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E sem publicidade. Fico agradecido a quem me ajudar. O que vc acha melhor? Valeu pela sua ajuda. Muito obrigado!

Wikipédia:Café dos tradutores/Arquivo/ – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Luan msg cont 19h02min de 20 de janeiro de UTC. Escolha uma. Novo trecho: "The current standard theory for Solar System formation, the nebular hypothesis, has fallen into and out of favour since its formulation by Emanuel Swedenborg, Immanuel Kant, and Pierre-Simon Laplace in the 18th century. Passando algum tempo, encontrei mais um trecho que tive dificuldades em traduzir. Ricky's only actual child was her 6-year-old daughter Sophie Tina Majorino , but she was also the principal guardian to her younger, teenage siblings Brody Jerry O'Connell and Melissa Meghann Haldeman.

From the time their parents died, Ricky understood that she couldn't change out of her persona as the "cool, approachable" older sister, and mixed parenting tactics in with the setting of a casual, laissez-faire household. In fact, the atmosphere in the Wilder house was so laid back that many of Brody and Melissa's friends sought it as a refuge from the stricter, more confining homes run by their traditional parents.

Ricky thus welcomed them all in with open arms, and they regularly sat around the family's kitchen table and dished about life's various happenings and dilemmas, while Ricky helped them sort out their issues and dispensed sound advice in a non-judgmental, friend-like way.

As a result, the neighborhood youth nicknamed their home "Camp Wilder". Many other friends and classmates of theirs passed through Camp Wilder in guest appearances, most notably Dexter Jared Leto , a hip, motorcycle-riding bad boy who Danielle had the hots for. However, it was goofball Dorfman who quickly became the show's breakout character, with his gross-out humor causing friction with the girls, and Ricky's numerous attempts to help him become an upstanding young man i.

Other stories focused on the escapades of the Wilders, and especially on Sophie, who was beginning to look up to Brody as a surrogate father figure rather than just as an uncle. Throughout the show's 20 episodes, she began exhibiting tomboyish traits, and at Christmas, she told the family that all she wanted was to be a boy.

The song became Evanescence's second highest charting single, peaking within the top ten of more than ten countries. O que quer dizer essa frase? Essa frase se encontra escondido no artigo Era de Ouro do Islamismo. Nem sempre o Google Tradutor desarticula as frases. Apologies if this is not the place to post such requests — I can try on Meta, but I thought this might be faster and better, considering these translations are going on pt.

We haven't come to other Portuguese-speaking countries yet but we do want to get more feedback from everyone, no matter where they are. My question for community members outside of Brazil is: what do you think are the two biggest things that keep Portuguese speakers from becoming Wikipedians?

I especially mean for brand new editors, people with less than edits. Thank you so much for coming to meet with us! We really appreciate your participation in the discussion of the challenges facing Portuguese Wikipedia, and we hope you'll continue this conversation with your fellow editors, both on and offline. Watch the Esplanada for our report, with a list of the topics we covered in all four cities — it's coming soon, and we'd love to get your impressions of the meetups, too. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us anytime via talk page, email, or IRC, and I hope we'll get a chance to return to Brazil soon.

Thanks again for a fantastic trip! Thanks a lot, and let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information! Thanks for the help everyone! I just wanted to add one tiny bit to the request about non-Brazilian lusophones: " As you can see here on the Esplanada, we want to talk about issues, not about individual editors. Mas W. Steven and I published notes from all the meetups we had in Brazil earlier this month, and we need your help translating them. They're here on the Esplanada. Muito obrigada in advance! Eu traduzi do.

Nella notte tra il 10 e l' 11 febbraio partecipa con Gabriele D'Annunzio alla beffa di Buccari. Intanto inizia a conoscere gli idrovolanti. Celebri sono le sue trasvolate con Francesco De Pinedo e con Arturo Ferrarin che lo portano sino in Australia ed a stabilire diversi record di permanenza in volo e di distanza percorsa. Nel in coppia con Ferrarin, a bordo di un idrovolante Savoia-Marchetti S.

L' 8 luglio dello stesso anno, mentre si trova in Brasile per collaudare il Savoia-Marchetti S. Trasportato a Rio de Janeiro gli viene amputata una gamba, ma le sue condizioni peggiorano. Muore il 16 agosto In onore all'aviatore Lucchese, l' Aero Club Lucca gli ha dedicato il nome del proprio sodalizio. Eu estava me preparando para sair E ele olha para eles e acena, e eles acenam de volta.

Muito obrigado pela ajuda amigo, vlw! All five trade ministers were present as well. The aims of the bank would include: funding development and infrastructure projects in developing and least developed countries;[17] lending, in the long term, during global financial crises such as the Eurozone crisis;[18] and issuing convertible debt, which could be bought by the central banks of all the member states and hence act as a vessel for risk-sharing. Los comerciantes usaron su riqueza para investigar en textiles y plantaciones.

Iuri i10 02h26min de 20 de abril de UTC. Eu traduzi esse artigo. Os trechos ficaram bem-escritos. Gustavo de S. Grato pelas respostas! Estou traduzindo alguns artigos de nobres eslovenos, a saber os Condes de Celje.

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Ou mesmo Ulrik por Ulrico e Friderik por Frederico? Ou ainda, usar a forma primitiva em esloveno, Herman? Estou traduzindo um artigo a partir deste aqui e me deparei com um dilema. Umas das frases traz o seguinte texto:. Como traduzo isso? Recuperando um pedido meu: " Theorists believe it is no accident that Jupiter lies just beyond the frost line. Because the frost line accumulated large amounts of water via evaporation from infalling icy material, it created a region of lower pressure that increased the speed of orbiting dust particles and halted their motion toward the Sun.

This excess material coalesced into a large embryo of about 10 Earth masses, which then began to grow rapidly by swallowing hydrogen from the surrounding disc, reaching Earth masses in only another years and finally topping out at Earth masses. Saturn may owe its substantially lower mass simply to having formed a few million years after Jupiter, when there was less gas available to consume.

Bibliomancy is the use of books in divination. The method of employing sacred books especially specific words and verses for 'magical medicine', for removing negative entities, or for divination is widespread in many religions of the world:. Traduzi o artigo do espanhol. In November Jacques Perk born died.

He was no sooner dead, however, than his posthumous poems , and in particular a cycle of sonnets called Mathilde I know this is slightly unusual, but we're currently translating a Request for Comment on Meta, and it would be great to have Portuguese. The page needing translation is this one , and you can do it without a Meta account. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Returning from Spain in , Irving took up permanent residence at Sunnyside and began work on an "Author's Revised Edition" of his works for publisher George Palmer Putnam.

Obrigado Carlos msg 10h07min de 20 de junho de UTC. Para traduzir o artigo Great ape personhood esbarrei neste termo. Caros colegas wikipedistas. Grato desde o momento. Obrigado Pintopc escreva-me 10h42min de 4 de julho de UTC. Falta poucos ajustes. Gosto de traduzir mais de 1 artigo ao mesmo tempo, para ficar variando de temas. Infelizmente usei o Google Tradutor. Estou com uma duvida na hora de traduzir um poema. Jaza o martelo? Gaza's Gold Market is located adjacent to it on the south side, while to the northeast is the Welayat Mosque and to the east, on Wehda Street, is a girls' school.

All Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Why there are so few women warriors. In: Behavior Science Research, v. There is no instinct for war. Psychological Journal , v. The American Peace Movements. The role of anger in the consciousness development of peace activists: Where physiology and history intersect. International Journal of Psychophysiology , v. In: Ramirez, J.

Select Expressao Portuguese Edition

Marrtin e Hinde, Robert A. Essays on Violence. Sevilha: University of Seville, Psychology for Peace Activists. New Haven: Advocate Press, Adorno, Theodor. Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra, In: Speaking of Faith. Arenal, C. In: AA. Avruch, Kevin. Culture and Conflict Resolution. Bettelheim, Bruno. Freud e a Alma Humana. Beust, Luis Henrique. Bobbio, Norberto. O Problema da Guerra e as Vias da Paz. Breger, Louis. Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision.

New York: John Wiley and Sons, New York: Vintage Books, A Promessa da Paz Mundial : mensagem aos povos do mundo. Cassidy, David. Einstein and Our World. Atlantic Highlands, N. Jersey: Humanities Press, The Freud Controversy. Sigmund Freud. Acesso em 15 de dezembro de Escritos sobre a Psicologia do Inconsciente : Vol. Rio de Janeiro: Imago, The Everyman Edition.

Compiled by D. London: Octupus, Treasury of the World Masterpieces. Einstein, Albert. Como Vejo o Mundo. Rio de Janeiro: Nova Fronteira, Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein. Based on Mein Weltbild, edited by Carl Seelig, and other sources. New translations and revisions by Sonja Bargman. New York: Bonanza Books, c. The New Quotable Einstein. Collected and edited by Alice Calaprice.

Enlarged commemorative edition. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Albert Einstein: a Biography. Translated and abridged by Ewald Osers. New York: Penguin, Einstein: His Life and Times. Translated from a german manuscript by George Rosen.

Portuguese-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary

Edited and revised by Shuichi Kusaka. Frankl, Viktor. Esly R. Hoersting et al. Freud, Sigmund. Correspondence to Albert Einstein. Letters of Sigmund Freud. Translated by Tania and James Stern. First paperback edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, Civilization and Its Discontents. War and Death. Sigmund Freud, Obras Completas. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, Freud, Sigmund []. In: Sigmund Freud, Obras Completas. Toten y Tabu. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, a. In: Freud, Sigmund. Freud, Sigmund [a]. Freud, Sigmund [b]. Consideraciones de Actualidad sobre la Guerra y la Muerte.

Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, c. Freud, Sigmund [c]. XIV, p. Mas Alla del Principio del Placer. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, d. Die Zukunft Einer Illusion. In: Sigmund Freud, Gesammelte Werke. Chronoligisch Geordnet. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Verlag, Vierzehnter Band: Werke aus den Jahren , p. Dostoyevski y el Parricidio. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, f.

Das Unbehagen in der Kultur. El Malestar en la Cultura. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, e. XXI, p. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, g. In: Gesammelte Werke, Chronologisch Geordnet. London: Imago. Fuks, Betty B. Galtung, Johan. The specific contribution of peace research to the study of violence: typologies. In: Violence and Its Causes. Social cosmology and the concept of peace. In: Journal of Peace Research , v. Copenhagen: Christian Ejlers, Kulturelle Gewalt. All Men are Brothers : life and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as told in his own words.

Compiled and edited by Krishna Kripalani. Ahmedabad: Navajian Publishing House, Gay, Peter. Freud : uma vida para o nosso tempo. Goener, Hans; Castagnetti, Giuseppi. Albert Einstein as a pacifist and democrat during the First World War. Preprint Guinsburg, J. Rio de Janeiro: Imago, a. Rio de Janeiro: Imago, b.

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Hell, Victor. Highfield, Roger; Carter, Paul. The Private Lives of Albert Einstein. New York: St. Martins Press, Os Pensadores. HobsbawM, Eric. Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra, a. A Era do Capital: Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra, b. Hoffmann, Banesh; Dukas, Helen. Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel. New York: The Viking Press, Holton, Gerald. Einstein, History and Other Passions. Freud and the Science of the Mind. London: Kings College London, In: Analysts Discuss War and Terror. Jones, Ernest.

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The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud. First edition. Seventh Printing. New York: Basic Books, Kahn, Michael. Luiz Paulo Guanabara. Intractable Conflicts and Their Transformation. Syracuse: Syracuse University. Press, Freud: Current Projections. Laszlo, Ervin. Oxford e New York: Oneworld, Lederach, John Paul. First Paperback Edition. The Little Book of Conflict Transformation. Intercourse PA : Good Books, Armando Braio Ara.

MARX, Karl. In: Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich. Obras Escolhidas.


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Weil, Pierre. The Art of Living in Peace: guide to education for a culture of peace. Paris: Unesco,