Queen Sacrifice

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No matter how straightforward or prosaic, a queen sacrifice is chess beauty incarnate.

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My love for queen sacrifices was ignited more than 10 years ago, when my coach showed me an unforgettable tactical display by GM Emil Sutovsky. In my humble opinion, the final position should be displayed at the Louvre, possibly replacing the Mona Lisa.


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I showed this game to everyone I knew, including my brother. Three years later, this happened:. A well-seasoned tactician would find To be sure, queen sacrifices are not always based on perfectly calculated tactical sequences. Indeed, even if the sacrifice is not objectively sound, repelling a long-term attack over the board can be a next to impossible task. While not as eye-catching as the previous two, this game is both aesthetically brilliant and tremendously instructive.

It was impossible to accurately calculate the ramifications of Black's 16th move, and the computer -- at least initially -- is less than impressed.

Queen Sacrifices

Nonetheless, Black's incredibly well-placed minor pieces, coupled with long-term pressure along the g-file, were very compelling reasons to part with the lady. A queen sacrifice might appear so brazen, the tactical complications so byzantine, that a player might be tempted to choose a safer route.

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But a truly elite tactician will always trust his instinct and never shirk from risk. The following recent brilliancy is a case in point.

Introduction to Queen Sacrifice

Be8 is an amazing move in and of itself, but to follow it up with a queen sacrifice? What's the most beautiful, stylish and, why not, romantic way to win a chess game?

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  • Yes, you're right: sacrificing the Queen to checkmate the enemy King! In this new episode of his Tactics for Everyone! As usual, it's a matter of patterns; when we learn to recognize the patterns, everything seems to fit perfectly over the board. By showing puzzles from famous games and problems he created, Ronen teaches us how to spot the patterns and, with the supreme and elegant sacrifice, win the game.

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    In this new video series Ronen tackles one of the most important part of the game: Tactics. And he does this from a beginner and intermediate player's perspective: everyone will be able to enjoy, learn and improve watching this new series.

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