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  1. 2. You can baffle people with a single word.
  2. 8 Things You Need to Know About My Quiet Kid
  3. 2. They are always listening and internalizing everything.
  4. Students Share The Funniest Thing The 'Quiet Kid' In Class Has Ever Said - Knowable

I'm sure there's more personal to it but I wasn't friends with her. Mean girl walks behind cool girl at lunch, mean girl dumps milk on cool girl's head. Cool girl turns around in a rage, tackles the mean girl and starts punching mean girl's face repeatedly. Crowd surrounds, chanting erupted. Gym teacher scaled a table and tackled them both. Was a sight to see. Cool girl was gone from class for a few days then came back like normal. I wonder how she's doing. Quiet kid was in my friendship group at school and even then, I don't think I ever heard him speak. Nice guy still, somehow, I think.

Despite his total not speaking, there are two things he did that stand out that I remember about him to this day. Firstly, one day, he just straight up fainted in a science class. Doesn't appear to have been anything in said class that would have triggered it. Unfortunately our labs had those high stools so it was quite a way. The second thing was at a lunch time.

2. You can baffle people with a single word.

We were at our usual spot by the benches, doing whatever we always did, and at some point we realise he's holding a hand full of screws and nuts. After a minute we realised he'd taken all the screws and nuts out of one of the picnic benches, but it was still totally intact. We have zero idea why but it was outstanding work, especially as we didn't know he was doing it until he did it. Laughing, but realising we would get our asses handed to us if anyone found out, we tried to figure out next steps. So of course some idiot leans on the bench, instantly flatpacking it in one fluid motion, just as the caretaker walks past.

Quiet kid in Summer school was being constantly bullied by the loud asshat kid behind him, asshat calls the quiet kid a very uncool name, without missing a beat and in the flash of a second kid spins, sticks a pencil completely through the guys hand and sits back front ways. It was o quick we were not even sure it happened, except for the pencil stuck in the other guys hand and the screaming and blood.

Please tell me Rob got stabbed in the left hand. Perfect opportunity to call him Right Hand Robbie the rest of his life. I do believe it was his left. Hunter was right handed, and the spin move put him at the correct angle and distance for the attack of his left hand. One of the hottest girls comes in late, dressed in all white. Club attire, white leggings, white top, again its Halloween. Class is dead silent because she's late. Whole class, teacher included busts out laughing. I've never seen her embarrassed. It was deserved. I was the quiet kid in my grade.

My gym teacher always liked me because I was a good athlete but he was very against swearing. I would stand near the girls who would bully me and yell out swear words when the he wasn't looking and he'd always assume it wasn't me. As punishment he would make the girls do 10 push-ups per swear word. Small victories like that got me through high school. I'm in Post 16 in the UK, and in our conference room there is a bluetooth speaker that us students are allowed to connect to at break time and lunch time, and, of course, we often fight over this speaker. Regardless of who gets there first, the group of the popular kids would just turn it off and then connect to it, which is a massive dick move, and since they are the popular kids, you can't do it to them or you risk your reputation being nuked from orbit.

But then, an unseen hero came along, in the form of the quiet kid. He didn't have many friends, and everyone knew him as just being really smart, but not being social. Due to this, he was immune to the popular kids intimidation and popularity, so whenever they didn't respect the rule of "who comes first gets it", he would just turn it off. They would be SO pissed, but they couldn't do anything about it. The music the popular kids would put on was the generic rap and terrible pop music I don't mind those genre's, but their taste of artists were fucking awful , so I was always overjoyed for it to be turned off.

My group nicknamed the quiet kid "the Terminator", based on his titanium testicles to stand up to the popular kids, so, Elliot, if you read this, fucking thank you for your service. I'm friends with one of those kids that's so quiet, it's like he can turn invisible. People just forget he's there. I was in art class and the stereotypical problem girl of our grade, let's call her Jane, starts bitching about stupid crap no one cares about.

Just being a crap person overall. I had one earbud in and was just tuning her out, when the quiet kid suddenly looks up and says: "You know that no one cares about what you're talking about, right? No one's listening to you. I've been friends with him ever since ;D. I used to be the quiet kid who didn't say much in class. I was also known as the one girl who was pretty good at drawing. I don't know if this would be considered the "best thing I ever did", but I do remember something I am somewhat proud of.

For my 11th grade English class, we read through Shakespeare's Macbeth, and the project for that module was a creative project that incorporated the themes of the play. We had to present our projects to the class. So, my 11th grade self decided to take all the characters in Macbeth, and draw them as tortured spirits, connected to a specific medieval torture method. So, Macbeth was drawn with a Prisoner's collar, a device that was used to prevent sleep just like he was deprived of in the play, Banquo was drawn with a Heretic's fork, a device that was used to prevent a person from talking, just like how Banquo was killed in order to guarantee his silence, etc etc.

There was a kid who was relatively quite throughout middle school who, for some reason, on one of the last days of our 8th grade year, wore a pink beard to school. He then yelled "SHIT! Somehow the topic of dildos came up and a girl asked why they make dildos with suction cups on them. Out of nowhere the quiet Goth boy in the back answers, way too readily, "It's so you just stick it on the fridge, and back on up". One day, when everyone was working on an assignment at the end of the class, a really cute girl in the front row, sitting right in front of him, turned around and SCOLDED him for making out with her and never calling her again!!!

Most Shocking Thing, the 'Quiet Kid' in Class Has Said? (Funny Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

It was the 90's, so most of the guys were openly impressed. Not sure if that's okay anymore, but that's how it was. My final year of english class in high school I live in the UK btw so i was 16 was super tight knit, we had running jokes and everyone kinda left everything at the door with regards to cliques and shit. So at the end of the year the teacher gave out awards, and the quiet kid got the award for saying a grand toatal of 4 words in the whole 2 years we were there.

However a bit of a follow up from that is that shortly thereafter we dated for a short while and she was incredably talkative which was very very strainge because I had only talked to her once or twice in the 5 years of secondary school. So Courtney if you're out there say more shit cause you're pretty cool. Not that anyone asked but I thaught it was funny to add that my award was "To Batsy for saying the most inappropriate thing, at the most inconvenient time, to the most unsutable person" which was almost the polar opposite of Courtney's. Edit: It was not one specific thing I said, instead it was a string of incidents, some of which involved jokes about kicking puppies, socialism and Macbeth's extra marital affairs with another student's mother.

I remember one time he made me bust my gut was when a teacher we had would give a quick countdown before moving onto the next subject by saying "Everyone understand? Going Once Three times Well, The teacher shortened it to "Once In grade 6 we had a substitute teacher and when she wanted the class to be quiet she would count down from ten. So one of my classmates, tired of her shit, after the teacher counted down, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1".

He did rocket sound effects and did a little spin. Everyone burst laughing, but the teacher was mad and had him stand in the hall. There was this Chinese dude who was pretty lowkey and one day this man jumped did a chinese move and slapped a bee and killed it. He was respected after that day. Slapped a bee barehanded. He was the shortest kid in school, chinese and quiet.

We were standing outside the gym-building one day when a seagull stooped towards our heads and he jumped up and slapped the bird out of balance. I'll never forget that moment. It was silent so the whole classroom heard it and they talk to this day about it Edit: forgot to mention that they laughed. A boy threw a penny at a girl in Latin class and she yelled "why did you throw a penny at me? Freshman math class. There was a popular, annoying girl that would just complain about everything.

Everyone just kinda agreed and dealt with her because she was hot. But the quiet kid in the class was fed up with her on one of the last few weeks of school. She came in complaining about how terrible her life was Have you just been diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time? Cuz I have.


8 Things You Need to Know About My Quiet Kid

Is it worse than that? Me and that kid actually became pretty good friends after that. Really nice kid. He beat cancer later that year for the third time! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. AskReddit comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Ask a question. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Tags to use: [Serious] Use a [Serious] post tag to designate your post as a serious, on-topic-only thread.

Please use spoiler tags to hide spoilers. Take a peek! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Well, teacher heard it and said "What did you say?

To his credit, he put his head up and loudly said "WHAT. One day, the Loud Girl noticed. I haven't heard you talk since sixth grade! I hope I don't hear you for another four years! The world sucks man. Not as extreme as others but still completely unexpected. I can't tell if this is funny or sad.

Everyone turned and just stared at him. I'm in grad school for engineering. He got feminine hips! This is in the cornfields of the midwest Edit: Thanks for the gold!

2. They are always listening and internalizing everything.

Red double deckers? I think about that every so often and still laugh. Jesus Christ. She just needed a damn pencil, shit. My friend, a sweet, quiet girl says rather loudly "You die. Everyone turned and just stared at him. There was a girl who went the entirety of middle school never speaking a word unless absolutely necessary. One day the class was being rowdy while the teacher was out of the room and in the raspiest, deepest voice ever yelled "SHUT UP!

Seventh grade, new kid named Nick started school halfway through the year. He sat next to me in English class and didn't say anything ever. One day, we were reading poems out loud and critiquing each other. One sorry fella read his, and every line started with 'if I was a bird. If I was a bird, I'd fly to school.

If I was a bird A few people offered polite criticism. The teacher called on Nick for his opinion, and he said, "if I was a bird, I'd poop on all of you. He got kicked out of class and I still laugh every time I think about it. We became friends and he was actually a pretty nice guy, I think he just couldn't resist making that joke.

This one kid in high school said he wanted to go to Harvard, and this quiet dude in the back of the class said "Harvard? Stewart's maybe. Whole class lost it. Korean Kid in Canada, socially awkward, didn't speak english very well, physically not coordinated playing any sport even running. That was until we were on a field trip and at lunch we went to a place with Dance Dance Revolution. It was like the videos, playing on both pads, hands on railings, blasting the game to oblivion setting high scores only to beat them. He had the entire leaderboard before we left, first time I saw him smile.

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One of the most impressive things I have ever seen. I remember going to JR high in this small hick town in Texas while i was on probation thats a long story. Had a quiet kid who was actually really popular, not bullied at all like most quiet kids.

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  • Anyway, I was new, had only been going to the school for about a month when this happened. We had a substitute teacher for one of our classes. She was doing a quick roll call and got to his name Nobody had a clue what it meant, let alone that it was't his real name. All of his paperwork at the school had to be updated and everything. I thought it was hilarious. There was a fly in the room, he threw his pencil straight up and SKEWERED the fly and the pencil got stuck in the ceiling, it was those really weak plaster tile things but it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I wish I could go back in time and record it.

    Classmates used to throw crumpled paper balls at her every day because they knew she wouldn't react. One day she started picking them up, spitting on them, and throwing them back. The teacher just smiled and watched. The quiet kid in my class was sorta bullied by this kid who had a cleft chin. It was a dirty joke, so check, and it was aimed at a bully, double check. He was the typical quiet, good kid who always made good grades.

    He was also the best drug dealer at our school. Since all the teachers saw him as this innocent angel, he never once got caught. My friend was the quiet kid. In high school drafting class, back when drafting was done on paper, there was another kid harassing him from across the room. He took his t-square about 2 feet long, made of wood, sharp edges and whipped it across the room, hitting his harasser square on the side of the head.

    The resulting head wound required several stitches. Eventually the quiet kid next to me stood up and screamed "Shut the hell UP! He got in trouble and I didn't, cause the teacher hadn't heard any of my duff man quotes. I still think about him sometimes. I'm sorry man, I was being so annoying and you didn't deserve to get in trouble.

    A girl that used to sleep during class went to the director office because there was too much noise in our philosophy lecture. Next class right after she started sleeping and the "Quiet Kid" woke her up and warned her he wasn't going to let her sleep ever again. My wife told me of a really really quiet kid in her class. No one ever heard him speak because he has some sort of mental thing and the teacher knew not to call on him.

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    • Bullies (A humorous action, adventure, survival series for children, middle grade, teen and young adult) (Urban Hunters Book 5).
    • The last week of school this kid finally speaks. This is in the cornfields of the midwest. Often the quiet-kid is not "boring" as some may suggest, but instead may not feel that the people in their environment are good for their personality, especailly with most people being so judgemental anyway.

      Students Share The Funniest Thing The 'Quiet Kid' In Class Has Ever Said - Knowable

      Adult colleague : So what were you like in highschool? Friend: It's actually funny, because I was actually the "quiet kid. Friend: I never really fit in, it's funny because they never took the time to get to know me. The kid in the back of the classroom who is rarely ever spoken too. This kid could be the smartest kid in the class, but every time he says anything, he isn't listened to, and others around him steal his answers and yell them out.

      This is the kid who is not well known by most of the class. When students pass out papers, they say "who is insert name of the quiet kid here? It's never to talk about TV or video games or the internet, it's always "what did you get for number 3? People will assume he switched classes and went somewhere else. It would be as if he never even existed I am the quiet kid. February 14, Quiet Kid unknown.