An Engagement: Loving Jenna (Contemporary Romance)

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In the ride, Matty tells Jenna why he was hurt by her comments and the two become friends again. When Jenna goes into her home, she discovers that her mother remodelled her bedroom, to give it a more "adult look" with a mirror on the ceiling above her bed.

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By the end of the day, just before Jenna truly turns 16, Matty knocks on her door and tells her that he wants to be more than friends. Jenna slowly starts to reconnect with Tamara and Jake has to earn Lissa's trust by doing whatever she wants. Matty finally asks Jenna out to dinner. Tamara confesses that she only said she wrote the letter because she was hurt, and she thinks Matty is the one that wrote the letter. This causes Jenna worry when Matty takes her to a restaurant in a secluded area, which turns out to be Matty's family's restaurant.

Jenna's concerns are resolved when Matty's uncle told her about how Matty has never taken a girl there before. When they get back to Jenna's home, Tamara and Ming bust their date with games and confessions but are soon won over by Matty's true words. Before leaving Matty and Jenna alone, Tamara whispers that she doesn't think that Matty wrote the letter anymore.

In the meantime, Lissa and Sadie team up to make Jake break up his friendship with Jenna but he ends up apologizing to Jenna for the earlier fight, and breaks up with Lissa.

I Am Jenna Hamilton In the last episode, Matty asks her what color dress she will be wearing to the formers. Later, still not asking her to the dance, he asks her if she is a limo girl or not. Jenna gets jealous when she sees other boys going great lengths make a 'big ask'. Jake asks Jenna to the dance by giving her a CD, which has "Will you go to the dance with me? She tells him that she already has a date. Jake tells Matty about being turned down by Jenna.

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He asks Jenna if it's okay for them to skip Formal since he doesn't want to hurt Jake, but he doesn't tell Jenna that. Meanwhile, Sadie manages to steal Jenna's file, with the letter in it. Jenna is surprised to be nominated for Sophomore Princess, but then discovers that the ballot has her letter printed on the back of it. Jenna decides that she deserves more, and goes to Formal with Jake.

Jenna agrees to go to the Formal with Jake, with Ming and Tamara tagging along. Matty decides that he won't give up on Jenna and goes to her house, only to find that Jenna has already left for the Formal. Jake and Jenna have a good time at the Formal, and Jenna decides that maybe Jake is the one for her and they kiss, but then Matty shows up. Jenna takes Jake's hand and realizes that that's what she wants, and tells Matty that she's very sorry, but she thinks it is too late.

When Jake and Jenna get home, and they kiss again. She tells him that he's the first person other than her parents to hold her hand in public. They set off the alarm by accident, and Jenna finds the note pad that has the same paper the carefrontation letter was written on while looking for the alarm code, and realizes that it's her mother who sent the letter.

Loving Jenna Series by Katelyn Skye

Resolutions Jenna kisses Jake at New Year's countdown Matty tells Jenna that he wants a second chance in the new year party. Jenna chooses Jake and shares a kiss with him. Later at night, Jake sees the condoms her dad gave her in which she reveals to him that she is not a virgin, leading to Jake becoming jealous. Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary The school year is back and the Sanctuary has a video camera put in tapping all the action that has happened.

Jenna and Matty debate if they should tell Jake about their secret relationship. Matty confesses to Jenna that he loves her after hearing from Jake that Jenna was in love with the guy that she slept with before. But Jenna says she really likes Jake since he is not embarrassed to be seen with her and never makes her feel bad about herself. Matty is really upset and apologizes to Jenna. Meanwhile, Jenna pressures her mom into telling her dad about writing the letter.

Three's A Crowd Jenna and Jake's relationship is going steady but Matty keeps tagging along and trying to tempt and seduce Jenna with his 'unintentional touching' and nuding up every chance he gets. Jenna's parents are separated. Jenna and Matty get into an argument where Matty denies luring her and saying that Jenna is too clingy. Later Jenna apologizes for accusing Matty of seducing her and they make up. However it is revealed that Matty really was trying to sabotage Jenna and Jake's relationship from Sadie and Matty's conversation.

In an impulsive effort to absolve herself, she seeks refuge from her problems in a higher power with Lissa at Church Camp. Little does she know that Sadie has decided to tag along as well, who mentions Jenna's "failed-suicide attempt", which causes a problem between her and her new friends. This leads to Jenna doubting if she loves Jake like how she loved Matty.

She considers sleeping with him after taking Tamara's advice, hoping to clarify her feelings for Jake. However she accidentally hits the PA system which ends up telling the whole school. At the same time, Jenna left a message telling him that she's finally ready and she loves him. He refuses to talk to both Matty and Jenna. Matty and Courtney are making out but Matty stops Courtney, telling her that he can't focus and needs to take care of his friend. Jake listens to the voice mail of Jenna and regrets breaking up with her. Matty then shows up at Jenna's house to comfort her, where they confess their love for each other.

They end up kissing while Jake watches behind the backdoor in horror. Homewrecker Hamilton Jenna tries to fix things with Jake but he is convinced that she is a cheater, with a photo of Jenna and Matty making out last night. Jake and Matty get into a fist fight over Jenna during a pep rally. By the end of the episode she changes her blog to private again, and figures out who she wants to be with.

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The three become friends again. Jenna decides whether she should go to Europe or stay with Matty during Summer. Jenna also finds out that Valerie replaced her with Tamara as her new "best friend", and Jake and Tamara's romance making her uncomfortable. Jenna also finds out that Valerie set her up for Mr. Hart's creative writing class meeting Collin Jennings and also discovering that she might be pregnant. She tell her mother and takes a pregnancy test, but the test reveals that her pregnancy was negative, making her happy and relieved, but she decides not to tell Matty fearing he might break-up over it.

During the final moments of the episode, a mass text broke out revealing that Ricky Schwartz is dead, shocking both Jenna and Tamara. Responsibly Irresponsible Jenna doesn't want to have sex During Ricky's memorial service, Jenna begins to reflect on her life and starts to make better choices for herself and also finds out herself that everyone is mourning Ricky's death in different ways, especially Matty who is going through a "YOLO-faze", trying to profess his love more to Jenna and even trying to have as much sex as he can with her, which she puts off after the pregnancy scare.

A Little Less Conversation Matty becomes distant towards Jenna Jenna feels and begins to take notice that Matty has become distant after he found out about the pregnancy scare through Jake. Whenever Matty got close to Jenna she'd make Tamara be her wing-woman and help distract Matty from talking to her. During a game of sharades, Matty and Tamara become jealous of Jenna and Jake's easygoing friendship. Matty asks her about why it is easy to talk to Jake but not him. Jenna brought up how she thinks he is embarrassed of her, but he said he was never embarrassed of her.

They make up and kiss. Let's Talk About Sex The Hamilton's meet the McKibben's The next episode begins where Jenna's dad finds Jenna's birth control pills in the spare bedroom and assumes their Lacey's, however he catches on to Lacey's lie and finds out their Jenna's.

Indecent Exposure Jatty watching porn together Matty is enjoying taking advantage of the Hamilton's good nature, while Jenna feels invaded and wants Matty to leave, unable to get peace and have a moment to herself, she falls asleep during Mr. Hart's class, which results in him drawing a moustache on her face. She tries to enjoy a few moments alone in the bathroom while Matty's at football practice but he reveals that it was cancelled and she becomes really annoyed of this, however she accidentally farts during her rage.

Later on, she apologizes to Matty for acting like a freak and he tells her that he forgives her and that her parents are away.

10 Times Jenna Johnson And Val Chmerkovskiy Were Serious #RelationshipGoals

They decide to have a night together watching porn together and she accidentally hurt Matty's feelings. At night she finds out that Matty is crying in the bathroom and Lacey has a talk with Matty, encouraging him to talk things out with his mom. Matty and Jenna make up and he goes back home the next day. That Girl Strikes Again the party crashers have arrived During Halloween, a bunch of mean girls put Jenna at 1 on the not hot list, while Matty is 1 on the hot list.

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Jenna eventually begins to feel insecure at the possibilty that Matty could leave her for someone far more attractive, after realizing that she can be a bit boring at times. Collin invites Jenna to his girlfriends house and even convinces Jake, Tamara, Matty and even Sadie to attend the party. During a party game, Jenna reveals her misunderstood suicde attempt to fit in and to her surprise the other kids thought she was cool, making her realize that she and Matty can be as equally cool.

But Matty reveals that he doesn't love Jenna because of her labels, he loves her for her. Guilt Trippin "Rubbing it in others faces" During homecoming pinnings, Jenna feels bad for single girls who don't have dates, especially former childhood friend Kristy Patton. Jake and Matty later get Tamara to tell them a secret she has been keeping, that Jenna doesn't want to go to the dance because Matty doesn't like dancing, but Jenna becomes occupied trying to get Kristy a date, but it's revealed that she's a drug dealer and has no interest in romance.

Jake later teaches Matty how to dance. Matty and Jenna then dance together in the parking lot. Rubbed Raw and Reeling Mr. Hart convinces Jenna to take risks and challenges her to come to an open-mic night to read a personal piece and he will give her an A. She reads the story anyway and gets applauded at the end, making her happy. Collin offers to buy her coffee and she hints that she might have a crush on him after he touched her hand. Reality Check Jenna begins to realize that she may have feelings for Collin after he comes up in her head during sex with Matty, even though her Tamara tells her it's normal to have fantasies.

But she begins to feel guilty that she has feelings for someone else and not Matty and convinces herself that she's having an "affair". She does a rewrite on her virginity story to be like a romance-novel, but Sadie knows it was what she would like her first time with Collin to be like. Finally, Jenna begins to realize that it's all in her head after seeing Collin and Angelique kissing and begins to take notice that it's normal to have fantasies and not feel guilty. She confronts him about it and he laughs. He invites her to a photography party for the photographer that she likes.

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Book List: 24 titles. Under the Caribbean Sun - 5. Anything for a Cowboy. Drive Me Crazy. Compromising Positions. Par for the Course. When Jenna posted this picture back in July of , we were shooketh. We'd had our suspicions earlier, but the image made it pretty clear that things were getting very romantical with Val. A man who will drop everything to take care of you when you're sick while he dresses amazingly? All we need now is a trio performance on "Dancing with the Stars" featuring Kiki Nyemchek and the power couple. Seems like a reasonable ask, no? Be still our hearts!

We're so happy for Jenna and Val, and this engagement was nothing short of jaw-dropping.