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A spanking good story

It increases communication and arousal levels can be heightened. Some are sexually adventurous and occasionally enjoy it as part of the sex play. A few may be pressured into it by their partners. Cathy says she finds sexual spanking quite addictive. This is when the endorphins kick in, and you literally get a high. Sh says it leaves her feeling totally relaxed and loved.

The anticipation is the worst and best part.

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Loving and hating it. Dreading it and yearning for it. The anticipation and the satisfaction. It can also be controversial. And they also have to be done for the right reasons. You should engage in spanking only with someone you trust and with whom you have discussed your limits, say the experts. But, in fact, spanking adds a different edge to your life. However, Osrin feels that increasingly people are exploring their sexuality and becoming more adventurous. She says everyone should explore some kind of alternative play in the bedroom. It could be role-playing, the erotic use of food, or simply exploring with toys.

While this is safe and comforting, it is also repetitive and boring. This Trump cartoon went viral and within hours its creator was fired. Schism over Gordhan widens. Mrs Middleton smiled towards Mr Humphries.

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Your tennis shorts will be quite sufficient to protect your modesty at least. With both her mother and the headmaster staring at her and waiting, the eighteen year old felt the pressure building for her to respond.

Naughty Spanking Stories From A To Z Series by Rachel Kramer Bussel

With a loud sigh, Heather began peeling off the bright red track-suit top, finally draping it over the back of the armchair in which she was still seated. Another attempt at standing up was more successful, and Heather looked despairingly down at her mother, her facial expression making one final plea for her to be allowed to keep her red track-suit trousers on. If Heather had felt uncomfortable wearing her track-suit in such formal surroundings, she felt all the more so as she now stood in just white cotton shorts and white T-shirt. Her white plimsolls, too, felt strangely out of place on the thick pile carpet.

As Heather struggled to control her nerves, she was not helped by Mr Humphries whistling the cane through the air in a couple of practice strokes. Get a better view of the action, so to speak. Since she was still looking towards Mr Humphries, Heather saw clearly his gloating expression. Even so, the eighteen year old returned her gaze to the polished mahogany surface of the desk and folded herself forward, feeling the soft cushion on the edge of the desk push into her stomach and force her bottom to stick out.

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Gripping the edges of the desk, knuckles so tight they ached, Heather closed her eyes and braced herself for the first bout of pain across her tightly stretched white tennis shorts. I can see the outline! Mrs Middleton watched as Heather slowly, very slowly, peeled the white shorts down over her hips.

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She leaned forward and rested her body across the hard mahogany desk top, only too aware of the sight her near naked bottom would be presenting to the headmaster and, of course, her mother. If her mother had decided eight was what her daughter should receive, then eight it was going to be.

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  4. Heather concentrated on holding still and shutting her eyes. The eighteen year old barely had time to rest her face back down onto the hard mahogany surface of the desk before the next stroke slashed down.

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    4. How the hell do you expect me to stay still when you keep hitting me with that bloody thing? Four to go. The other girls will have a field day when we change for athletics practice tomorrow. After many long seconds, the scorching pain finally subsided to a hot aching soreness enabling the eighteen year old to finally release her hold on the desk and wipe at her tear-stained eyes with the backs of her hands.

      Strict Spanking Stories

      That was awful! Come along now, tell me I can get up! As the eighteen year looked behind her in astonishment, she saw the chubby headmaster glowing with satisfaction as he continued to admire his handicraft.

      Dismounting from the piano stool, Heather felt the shorts closing in around her bottom somewhat more tightly than she recalled before her caning.