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Incognito has stripped away all of the things used to craft and explain an identity. Or, as the poet might say it, all of the masks we all use have been stripped away. Like the poems themselves, this seems a Zen thing to do. So we consider the poems themselves.

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The poems are grouped in four sections. The first is about identity and the masks we wear. The second section focuses on love and hatred, seeing both emotions as two sides of the same coin. This construction suggests a process: first, of removing the masks we adopt; second, understanding emotions and feelings as the same thing; and third, coming into a new place, or embracing a new reality.

We find punctuation, but no capital letters. This poem, from the first section, is a good example of the poems in the entire collection, including not having a title. Few of the poems have a title. This one, about desire, has one, and it is a play on words, a summary of the poem in one constructed word. The poems have a simplicity about them: no soaring language, no hit-you-upside-the-head metaphors, no startling similes.

Proust Her caterpillar, which is not set below the window but above the door, slowly comes out of its cocoon while a blizzard is raging outside, to figure the awakening of a new area and the possibility of resurrection on Easter Day.


Munro is once more allowing words to be indexed to clandestine meanings. The incestuous relationship that the mother did not completely suppress from utterance but is reticent to put into words is obliquely allowed to resurface in a covert and displaced manner, mediated through the myth of Oedipus. Just before Fern came in one door and Owen came in the other, there was something in the room like the downflash of a wing or knife, a sense of hurt so strong, but quick and isolated, vanishing. I would like to suggest further that this simile cannot be fully understood without being related to the poem by Tennyson which frames the story.

The metaphor of the vulture applied to Lady Blanche is remarkably ambiguous, since it characterizes the predatory instinct of the woman who is preyed upon and radically deprived. It seems to me that with the simile of the downflash of the wing or the knife Munro has borrowed from Tennyson the absolute violence of an all-encompassing predatory archaic instinct. I tend to think that the simile is not limited to this single signification and may accommodate other interpretations.

She uses a simile that has deep evolutionary roots and potent chiasmic repercussions. Munro allows the canonical texts of western culture to migrate into her stories only to return readers to an anterior phase in the development of the species. She appropriates the monuments of culture, those of Proust and Tennyson among others, not to decorate her prose or increase her cultural credit, but paradoxically to cite primal history and to keep track of the foundational savagery of beginnings.

Her heightened awareness of the primitive nature of emotions allows her to record the lines of evolutionary descent and to inscribe phylogenetics in her delineation of human action and motivation. By recording primitive predatory instinctual behaviour alongside and within the works of art she herself captures and incorporates, she self-reflexively articulates the archaic. In between the lines of her story that silently delineate an exacerbated sense of hurt, there appears an uncanny otherness, a riddle, a hieroglyph, that reaches back to unexplainable atavistic violence.

With the downflash of a wing or a knife, she simultaneously splits open and confirms the authority of culture to assert the permanence of the link between the animal and the human; she equally accounts for her severance from the maternal body and for her reverence for a princess who remains first and foremost, princeps. Auden, W. New York: Random House, Bhabha, Homi.

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The Location of Culture. New York : Routledge, Casanova, Pascale. Paris: Points Essais, Denecke, Daniel. Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying [ ]. New York: Vintage, Paris: Seuil, Gault, Cinda. Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. London: Heinemann Educational Books.

Lorentzen, Christian.

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London Review of Books 35 6 June : Minor, Kyle. Enjoy the rhythm of poetry and spoken word with this special collection of videos and web-exclusive features from trusted producers and PBS member stations Poetry in the First read online institutocrescer. A lung cancer survivor, Giovanni has also contributed an introduction to the anthology Breaking the Silence: Inspirational Stories of Black Cancer Survivors Hilton Publishing, Lighting the Shadow download here www. The fellowship also welcomes film-makers, book authors, and creative artists in other disciplines to apply ref.

Born Victoria, British Columbia April 8, She published her first book of poems in Trio. She won a grant to study dream an theatre and took off to study in France ref.

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Poets and Poems: Incognito and “Paradox”

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She served as President of the Manitoba Historical Society from After her last book she married Roland F. Keller says that all those loves give root to her poetry as inspiration. Her poem, As The Deer, published in the anthology, Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, was inspired by an old hymn by the same name that she plays on the dulcimer.

Keller enjoys words; moving them around on paper until a poem, short story or essay emerges. She finds pleasure in reading to a few or many, be it her own words or those of others, and says reading at the Folk School is always a treat , cited: Love in my Language abakan-master. It was during this time that Angelou had the opportunity to hear Dr.