The Worlds Creepiest Places

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  1. 20 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth To Send Chills Down Your Spine
  2. The Scariest Places in the World
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  4. 20 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth To Send Chills Down Your Spine
  5. Search and book more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, from anywhere.

It's said that those who've disregarded this rule disappeared within the structure's walls, never to be seen again. Rome's Capuchin Crypt comprises a set of very small chapels beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. Inside the tiny space are the skeletal remains of approximately 3, Capuchin friars. The bones are displayed in a number of different ways, including in patterns on the walls, and hanging from the ceilings as light fixtures.

Alcatraz Island was used as a military fortification between and and a federal prison between and — when it housed some of the most notorious criminals in U. It was later occupied by American Indians, in protest, between and Its foreboding structure and ominous history have led many to consider it among the most haunted places in America. For more creepy attractions in the United States, see this list. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share.

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20 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth To Send Chills Down Your Spine

The Catacombs of Paris, Paris, France. Beechworth Asylum, Beechworth, Australia. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine.

I love to read about scary places. As I read, I could almost hear a dark, deep voice reading along with me. Narrating the passages. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys folklore or just a fun creepy story. The book is broken into sections. Each section tells the story of a scary, spooky place. Cemeteries, houses, castles, and morbid, bizarre people. Some you may have heard of, some will be completely new to you.

Read it on a dark night for the full effect! A fun and enjoyable read. The book contains 25 scary destinations in 25 chapters. Out of those 25, only 5 take place in the USA. But I assumed there would be more taking place in the USA. Why is this a big deal to me? Out of the 25 s The book contains 25 scary destinations in 25 chapters. Out of the 25 stories I only enjoyed a handful.

The Scariest Places in the World

By the time I got to the end of the book I skimmed over a couple of the chapters because I just had lost all interest. Aug 20, Majanka rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews-august , mini-reviews , non-fiction , true-haunting. Intriguing book about, well, as the title suggests, the creepiest places in the world. The author goes into great detail, offering history and background story for each of the locations. Mar 08, Susan Jo Grassi rated it really liked it.

See a Problem?

This was my bedtime book. I read a chapter a night, when I could. I had heard of many of the places mentioned but some were totally new to me. I love books like this. You may not want to read this at bedtime but I encourage to give it a try. There are some very interesting, creepy stories in here.

May 15, Matthew Holman rated it liked it. It's an alright book. The only real issue I had was that the author, at times, spent more time and detail talking about the history and background of each haunted site instead of talking about the haunting and ghosts themselves.

Aug 03, Abbey rated it really liked it.

Lots of fascinating stories - fun to read if only for the history. Aug 01, Mary rated it liked it. The cover and the title do not do this book justice. Jul 16, Michele rated it liked it Shelves: ghosts. I don't know why I didn't love this book - it's usually the kind of thing I love.

It just didn't keep my interest. Nov 05, Jen Fish rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-paranormal. Very interesting!

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  • North Yungas Road, Bolivia.

Focused on the history and folklore of the locations. The book itself was not creepy Nov 11, Cynthia Egbert rated it liked it. Nothing overwhelmingly great but a fun book to read about areas of the world that I am curious about. Oct 30, Naomi rated it liked it. I thought this read was OK Again, just a dime a dozen read. At least the writing was good on this one though. Lily rated it liked it Apr 29, Keira Dawn rated it did not like it Oct 14, Siri rated it really liked it Nov 07, John Reed rated it liked it Feb 09, Brian Joynt rated it really liked it Jan 31, Karolis rated it did not like it Mar 24, Michelle rated it liked it Sep 22, Janie rated it liked it Sep 05, Amanda rated it it was ok May 19, Sydney Squidney rated it liked it Sep 04, Lynette rated it liked it Oct 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Bob Curran. Bob Curran. His interests are broad-ranging but are focused especially on history and story. The most common is the feeling of being touched and pulled, as well as the sighting of apparitions. Spirits that have been witnessed include an old man wearing an apron, a headless drummer boy, and a piper who mysteriously lost his life after getting lost in the tunnels below the castle.

Other experiences include shadowy figures, strange lights, sudden drops in temperature, unexplained mists, strange sounds, the feeling of being watched, and sudden intense feelings of dread, sadness, and despair. Built around , Akershus Fortress aka Akershus Castle is a medieval castle that served as a defensive stronghold for the city of Oslo.

  1. The 14 Absolute Creepiest Places To Visit On Earth.
  2. The World's Creepiest Places.
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  7. It has served as a prison during the late 18thth centuries, with many prisoners dying during their imprisonment. Akershus Castle is believed to be the most haunted place in Norway, with many ghosts to speak of. Legend says that anyone that is approached by Malcanisen is sentenced to a horrible death sometime in the following three months.

    She appears from the darkness wearing a long robe and has no facial features. It was built back in as part of the old Changi military base. During the occupation of the Japanese, the compound was used by the notorious Kempeitai the Japenese Secret Police as a prison and torture camp.

    After the end of World War II, the building was again a hospital and remained so until , when it was replaced by the Changi General Hospital. It has stood derelict and decaying ever since. The building is now haunted by its past, with Japanese soldiers, people that were executed, and the patients that died here. Apparitions of an old man have been seen walking down the corridors, and a woman has been seen walking through the rooms. Loud bangs and unexplained screams are also a common occurrence. Augustine lighthouse built in is an active lighthouse and museum in St.

    Augustine, Florida. The lighthouse and surrounding buildings are reportedly haunted. The apparitions of two girls have been reported on several occasions by both visitors and staff. His two daughters died during its construction, in a tragic accident on the site. Both of them have been seen on the tower catwalk. The apparition of a woman has also been witnessed, standing on the stairway of the lighthouse or walking on the grounds outside the buildings. Her voice has been heard on several occasions, often crying out for help.

    20 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth To Send Chills Down Your Spine

    There have also been various reports of disembodied conversations, shadows, and the sound of footsteps coming up the lighthouse steps. The ghost of a man has also been seen in the lighthouse basement, believed to be that of Civil War hero and former lighthouse keeper William A. Due to the overwhelming number of reports coming from the location, the TAPS crew investigated and found several pieces of evidence, including a video of what appears to be a woman looking over the railing on the lighthouse staircase.

    They also captured shadow figures and an EVP of a woman crying out for help! The most popular of all the reports seem to be from the First Class Swimming Pool. Their ghosts have been seen on numerous occasions in this area. The ghosts of two children have been seen and heard near the storage room, and the ghost of a young woman has been seen walking through the Tourist Class Swimming Pool.

    Whether this is to do with the experiences that have been reported there or for very different reasons, is not known.

    Search and book more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, from anywhere.

    Those that were infected stayed behind in isolation. The location is now a popular tourist destination, running daily tours to people interested in learning about the history and the legends associated with the close. The Coltheart family who lived there in where the first ones to report something paranormal. Soon after they moved in after the outbreak of plague, they began to see ghostly figures, and were left terrified after seeing phantom disembodied limbs, and experiencing very vivid nightmares.

    The ghost of Annie has been known to interact with people who leave her gifts in one of the rooms. Other reports include sounds, such as scratching, the sounds of a party or tavern, and footsteps that seem to follow you around. It has been the official residence of every president since when John Adams first moved into the house. He had just finished bathing and walked back into the suite where he saw Lincoln standing by the fireplace. He refused to sleep in that room again after that. Maureen and her husband both witnessed Lincoln standing by the same fireplace where Churchill had once seen him.

    Reportedly Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands was staying in the Rose Room when she heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night. When she answered she was confronted by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, standing in the hallway. President Andrew Jackson is believed to haunt the Rose Room, with numerous White House employees reportedly hearing his hearty laughter or him in a fit of rage, swearing violently. This is apparently the room in which she used to hang her laundry, and several eye witnesses including staff and visitors have seen her seemingly floating across the room with her arms outstretched as if carrying a laundry basket.

    Sudden cold spots, disembodied footsteps, voices, knocks, and screams have also been reported at the seemingly very haunted Pennsylvania Avenue. Still not quenched your paranormal hunger? Join other members of the public and have the experience of your lives with a ghost hunt! Locations available near you! Add a Hotel Advertise your Events. Reports include: Shadowy figures that seem to quickly turn away when approached a dark figure that is occasionally seen in the guard tower an evil cackling is heard coming from cell block 12 shadowy figures have been seen sliding down walls in cellblock 6 ghostly faces have been witnessed in cellblock 4 and strange sounds such as disembodied footsteps, distant talking, and banging of cell doors have also been heard.