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  1. Why Is Christian Fellowship so Important?
  2. 1. Duties of Wives To Their Husbands
  3. Your Viewing History
  4. The Christian Home and Training Children - Christian Home and Family

Why Is Christian Fellowship so Important?

Instead of being cheerful and obedient, they are noted for preaching and nagging. Nothing breaks the spirit of a man more quickly than a nagging wife. There are too many families that have such a high standard of living that mother has to work away from home to help pay the bills.

There may be some exceptions, but generally speaking, the father is to be the breadwinner and the mother is to be the keeper at home. The husband is to show due courtesies to his wife. It is pathetic to see how some young men can play the part of a gentlemen, be courteous, gracious, and show respect to young ladies when they are courting them—and then after marriage, they come home and scold and nag and become sullen and bitter. The Christian husband is to remember that it is no easy thing for his wife to keep house, care for the children, and experience the vexing things that come along with the daily duties of home life.

Let the husband render to his wife due courtesies. The husband is to keep in mind that his wife is generally speaking physically more frail than he. Each husband should be careful not to create additional unnecessary work for his wife. And yet when some husbands leave the house in the morning, it seems like a windstorm has gone through, and when they come home at night they are careless about dragging dirt into the house.

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If we husbands would close our doors and hang up our clothes we may have more pleasant wives. The husband is to demonstrate true affection for his wife. He should tell her that he loves her, and he is to treat her with the same love and gentleness and kindness he showed her while he was courting her. How long is it, husband, since you remembered her with those little tokens of love a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers which you were eager to shower upon her during courtship days?

If you have been neglecting this duty—go to your wife, apologize for your thoughtlessness, take out your family Bible, read the record of your marriage, and brighten up that old love! If husbands and wives would work as hard to keep each other as they once did to catch each other, most domestic home problems would be forever solved.

Called to Justice: Family Devotional Times

The spirit of courtship needs to be continued throughout married life. It is the duty of every child to respect and honor his parents. If you are inclined to be ashamed of them, remember that they cared for you when you were altogether unable to care for yourself. We sometimes forget that our mothers endangered their lives for our sakes; we are ungrateful for the weary toil of our fathers; we fail to appreciate the many sleepless nights that they went through in order that we might be comfortable.

All of us owe our parents honor and respect and courtesy. That admonition is very simple. Children can easily understand it. It is wise to heed the instructions of parents because the advice and mandates which Christian parents give are generally intended for the welfare of the child.

1. Duties of Wives To Their Husbands

Bear in mind that every child is born into this world with a sinful nature, and that the cute cooing baby in his cradle will soon demonstrate that he has a will of his own. Thus every child needs to be taught diligently. Reading and quoting the Bible in your home should be just as natural as talking about the weather.

Teach them the way of salvation. Read to them from wholesome literature.

Your Viewing History

Contents include: What is a Christian Home? New ed. Free eBook. Contains valuable lessions for today and gives scriptural guidance for training children for the Lord. A help for both Christian parents and teachers. Not only deals with family life, but also the general home life of a Christian believer. Extensive resource to help parents and churches raise children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Excerpted from Keeping the Kids above, "this is an extensive and practical look at child training and discipline.

It deals with such things as understanding the child's nature, teaching obedience and respect for authority, when discipline should begin, the effective use of the rod, dealing with sassing and resistance to authority, disciplining for attitude, the essential aspect of love in discipline, the necessity of consistency and persistence, the necessity of good communication, the necessity of the father and mother being in harmony, the danger of provoking children to wrath, keeping the child's heart, and discipleship.

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  • Contents include: Where are the Fathers? Practical, down-to-earth, instruction with emphasis on rearing spiritual children who grow up to love and serve the Lord. Emphasis on establishing a Christian home according to the principles taught in God's Word.

    The Christian Home and Training Children - Christian Home and Family

    Minimal instruction on training children. Available from the publisher, Christianbook. Available from BibleTruthPublishers.

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