your bodies in the God-designed manner and you will learn solid joy and lasting pleasure. Maintain purity before marriage and faithfulness within it. We have to answer at the judgment day for the deeds done in the body.

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Make sure your body is the temple of the Spirit. The language is of a sacrificial ritual well known to the Jews and well known to the pagans too. They brought an offering to their god, perhaps in thankfulness for mercies received, children born, husbands returned from a sea voyage, recovery from sickness, or they brought an offering to propitiate their god for their bad behaviour. The offering was killed and its blood was poured on the flames of the altar. That is the familiar picture Paul is referring to, but there is this notable difference, that the human body is not presented to be slain.

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The body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the dwelling place of Christ is to be presented to God, constantly, day after day. John Stott describes his first action every morning as he rises presenting his arms to God, and his legs to God, and his mind to God and his affections to God. There is the constant dedication of our bodies to God while life and thought and being last or immortality endures. I put myself on the altar to be dedicated to God. I want my eyes to be used for God. I keep a covenant with them, what I look at.


Will I lust and covet and fantasize through my eyes? I give my brain to God, what I think of, what I dwell upon. I want every thought to be captive to Jesus Christ. I want him to be lord over every single cel l in my brain and all the trillions of connections in the brain. I want my ears to be used for God so that I reject the tales that put down men and women and show disrespect to other people. My ears I present to the Lord. My affections are his; what I get excited about, what makes my heart beat faster, what I talk over with animation to my friends, the things I love and am delighted in, my enthusiasms, what I have to see and be a part of — these affections I give them to my Master.

He is Lord over that entire area of life. I see how others have made a disaster of their lives and marriages because they have felt they were completely in charge of this, and could do as they would. This dimension of my life I have handed over to the Lord. It is for him; it is for his honour and glory. My belly; my enjoyment of good food and wine, my interest in certain cooking programmes, and famous TV cooks and their recipe books. What interest there is in all of this, in what shops sell the best foodstuffs and the cheapest, what we give to people who come to our house for a meal.

Then there are the recommended diets, and there are the eating disorders. What a fascinating subject it all is, but I have given it all over to the Lord. I want to eat and drink to the glory of God.

Present Your Body a Living Sacrifice to God. Bible study on self-sacrifice (discipleship).

Then there are my legs and feet and whatever athletic or sporting skill I may have as a young person, and that is given to the Lord. I am saying that we can use our bodies in the service of our God and Saviour. Let our strength be used first of all in loving our neighbours as ourselves. Let our dexterity and co-ordination be given to love the Lord and in loving others more and more. We are to continually present our bodies to the Lord, and that is our daily exercise. Think of an athlete in training. He or she will eat right, get to bed on time and take on the daily discipline of practice.

Certain muscle groups will be worked on in thousands of repetitions till they have mass and flexibility. Certain moves will be practiced again and again till they become second nature. Each time the athlete trains he gets a little better. Each time she works out then some sloppy old habit dies a little and some disciplined new one begins to come to life. In other words, each training session causes a tiny conversion, but it is only after many seasons of such training that a person can perform skills by second nature.

A duffer becomes a disciplined athlete, and the Christian life is like that. Each time we bend our knees and pray, each time we open our mouths and speak a word of testimony, each time we pick up the towel and the basin of water and wash dirty feet our old self dies a little and our new self comes more to life. Add up all these mini-conversions across years of following Christ and you have a dedicated servant of God. A flabby and clumsy Christian becomes trim and graceful.

The fundamental character of Christians is that they are holy people.

What Is A Living Sacrifice? Romans 12a

The adjective Greek logikos which precedes it may be translated either reasonable i. But our worshipful service can only be spiritual in the biblical sense when it is characterized by our conscious, intelligent, rational service to the Lord God. And be not conformed to this world. Paul cautions the believer not to be fashioned after this world or age Greek aion. The new creation in Christ is to live with the understanding that old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new 2 Corinthians We are therefore not to have our lives governed by the thought patterns and dictates of this evil world system.

But how can we prevent that? Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The only possible way for the believer not to be fashioned Greek syschematizo after this world is to be transformed in mind. Crossword Puzzles. Links: History. Links: Internet Radio. Links: Photos. Links Evidences. Search BibleStudyGuide.

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Present Your Body A Living Sacrifice

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