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Major league umpire Chris Guccione invited a teenage ump who was involved in a game that ended in an adult brawl to attend the Dodgers-Rockies series finale at Coors Field. Guccione and his crew just wanted to show their support for year-old Josh Cordova, who found himself in the middle of a recent fight in Lakewood, Colorado.

The video of the conflict went viral. Twins director of team travel Mike Herman told him to put on some shorts and follow him out of the clubhouse. Right-hander Jesse Chavez will pitch for the Rangers.

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By The Associated Press June 30, All rights reserved. The most recent draft of the legislation proposes to extend those cost savings to private insurance plans, the aide said, asking not to be identified because the legislation is still being drafted and could change. But according to Kaiser, it would authorize HHS to negotiate the prices of the most expensive drugs. From the news:. A recent U.

20 Questions with Jennifer Thorpe | Her Campus

Physicians are cheering the ruling, as the outcome is one the Litigation Center of the American Medical Association and State Medical Societies advocated for in a friend of the court brief filed in the case before the high court on behalf of the AMA and the Medical Society of the District of Columbia. In explaining its reasoning for requiring the Department of Health and Human Services HHS to seek input, the court echoes arguments that the Litigation Center brief made about the importance of a notice-and-comment period for physicians, patients, and other stakeholders….

It was written by Dan Diamond. In a letter to the clerk of the 5th U. A coalition of 75 reproductive rights organizations and physicians sent an open letter to FDA calling for the agency and other government officials to remove barriers for patients to access abortion pills. The pills are supplied by a Dutch pharmacist through the website AidAccess.

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Org, but in March the FDA ordered the site in a warning letter to stop selling unapproved versions of two drugs — mifepristone and misoprostol — to U. July 2, Aid Access. From the open letter:. In October of , the international group AidAccess. Rebecca Gomperts, began offering mifepristone and misoprostol, commonly known as medication abortion pills, by mail, to patients in the United States. After an online medical consultation with a patient, Dr. Gomperts writes a prescription and a pharmacy fills the prescription and ships pills to the patient.

According to analysis conducted by a research team at the University of Texas at Austin, in its first year of operation, AidAccess. The two-medication combination that AidAccess.

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Yet, despite the strong safety record of medication abortion, in March the FDA sent warning letters to AidAccess. Rebecca Gomperts, stating that they are violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act by offering mifepristone and misoprostol directly to U. The agency demanded that AidAccess. If the laws and regulations that determine the terms of abortion access in the United States were based on science — not politics — medication abortion would be widely available in the United States without medically unnecessary restrictions on distribution.

However, due to the politics of abortion, medication abortion has been over-regulated by the FDA, and pushed further out of reach for many by state restrictions. The high demand for medication abortion by mail should come as no surprise. Access to abortion is under direct threat today, with near-total bans on abortion care recently signed into law in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio. In addition to having to travel a long distance to the nearest abortion clinic, many people have to endure legally-mandated waiting periods.

These medically unnecessary waiting periods create further challenges for people who have to take time away from work or school or arrange for childcare. In 35 states and the District of Columbia, Medicaid does not cover abortion care except in rare cases, making abortion financially inaccessible for low-income people. These restrictions are about control and limiting options, not safety or health…. Since the year , there have been at least 21 known arrests in the United States of people for ending their own pregnancy or helping someone who has made the decision to do so.

Some have gone to jail, but even those who have not have had their lives turned upside down by investigations and in some cases have suffered economic and social harm caused by negative media exposure.

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The threat of investigation, arrest, or punishment is particularly of concern for those who live under heightened government surveillance, including many in immigrant communities. Five states currently have laws on the books that criminalizes self-managed abortion. The fact that these laws are generally outdated and likely unconstitutional does not mean they are inert: they have been used in the last decade to arrest, investigate, and prosecute people who ended or who were suspected of ending their own pregnancies.

And in states without such laws, prosecutors who wish to punish people for abortion have used laws that were never intended to apply to self-managed abortion to target people who have ended, or are suspected of ending, their own pregnancies. The anti-abortion politicians and activists who propose restrictions are attempting to legislate legal abortion out of existence. The letter included a list of organizations who signed on to the letter, as well as a list of individual medical professionals.

Here are the organizations:. It was written by Chuck Lindell. The Republican attorneys general, including Ken Paxton of Texas, said they needed more time to research and respond to questions — recently posed by the 5th U. The appeals court rejected the request but pushed the deadline back two days, giving all sides until 5 p.

Friday to submit the requested briefs. The delay was opposed by Democratic-led states and the U. House, which are fighting to preserve the Affordable Care Act after a federal judge in Texas — based on a lawsuit filed by Paxton — ruled in that the law was unconstitutional…. It was written by Marc Levy. Pennsylvania is moving to replace the federally operated Healthcare.

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Tom Wolf signed legislation Tuesday after it passed the Legislature unanimously last week. The administration unveiled the legislation in June after lining up support from a wide range of business and consumer advocacy groups, as well as leadership in the Republican-controlled Legislature. It was written by Lauren Maxwell. After Gov. On Monday, Anchorage Dental Group began calling its Medicaid patients to tell them their dental benefits were gone.

James Hyer said can keep small problems from getting worse…. It was written by Jessie Hellmann. A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked an Ohio law that would have banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The law, which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, was signed earlier this year by Gov.

It was slated to take effect this month, but U.