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The total modifier became 1. This places them firmly in the bounds of many modern-day human professional athletes. The oni of Japan have the same modifiers as ordinary Orks, and weigh the same. While Orks show a difference in size between genders, it is not as severe or as noticeable as that shown by humans and elves. Those two races show a difference between genders of about eight percent, while Orks only show a difference of four percent. This gives Ork females an average height of cm, somewhat taller than a human male.

Ork females are substantially heavier than human males, though, weighing in at kg. Female oni are the same height and weight as female orks. Orks and trolls both show a remarkable diversity in size and shape among their variant types. Closer in general to humans than the typical robustus are the hobgoblins, which have a shorter and thinner stature than their cousins do; however, not much else was said. I gave them an average height of cm, since there was little canonical guidance. A human at cm would weigh The satyrs of the Mediterranean area are considerably smaller than their more common cousins, standing only about cm in height.

They also have a slighter build than Orks do, though they're huskier than a human of the same height. Their slight stature is an illusion, since they have the same bonuses to Body and Strength that Orks do; their muscles are flatter and denser, and their bodies are exceptionally free of fat.

A human of cm would weigh about With the final modifier of 1. Unlike the other Ork subspecies, satyrs don't appear to have a significant difference in size between the genders. Ogres present a little bit of a problem. The scant information available in SRC and PAoE indicates that they're shorter and stockier than regular Orks, but it's never mentioned how much shorter or stockier they actually are.

Therefore, as with many of the metaspecies variants in this article, I had to wing it. I placed them at cm, approximately the same height as a human. An ogre gets the same Body and Strength modifiers as an Ork, for a total modifier of 1. Multiplying this times a normal human's body weight yields However, SRC and PAoE both also state that ogres have the same approximate body weight as Orks, which is stocky and broad-shouldered indeed; to do this would take a modifier of more than 1.

So, the same 70 kg multiplied by 1. Trolls: And now, here we are, back at the beginning again. Now, we arrive at the biggest, baddest, most dangerous members of Awakened society. Trolls and their variants are, quite understandably, feared and respected by the other races.

They are large, incredibly strong, and capable of taking enough damage to fell a company of Marines and still keep coming at you. We have already shown, though, that they are dangerously underweight. A normal human built to a troll's size specifications would weigh in at an impressive In addition to this, they have their bony dermal plating going for them.

Their arms are disproportionately long for their bodies. All this adds up. I used the modifiers in the next section to take all this into account, and arrived at a modifier of 1. This gives the average troll a weight of 49 1. Unlike humans or elves, trolls show negligible size differences between genders, giving female trolls the same stats as males. The giants of the Nordic regions of Europe are even more impressive, standing at cm. No official weight was given, but given the track record for the other races, it probably wouldn't have been more than about kg or so in SR2, and probably about kg in SR3.

A human as tall as a giant would weigh Even without the dermal armor of their smaller cousins, the giants have an impressive weight multiplier of 1. This puts a male giant's weight at A female giant stands around cm, and weighs The fomori of the Celtic isles stand as tall as an ordinary troll does, but they're not as massively muscled, nor do they have the bony dermal armor of their cousins. Their Strength and Body bonuses are lower, giving them a final weight multiplier of 1. Multiplied by the There is no appreciable difference in size between male and female fomori.

The Mediterranean basin gives us two troll sub- species, cyclopes and minotaurs. A cyclops is the more massive of the two, standing an impressive cm tall. A human cm tall would weigh The minotaur is shorter and stockier than any other troll sub-species, standing according to PAoE a mere cm. However, again according to PAoE, they also weigh the same as their taller, more common cousins. It would require a multiplier of around 2. To take his broader dimensions into account, I boosted that up to 1.

A human standing cm would weigh in at You might have noticed that the various troll races are heavy. I mean, they're really heavy. How can their skeletons support this much weight? It shouldn't be possible, since even trolls are basically human in proportions, and the human skeletal structure simply can't support the mass without some kind of help.

Structural strength is a product of two dimensions width and depth , while weight is a product of three dimensions length, width, and depth. Genetics provide a part of the explanation; the troll skeleton is, proportionately, a bit heavier than a human skeleton, but it's still not strong enough to support upwards of half a ton and in the case of giants, that's considerably upwards. At the heart of it is the only real explanation: magic. UGE, at its very heart, is a magical phenomenon.

Many experts in the field of thaumaturgic medicine have said that there is a mystical "energy field" that helps the Awakened races at least partially ignore some of the more mundane physical laws. Others explain it not as an "energy field" per se, but a magical "recoding" of the DNA. There's not a general consensus in the medical field, and there's not really an easy answer to this one. Dwarves: Last, but by no means least, we come to the reversal of the above paradoxes.

Unlike the rest of the player races, which were unaccountably light for their size, dwarves are unaccountably heavy for theirs. While dwarves are strong and very massive, a dwarf standing cm and weighing 72 kg, as SR2 had them listed, was rather drastic. A human that tall would weigh a mere Clearly, there's something wrong with that. Even at the 54 kg given them in SR3, they're a little more chunky than they should be. Trolls and Orks are essentially human in proportion, though, while dwarves aren't.

Placed next to a human the same height, a dwarf is over twice as broad across the shoulders and chest, and almost twice as thick through the chest. His skeleton is the opposite of an elf's, being nearly twice as thick and heavy. His muscle tissue is similarly very dense. This doesn't take a dwarfs off -kilter body proportions into account, either. Even a troll's body weight modifier of 1. With a modifier of 1. The menehune, while having a better Body bonus than an ordinary dwarf, is actually a little bit lighter because his body proportions aren't as off-kilter as a dwarfs.

Menehune only receive a 1. Menehune weigh in at A modifier of 1. This yields a more satisfying Like the trolls, dwarves show almost no difference in size between genders, so these figures are accurate for female dwarves as well as male. Unlike some of the other racial variants, the various dwarf subspecies don't offer much in the way of size variation. The koborokuru of Japan and the menehune of Hawaii are both a little shorter than dwarves are; both races average about cm, at which height a human would weigh 19 kg.

The koborokuru, in fact, use the same 1. Like the other dwarven races, I placed their height at about cm, since there wasn't anything more specific in SRC. At a height of cm, a human weighs 19 kg; with the stat modifier of 1. Unlike the other dwarves, gnomes are essentially human in proportion, and don't get any additional modifiers to increase their weight. Like that of the dryads we dealt with earlier, this is an extremely low body weight to be running the shadows with.

Such light bodies would have trouble with the recoil of most modern weapons simply because of the limited body mass; how this is handled is left to the individual GM. All of these revised figures are shown below in Table 2. There are shorter giants and taller gnomes than those shown, for instance. To get a proportional weight, determine the new height as a percentage of the average height, convert that to a decimal number, cube that figure, and multiply it by the average weight. If the character is taller or shorter than average, and has stat bonuses or penalties, figure the appropriate weight for her height first, and then come up with a multiplier based on exceptional physical stats or cyberware see Table 5.

For example, let's say we have a really big male giant which is redundant, I know, but bear with me. Say he's cm tall, and we want to determine what his weight should be. The cube of 1. This gives us the thoroughly impressive figure of 1, This is certainly not someone or something you'd want pursuing you down a corridor with a large axe of some sort, by any means. Youngsters are going to be smaller and lighter than an adul, though the same theory as above holds true for figuring their weight.

Simply figure out what percentage of the adult height the youth is, and you can figure his weight. The figures given are guidelines; if you want to run an obese character, for instance, use the figures shown as a guide and add on another 15 or 20 kg, or whatever figure seems appropriate.

Emaciated characters would subtract several kilograms. Just try not to overdo it. Exercise, Cyberware, and the Weight-Conscious Shadowrunner: A word that's been seeing a lot of use in this article is "average. What if your character is above average? Or below average? How does this affect body weight within the game system? What the frag is "average," anyway?

Good questions, all. Let's take a look and see if we can find some answers. The two character statistics that bear on the question of body weight are Body and Strength. The SR2 rules define Body as "general health and resistance to injury and pain," while Strength is "the ability to lift, carry, and cause physical damage.

Both Body and Strength are aspects of physical fitness. Body represents overall conditioning and muscle tone, and Strength is muscle mass and physical power. The average values of these two stats for each race are shown in Table 3, below. Characters with higher Body scores are going to have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, and thus a higher body weight, since muscle is heavier than fat.

Characters with lower Body scores are going to have a lower muscle-to-fat ratio, and will tend to be lighter. Note that they'll be lighter only if their bodily proportions stay the same as the average character, since characters with lower Body scores quite often tend to be obese couch potatoes. It is left to the individual GM's discretion as to how to handle these cases, though, as the scope of this article is on those characters with average proportions, not extremely skinny or extremely obese characters. Note that this does not cover Body-enhancing cyberware, which will be dealt with in the next part of the article.

This also works in reverse. Strength is concerned more with raw muscle mass and bulk than Body, and is therefore going to have a much greater impact on a character's body weight. This includes exceptional Strength due to muscle replacement; for more details, see the next section. As with Body, this works in reverse, too. Orthoskin, the bioware approach to personal protection, thickens and strengthens the skin, interweaving it with fortified collagens and cartilage. While not as heavy as the other armoring alternatives, it does add a little bit to the character's weight. As an example, say we have an average human male.

Normally, he stands at 1 70 cm and 70 kg. However, he has Body 6 and Strength 6 and speaks in a Teutonic accent, but that's not important right now. For the Body, he gets to add an additional. Taking the base weight and multiplying it by 1. This puts him in the same class as a competition bodybuilder of today. The Teutonic accent? It's phony; this razorguy idolizes Senator Schwarzenegger, that's all. Weight modifiers for Body and Strength, as well as for a variety of cyberware, can be found in Table 5 at the end of this article. What about cyberware or bioware? What effect does they play on body weight?

For the most part, they don't. Most cybernetic replacement parts, especially cyber limbs, are specifically engineered to weigh about the same as the meat component they're replacing, so that the recipient's sense of balance won't be wildly thrown off. Ditto for the bulk of your biological enhancement. Things like retinal modifications and the vast majority of headware are virtually weightless, consisting at the most of a couple of optical chips and a few ounces of wire.

Even a radio implant or a cranial cyberdeck weighs less than a kilogram. Most of your cyberweapons are going to weigh the same as their non-cyber counterparts, less than 5 kg total in most cases. Some modifications, though, are hardly that considerate. One of the heaviest alterations your character is likely to get is dermal plating. This consists of composite fiber plates placed under your skin to provide protection from things like sword thrusts and assault rifle bullets. They're also heavy. Muscle replacement is almost a tricky matter. If muscle replacement is already a part of your archetype, you don't have to do anything; just figure weight modifiers based on Strength as you would above.

Muscle augmentation works in a similar manner, but isn't as massive as muscle replacement. It gains its benefits more from increasing the tensile strength of the muscle fiber, rather than laying on the bulk, as muscle replacement does. One bit of cyberware that can significantly alter a character's weight is bone lacing, which introduces extra materials into the bones in order to strengthen them, and of all the pieces of cyber in the game, this is the only one that I can recall that mentions a specific weight.

Unfortunately, the weight it mentions is just plain messed up. The Shadowtech sourcebook states that plastic bone lacing weighs 5 kg, to be used against a character's load. It goes on to say that aluminum bone lacing weighs 10 kg, and titanium bone lacing weighs 15 kg. As with plastic lacing, these weights are meant to count against the character's load.

This presents a couple of problems. The first is the actual weight of the bone lacing. Doesn't it make sense that bone lacing on a gnome is going to weigh less than bone lacing on a troll? With that in mind, I took a calculator and came up with Table 4 next page , using the figures in Shadowtech as a base, and multiplying them by the ratio of the target race's height compared to a human's, and multiplying that by the weight multiplier used for each race earlier in this article.

For example, I want to figure how much plastic bone lacing would weigh for a wakyambi's skeleton. Similar to dermal plating is dermal sheathing, which provides the same benefits without being as obvious, or as heavy. Bone Lacing Weights The second problem presented with bone lacing is that the weights are supposed to count against a character's load. My uncle's left femur the bone in the thigh has an aluminum shaft permanently attached to it, the result of a rodeo accident. The chunk of aluminum weighs about a pound and a half, if I remember correctly.

Uncle Charlie tells me that it threw off his balance for about four months or so once he was finished healing; after that, except for the twinge he gets in cold weather, he barely notices it's there. That's bone lacing, at least on a primitive level. While it really does add to the character's weight, one of the local house rules is that it only adds to the character's load for a while as the character's body adjusts to the new weight. Under normal circumstances, such replacement items as cyberlimbs and even cybertorsos aren't going to adversely affect a character's body weight.

Such replacements are normally designed to match the rest of the body, and are balanced so that, as far as the body's equilibrium is concerned, they're the real things. Cyberlimbs are designed with Strength, Quickness, and Body equal to the racial averages for the race of the character in question. At this rating, they'll weigh about the same as the meat limb that they're replacing. Each limb can have different ratings for each of these physical attributes, though.

Cybertorsos and cyberskulls can have either soft or hard armor plating added to them, which adds to the amount of weight you're carrying around. All of these modifiers are collected in Table 5, below. There are likely to be other things that will affect body weight, but these are the primary considerations. With that in mind, and the tables provided, it should be easy to determine changes that need to be made.

All the members are young under 25 and either human or elves. The girls take great pains to preserve their looks. Source is also small, around 15 members, and is based in and around downtown Seattle. Acti vi ties The girls support themselves by whatever means they find and talents they possess.

There are several deckers among their number, who hire their services out on the net and gather info for the group. Known around downtown as a group of serious party animals, Source girls are almost universally "sexually liberated". Many of the girls use this reputation to gain access to and information from clients and targets alike.

They are not above blackmail or extortion to acheive their ends. The group also maintains a courier service and runs drugs and software for all manner of clients. Source will not handle BTL chips and hate to be referred to as a gang. Leadershi p Source's leader is a 26 year old Seattle native named Rain. She is blonde and tall and really beautiful. She was also Alura, an ex-pornsim goddess. She co- ordinates all the groups activities and acts as a mother figure to many of the girls. Another of Rain's functions is protection of her girls.

She has numerous well muscled friends and associates who will gladly pound the person foolish enough to mess with a Source girl. Recrui tment Rain and the elder members recruit girls from the tide of youngsters that wash up on the streets of Seattle. Only picking the best looking among them Rain gives them "the talk".

Thereafter the recruit is expected to fend for herself for a month, while supporting the activities of the group. At this time the new member gets her tattoo see below , her gang name usually a deceptively cute name like Melody, Bonny, Ginger etc and becomes a full member. Source girls often move on to become sim-starlets, shadowrunners or media types. This "retirement" is only in name as most ex-members still actively support the group with nuyen and information. Headquarters Rain has a house-boat that is usually docked in the northernmost part of Seattle harbor.

Most of girls have flops or boyfriends or places of their own. The group meets at the house boat or at a random location once a week to discuss, arrange, and party. Rain is a highly qualified simtech, and has been quietly active in the production field for some time as well. Source claims no turf and operates regardless of gang teritorial claims. No illegal goods or wares are kept on the boat.

Often use source girls. They are well paid and protected. Rain suspects that Starke is involved in the BTL trade. Dantes rivalry. Source girlsdo not go to Dante's. Female members hate Source girls. This can be mostly be attributed to jealousy. Identifiers All full members have a tattoo on some part of then- body, the gang name with a star on each side. Numerous variations exist and most are inconspicuous. All Source members are very proud of their chop. A reputation for daring, cutting edge street fashion. This makes Source girls easy to spot and they use this to their full advantage.

Expect to see huge boots, crazy hair, body paint, revealing lines and cheerleader gear. Anything goes. I used Source to show my players the tough side of shadowy life. These girls are faced with dangerous realities on a daily basis. The life of data crime, drug running and prostitution is theirs, and surprise, surprise, they like it. Mostly because it's all they have. I used the group as low-level fixers and a specialized info source. They are also the kind of girls who are likely to get mixed up with shadowy types, like your players, on a romantic level. Thus can you embroil your unfortunate players in all manners and matters of decadence and dependency.

In terms of actually using the NPCs, they are good looking and know it, smart and aware of the ever- changing situation at street level. The average Source girl has, at age 20 seen more and done more than most of us will in a lifetime. Remember that. They act hyper-confident often chemically induced and assertive. Men who don' like that either get the submissive act only when needed or a good view as she walks away. The Source girls have good contacts for getting hold of firmare, software, data, drugs and people. They do not deal guns, vehicles, ammo or BTL. This is very high and limits clientele to well off corporators and shadow folks.

Basically it is a recapitulation on the Tir Tairngire Nation, and Portland in particular. Pretty much anyone who has run in the Tir knows about Portland. The "town the Tir forgot" is the most common thing said about Portland. Well, I decided to change that. In effect, I re-wrote the history of Portland, and ended up with a whole new nation. Almost all of the trade from outside the Tir went through Portland, resulting in the city being a "boom- town" sort of place. Lots of companies made a REAL lot of nuyen in the process.

It was also blessed by having the main residences of the Princes Council members inside the city limits. As such, Portland was a fairly prosperous place. It was also the only city in the Tir where Metahumans other than Elves could actually make some headway, without massive discrimination. A wall, with checkpoints and guards and mines, etc surrounded the whole city. The residents of Portland needed to get permission from the Tir government before they could leave the city.

Rather unfair, as they were citizens of Tir Tairngire, just second class ones. The Unofficial reason behind the wall was to keep the 'polluting' ways of the lesser races from spoiling the paradise for any elves, at least the rest of the Tir enjoyed. This wonderful paradise sarcasm intended came crashing to a halt in , when the Tir Council passed new laws, bypassing Portland as a trade center.

From that time on, Seattle was the main trade center, and all cargo was shipped in via Blimps and Zeppelins. Portland was basically left to rot. A lot of businesses in Portland, which had boomed in the last decade, crashed flat as the income from trade they had relied on was suddenly yanked out from under them, with no warning.

The Princes Council left Portland alone after the law was passed.

Friday AM - September 5th, 2014

The sudden decline in business meant extreme hardship for all residents. Only the Elven residents were allowed to emigrate into the Tir proper. The others were effectively forced to stay, with little or no chance of getting out. Things are changing there, but before we bring up up to speed with the current, here's a look at the past.

I've fudged with the display so it looks more up to date, but I've kept the original posting dates displayed. Portland was prosperous, happy, and wealthy. It was the only place in the Tir where any race or mete-type could live, basically unmolested. Unlike the rest of the Tir, Trolls, Dwarfs and Humans pretty much could live normal lives. The whole "elven-centric" viewpoint was much less pronounced than the rest of the nation. This happy state of affairs allowed non-elves to trade with foreign nations, and so on, much to the profit of the Tir. Taxes in Portland were higher, and as the average income was also higher, this effectively meant that Portland residents were paying for a significant proportion of the rest of the Tir's way of life All this wonderful, idealistic if you were an Elf!

On this fateful day, the Prince's Council passed a new law, basically by-passing Portland as a Port-of-Entry for trade. Overnight, businesses built on trade with foreign nations collapsed. Many powerful lobbies were formed to try and reverse this decision. Unfortunately all of them failed. The Prince's Council passed this law, to bypass Portland, and use Seattle as the main port-of- entry for the Tir's trade. This left all the heavy polluting industries and shipping to Seattle.

As such, Portland became a ghost town. All the major Corps pulled out in great haste. This led to a major economic downturn, the end of which was predicted as the complete loss of law and order in Portland. In effect, the Council had written off Portland, and decided to ignore it. It seemed as though the Council wished Portland to simply cease to exist. The Shadowrun Supplemental 9 15 Land of Magic This decidedly bad state of affairs ended with Portland becoming a lawless haven for all the bad elements in l-the Tir. However, this is where the Portland University Committee of Elders stepped in.

Portland's University was at this stage, a small, privately funded community college. The only note- worthy faculty of the entire teaching staff was the Magical Studies staff. As the Magical Studies faculty, they had access to a broader range of knowledge concerning the Tir, than other citizens of Portland. With a great deal of foresight, they predicted the rise of chaos on Portland, and decided to do something. As it turns out, they made probably the only right move that allowed them to succeed, and live to tell about it.

The three doctors approached the Prince's Council and pretty much begged for the council to overturn it's earlier decision concerning Portland. This extremely brave act was unfortunately wasted, as the Council refused, and ordered the three banished to Portland, never to leave again. Not to be deterred, the three "rebels" continued to lobby the Council via messengers and letters etc throughout This, again, was futile. All seemed lost, as the once-proud city fell further and further into chaos.

On the 2nd anniversary of the passing of the law ruining Portland, the three "rebels" were summoned to the Universities main hall at the stroke of Midnight. A promise of assistance in their struggle was included in a note each received. Each agreed to meet their mysterious "benefactor" Meeting at midnight, the three were much surprised to find none other than Dunkalzahn present. Naturally afraid at the sight of a Great Western Dragon, in full glory, the three quaked in fear.

Dunkalzahn, however, had approached them, not only to scare them, but also to offer assistance. This assistance was in the form of money, and most importantly, skilled professionals, to aid them. One of these professionals was a Decker, known only as Bam-Bam. In return for this aid, Dunkalzahn asked only one favor. Unfortunately, no one present at this meeting has revealed what the Big D asked.

Ed The Elf

With the organizing of the "coup" taking approximately one year, it is considered a minor miracle that the Tir Council did not catch wind on this "treason". Some say, however, that the Council knew all along. The complete lack of a response by the Tir Council certainly hints at either a massive and incompetent Intelligence service, or else tacit approval.

With the aid of Bam-Bam, the now swollen group set about rectifying Portland troubles. The most daring feat, was the Hacking of the Tir's central database. The main purpose of this feat, was changing the area zoned as "Portland". Bam-Bam changed these files to show Portland City Limits extending to further than they really did. In effect, Tir Tairngire lost the entire Northwest salient of the nation.

Portland gained approximately square kilometers of sorely needed land, vital to Portland growth, and ability to feed itself. At the same time, she erased all data concerning Portland residents, and the resources on hand in the city. The net effect of these actions allowed the Free Portland Committee to gain lebensraum, or "living room". Space to expand beyond the urban center of Portland, and unrestricted to whatever assets and resources that the Tir had left behind in Portland.

This included the Council member's estates on Royal Hill. These estates were worth a lot of money, which is one thing Portland needed badly. Not to be forgotten, the money and other personnel provided by Dunkalzahn was used to "clean up" Portland. Rumor has it that Mercenaries were hired for this job. However, sources inside Portland have denied this, saying only that the nascent "Portland Security Forces" were formed specifically for this task, and have served to this day, as the police and security forces.

One of the most curious factors of this "clean- up" was the extremely high proportion of magically capable troops.

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No verifiable troop lists have been found to check this claim. However, the after-action reports, and the media coverage shows numerous individuals in PSF uniform using magic, and magical items including weapon foci. This, and the abnormal numbers of Magicians and Adepts in Portland today, have led many to believe Dunkalzahn lent some of his own security forces to Portland for the clean-up, and they remain in the Free Portland Area still.

The Shadowrun Supplemental 9 16 Land of Magic Once Law was re-established, the three University teachers formally announced the formation of a new city. Called "Free Portland", this was to be a city free from prejudice and race-hate, where any and all could live in harmony. The second act was the formation of the "Free Portland Committee", the ruling body and highest authority in Free Portland. Typically, Tir Tairngire tried to move in and crush this rebellion. However, assistance came from an unexpected source.

Lofwyr and Ehran, both member of the Prince's Council, decried this action, instead they convinced the Tir Council to allow Portland to secede. The winning argument was something like ""We're better of without those degenerate scum. Rumors persist of Dunkalzahn appearing at the meeting, and forcing the Council to leave Portland alone. It was at this point that the Prince's Council found out about the small changes made by Bam-Bam. Typically, they were a tad annoyed.

In fact the words "homicidally inclined" are some of the more common words used at the time. However, the agreement had been made, and the necessary documentation signed, so it was a little bit too late for them to reconsider. That, and Lofwyr and Ehran once again sided with Portland. No one is quite sure why Ehran and Lofwyr actually agreed to this proposal. Their arguments are legendary, and so is the dislike each has for the other.

A lot of leverage could be gained from knowing why Lofwyr and Ehran agreed to help Portland. With success come responsibility, and the three "rebels" turn political figures were besieged by Megacorps. The corps wanted all the usual things, cheap land, special deals, waiving of certain human rights in test cases, etc.. Basically anything which would allow them to do whatever they wanted, and not have to waste time on legal niceties! Unfortunately for the Corps, the Free Portland Committee wanted nothing to do with them. No special rights were given, and no laws waived.

Instead, Portland basically told them to frag off ; an approach that, while novel and much deserved, did nothing for the fledgling nation. In the end, and agreement was reached. The corps could lease small plots of land, in return for cut-price rates on new tech, and greater access to research done in Portland.

As one of the first acts of the new Free Portland, the Committee allocated a large sum of money to the University, to expand its faculty, and improve its facilities. Along with this grant, the Committee spend billions of Nuyen which we assume Dunkalzahn gave them This work involved thousands of people, and dozens of Mages and Shamans, all returning an sq.

To this day, Portland remains one of the most "green- conscious" nations in North America. All polluting industries were banned, as were any vehicles except electric-motor types. A by-product of these actions, was the attraction of thousands upon thousands of people who wanted to immigrate to Portland. These people were a mix of races and metatypes, and a fairly complete cross- section of society. They were all welcomed with open arms, as long as they understood, and accepted completely the constitution of Free Portland, which can be summarized as: Prejudice is abhorrent and wrong.

Magic, and its practitioners are the sole reason for the existence of Free Portland. As a citizen of Free Portland, I fully accept and believe in this ideal, and will do my utmost to live by this constitution. Unofficially, this can be changed to: If you ain't magical, you ain't shit. This summary of the Constitution is the most important concept to understand when dealing with Free Portland. No prejudice of any kind is tolerated.

The punishment is very simple. Banishment, on the spot. No appeals. No trial. Do it, and you're gone. Very simple. From this time, till the present day, Portland has continued to live up to this ideal. One side benefit of the Constitution, is the number of magically capable people who are citizens of Portland. The forbearance given to Magically capable people is a great drawcard for Mages and Adepts to come and live here. In fact, the present government, and the PSF have the highest ratio of magically capable personnel in the world.

The number of free Astral beings estimated to be currently residing in Portland is the highest in North America, excepting Tir Tairngire itself and then it's a close matter This high ration of magically capable people has led to some of the most advanced breakthroughs in mixing Magic and Technology. Currently, the Portland University is at the forefront of world The Shadowrun Supplemental 9 17 Land of Magic research in this field, and also in the field of Metamagic. Throughout Free Portland, magic is used on a daily basis, both with and without technological aid.

Most of the major Megacorps have small research facilities inside Portland, all concerned with magical research, and magic-tech mixing. One of the clauses in the agreement between the Corps and the Free Portland Committee was the sharing of such research. Surprisingly this has been adhered to quite well. Many of the Corps regularly donate large sums, and top-line researchers to the Portland University, in return for access to University labs, and land grants for laboratories. Due to the higher value placed on Magically capable people, they receive a greater proportional vote than mundanes.

In effect, full mages have 4 votes, Adepts have 2 votes, while mundanes have only 1 vote. Thus, the government gives greater weight to matters concerning magic than to others. And therefore, the "feudal democracy" comes into effect. The Free Portland Committee still consists of the three original members, but it has been expanded to include 4 other members. DR Adam Garag A tall, distinguished looking man,. DR Garag is 48 years old. He is also one of the leading researchers into the magic-tech mix.

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However, more and more if his time is being forced into running Portland. It is rumored he will be resigning shortly, to devote more time to research. When seeing her for the first time, people are struck by her beauty, but are often mislead by this. She is also highly intelligent, and very adept at Conjury. Dr Greenleaf revels in the running of the Portland Committee, to the extent that she has almost completely stopped an researching.

Dr Smythe-Jones is the exception. Extremely intelligent, for any metatype, he is credited with over 50 papers on magical phenomenon. Dr Smythe-Jones eems able to effectively manage the time he has between the University, and the Committee. Dylan Thomply An enigma. That's the best way to describe this man. He never appears in public without a fully cowled cloak to hide his features.

However, He is a genius at politics, and is the one member of the The Shadowrun Supplemental 9 18 Land of Magic Committee who fully understands the power of Portland. No one knows which particular branch of magic Thomply practices. She is the Head of the PSF, and rules with a deceptively easy grace.

Woe be to any person who underestimates her. She stills trains every day at the PSF Academy, and is reputedly extremely proficient with any Melee weapon. Paul Marcus The token mundane on the Committee, Marcus has little power and even less say in running the government. Rumor has it that he is looking for any leverage available on the other members Roc Granitestorm Mr Granitestorm is a Dwarven Enchanter of some small skill.

His rise in power has more to do with luck, than skill. Granitestorm is the spokesperson for many non-human rights groups. Despite Portland being a prejudice-free nation, these groups still want more The Committee is the highest law in the land. Almost all the decision concerning Portland are made by these 7 people. From treaty negotiations, to which street wins "Green Street of the Week" award, the Committee is very "hands-on" The rest of the government is really only there to feed information to the committee, and enable them to make informed decisions quickly.

The government looks like this: Committee 7 members 14, 2 per committee member 50 Secretaries Precinct Mayors Security Forces members General Public As you can see, there are only 3 layers of the Government, from the average citizens to the Committee. This is only workable, because of the small size of the nation, and population base of Free Portland Precinct Mayors Each of the Precinct Mayors control an area of about 6 square kilometers. Their responsibility is to ensure the maintenance of a good lifestyle by all of their citizens. This means any matters that are purely civil in basis.

These matters are generally things local government would handle in any other nation. Any matters outside their brief are passed onto the PSF. They have small offices, where citizens can go and talk about any matter troubling them. These matters, if sufficiently important, are passed onto the Secretaries. Secretaries These are the main paper-pushers of the government.

These lucky people handle all the paper work for the Portland Government, no matter if the matter is civil or not. Not a fun job! As the government, and the Committee, is such a "hands-on" type, the people of Portland feel as if they have a much greater say in the running of the nation. This in turn, leads to higher productivity, and a happier nation. Public Services Small firms generally handle these. None of the major megacorps have any of the usual services under contract in Portland.

The only Corp with any real presence is Doc Wagon. They have 3 stations spread throughout Portland. Of note are 2 services provided for free to all citizens of Portland. The first is education. Pre-College schooling is provided free, and is compulsory for all. Higher level education is government-sponsored. The second service of note is medical. If any citizen wishes higher coverage, the free Gold service price is credited to them.

As such, Doc Wagon is very cheap for a Portland Citizen. Border crossing through Tir Tairngire is extremely rare, and subject to harsh magical and physical scrutiny. Flights leave from Seattle and Denver twice daily. This is via the old Salem-Portland City Highway. Due to the "greening" of Portland, the old freeways and highways have been replaced with 1 lane roads, and as such, the old highway stops right on the border.

At this point is a guard station, manned 24 hours a day by 1 squad of PSF guards. Any legitimate traveler from the Tir is required to undergo a complete physical and Astral scan, whilst any luggage is examined even more stringently. As such, traffic here is minimal Getting in from Salish-Shidhe Entry into Portland from any other nation except Tir Tairngire and Aztlan is effectively the same as International standards. That is, have your Visa and Credstick ready, and pray you don't look like trouble.

Getting Around Portland Back in , the Tir began construction of a monorail system in the city limits of Portland.. This was abandoned due to cost after only a small demonstration track was laid, however, the Committee has since poured lots of money into this monorail, and it now covers the entire Free Portland Area. There are stations every 5 kilometers, and the people boast you can get anywhere in Portland inside of 30 minutes. Apart from the monorail, the most popular forms of transport are bicycles, feet, and horses. Due to the total ban on polluting engines, vehicles traffic is extremely light.

It is estimated that there are only motor vehicles in Portland. Of these, are part of the PSF. Horses are available for rent or purchase. Free riding lessons are normally thrown in. Even Trolls are catered for with Clydesdales! By the same token, bicycles are also available for rent or purchase The main form of public transport apart from the Monorail is electric taxis. These vehicles are totally non-polluting, but hard to come by. Its members are limited to in total. The kicker of this, however, is the ratio of magically active members. Some of the squads assigned to border patrol will have near maximum numbers, while the elite Wraith squads have almost no members who are not officers.

The attached personnel can be anyone. They are generally full magicians or highly trained experts in a specific field. Due to their attached nature, these 'commanders' are not in the chain-of-command for the unit. The PSF is a highly integrated force. Its members receive constant cross training in all military matters. Indeed, some of it's senior NCO's are given detached duty to train other nation's military forces in the arts in mixing tech and magic. If you have it, then you will be guaranteed promotion. If you don't, then you'll probably never be an officer.

This policy has led to unrest among the more talented mundanes. So far, it is estimated that over members of the PSF have fled. The tactics of the PSF are unusual, and centered around the high proportion of mages. Magical spells for speed, protection, and detection are very common. As every squad has it least full mages, plus up to 10 Adepts, It is not recommended to resist them, unless you yourself have a large amount of magical backup. With the amount of research being done into tech- magic mixing, you would expect the PSF to have lots of weird new tech themselves.

However, the standard equipment and weapon load-outs are very similar to Knight-Errant security teams. Heavy Weapons specialists carry either Miniguns, or Automatic Grenade Launchers, depending on the amount of mayhem required. As stated before, all the PSF troops are cross-trained, and as such, any member can be considered expert with Heavy Weapons, Melee weapons, Demolitions etc. In a surprise move, Portland has entered 3 squads into Desert Wars.

Totaling troops, this contingent is assumed to be gaining experience in real-life warfare. A high degree of rotation among the PSF members from Portland lend weight to this assumption Places Of Interest The location guide from the Tir Tairngire sourcebook is superseded by this list.

As such, it's a favorite place for out-of- town runners to crash. Here you can find all sorts of runners looking for work. However, he ones you'll find are generally average, old, or both. The remarkable thing about this place is the number of very heavily protected rooms. Generally available for rent, if you know Boom-Boom. Boom-Boom got his name due to his love of explosives. To get on his good side, buy a few drinks, and chat about bombs If not, the PSF might come by and have a chat.

It served as a forward command base for the PSF. As such, it still holds some significance in the hearts of Portland citizens. Few can forget the gripping footage shot by journalists, of a mob estimated at strong, well armed, trying to wipe out the High Command of the PSF. The battle lasted for 6 hours, before the rioters were all subdued. Today the Portland Hilton is still state-owned, and is used as accommodation for guests of the State. Of course, others can still stay here, but the hotel reserves the right to usurp your room, if the Committee requires it.

Only the best of runners are allowed in. If you can become a member here, then you know you've made it in the Shadows. The Daisy is a very well kept place. Most members donate money to help upkeep the place. It has a very well stocked bar, and the restaurant has a 5 star chef. The rules are simple.

All weapons are checked at the door. The two nice Troll bouncers will help you find that missing knife, with the help of SOTA detectors and chem-sniffers. Once inside, it's a free-for-all. If you start trouble, however, expect everyone there not just the staff to help in quieting you down. As this the one place in Portland that everyone knows about, Security is very tight.

There is no computers linked to the Matrix, and the building plans look more like a fortress, then a bar. Sprague De Camp, ed. The colonists on Mars have nearly succeeded in transforming or "terraforming" the red planet to produce a liveable Earth-like atmosphere, when a new ice age imperils the Martian civilization. Baen Books, September Miles Vorkosigan series. Spoof of The Lord of the Rings. Hawking Carl Sagan, Introduction A Brief History of Time: This account of the history of the universe was written for the layman by one of the most renowned physicists of the 20th century.

Over the centuries, groups of sentient beings have eluded the laws and made Jijo a home--but what will happen when the Five Galaxies catch on? A strange ship in Jijo's skies may hold the answer. Rarely is there an office these days that doesn't have at least oneDilbert strip tacked up somewhere that employees gather to either laugh off or lament the sometimes inane practices of top-level management.

Think you're surrounded by morons at work? Dilbert, and his canine companion Dogbert, are the consultants you should visit next. The dog will have no part of the grind that cubicle-dwellers put up with out of fear of being singled out for downsizing; instead, Dogbert offers techniques designed to take full advantage of clueless employers and strike back at the company for its moronic practices.

Paperback, pp. These essays record a sixty-year battle against creationism, the bicentennial of the French Revolution, the triumph of Voyager's fly-by of Neptune, and other wonders of the world. Hardcover, 1st ed. Workman Publishing Company, Inc. Making or breaking gaming careers, the California Voodoo Game is the greatest challenge of them all. No matter what, the Game must go on.

Trudeau Garry B. Trudeau Calling Dr. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this distinguished partnership between a six-year-old boy and his sometimes stuffed tiger, Watterson has prepared a special book, which shares his thoughts on cartooning and is illustrated throughout with black-and-white and color cartoons. Paperback,10th ed. Miller, Jr. Web site promo. United Feature Syndicate, Inc. A bit battered. Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Each year, Jensen and his 40 watchdogs, called Project Censored, find the top 25 stories conspicuously missing from mainstream media.

This book contains all those stories, now fully reported. Jekyll and Mr. Heinlein, E for Effort by T. May, 11 Horseclans series. Cherryh Illustrator ,Michael Whelan, Illustrator Chanur's Legacy Chanur 5 In this intrigue- and adventure-packed work, Cherryh takes readers back to Compact space, home territory of the advanced catlike race the hani. Here is the story of the next generation of hani and specifically of Hilfy, the new captain of the spaceship Chanur's Legacy. First time in paperback. Stirling The Children's Hour The fastest way to get ahead in Kzin society is to cut through the endless challenges and duels to the death--and take on your father.

But Chuut-Riit, Planetary Governor of occupied planet Wunderland, is teaching his kits a new way--the way of the humans. And the humans don't like it, at all. June, 18 Horseclans series. One of the most beloved and avidly read comic strips of all time, Bloom County not only became a part of, but helped define, the popular culture of a decade. This collection is destined to become a classic. In this book, Dawkins skillfully guides the reader on a breathtaking journey through the mountain's passes and up its many peaks to demonstrate that following the improbable path to perfection takes time.

Arriving for the first time on Saturn's moon Titan, humans discover a race of robot-like beings of mysterious origin--and are soon at odds over enslaving the creatures or coexisting peacefully with them. Nine billion people were killed by the terrible weapons created and used. The rivalries that lead to the war are not gone--and a few of those deadly weapons remain. The second half dives into the Oceans of Ignorance that surround what is known. Filled with anecdotes, diagrams, and colorful everyday examples, it is certain to make people look at the world in a new way.

July, 1 GHorseclans series. Jun, Horseclans series. Howard L. Howard With L. Sprague de Camp, ed.

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Conan the Conqueror Lancer , Conan series. Dangerous Visions 3 Berkeley.

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July, Short stories. Many authors. Trudeau Dare to Be Great, Ms. Personality" aboard the Mars-bound Algonquin 9. Yet it is he who bungles upon the spectacular Macy's-like city beneath the Red Planet's crust. For better or worse, the name Steegman will be immortalized by a discovery that will transform millions of lives. Mass Market Paperback St. Then he is given the opportunity to contact the Chtorr, but when a helicopter crash leaves him and his companions stranded in enemy territory, he must decide whether to communicate with the Chtorr--or kill them!

Mass Market Paperback, 1st ed. Complete and uncut edition. November, Trudeau Death of a Party Animal Paperback,pp. September, Short stories I have a different cover. Rothstein, ed. Berkley Publishing Group, August 3 Gaia series. In this stirring, brilliantly argued book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Dragons of Eden and Cosmos shows how scientific thinking can cut through prejudice and hysteria and uncover the truth, and how it is necessary to safeguard our democratic institutions and our technical civilization.

In the first tumultuous years on Destiny, two events changed forever the lives and futures of these colonists: the desertion of the Argos, an event that severed all hope of ever contacting Earth, and the disappearance of its fusion-powered landing craft, the Cavorite. For the settlers of Spiral Town, the largest known remaining colony, Cavorite is a name that conjures awe and wonder still, for its final voyage left behind a dominant and lasting mark on the planet's surface and a key to their survival: the Road. Wide and smooth, it was seared into a flow of molten lava by the fusion drive of the Cavorite as the landing craft hovered a meter above the planet's rocky surface.

Some say the Road crosses the whole planet. Others are sure the Cavorite exploded or the crew was killed by undiscovered Destiny creatures. No settler who has gone down the Road has ever returned. For Jemmy Bloocher, a young farm boy, the questions burn too hot, he yearns to leave the mind-numbing work in his father's fields and follow the Road. The course of Jemmy's life is decided for him when he accidentally kills a caravan worker in a tavern fight.

Leaving Spiral Town, he flees certain retribution, and his flight becomes a quest to discover what happened to the Cavorite and its crew - and uncover the many mysteries on Destiny's Road. Malacinski, ed. Hale J. Margham Dictionary of Biology Paperback, pp. Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc. Norton, W. In these inspired stories detective Dirk Gently tries to solve the mysteries of the universe and the human soul.

Pocket Books, April 1 Dirk Gently series. And perhaps Hardcover, pp. With over daily strips and 80 full-color Sunday pages, this is satire, and Doonesbury, at its best. Trudeau , G. Trudeau, Doonesbury Nation While millions of pilgrims flock to upstate New York for the 25th anniversary of Woodstock, Zonker flashes back to the original Paperback, 96pp. This work led to national syndication as "Doonesbury. Dickson The Dorsai Companion Paperback,pp.

Ace Books, June Dorsai series. Paperback Library, Inc. An Edge in My Voice Paperback,54th ed. The sixth volume in a series of essays begun in and first published in Natural History magazine. Author lectures. Norton,Ww, December Biology, natural history 2 copies. Sidney Harris, that's what! Nayfeh Morton K. Brussel Electricity and Magnetism Hardcover,pp. Meiksin Philip C. Endless Frontier, Vol. Drexler K. Penguin Putnam Inc. Brown R. Keynes, W. Hopkins Essentials of Neural Development, 2nd Ed. Textbook Paperback, 1st ed. Cherryh Exile's Gate Gate 4 , Vol.

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    Bantam Books, Incorporated, January Hyperion series. If they fail, the entire world will be doomed. Jim Baen, ed. Universal Press Syndicate, September humor, cartoons 2 copies. Los Angeles : J. Tarcher ; New York : Distributed by St. Martin's Press, c Creative ability. But Morgaine and Vanye have brought devastation to the peaceful land. For the hordes of Shiuan were on their heels, determined to conquer a new land for themselves and to avenge their lost planet.

    Le Guin has created a profound and transformational literature. These stories range from the everyday to the outer limits of experience, where the quantum uncertainties of space and time are resolved only in the depths of the human heart. As told by Dr. Guillen, the stories behind the creation of these formulas are not only chronicles of science, but also gripping dramas of jealousy, fame, war, and discovery. Author media. Hofstadter Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies:Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought Since , Hofstadter, the author of Godel, Escher, Bach, and his students have been developing computer models of discovery, creation, and analogical thought.

    What has emerged is a sophisticated and unorthodox vision of the mind in which perception, at an abstract level, is the key: perception of situations, of patterns, of patterns among patterns. This book conveys this bold vision to a broad public. Fed up with the often asinine practices of management and the useless buzzwords and fluff that seem to float around the office? Ever plotted a revolt at the fax machine? A revolution orchestrated over e-mail? Scott Adams' "Dilbert" character has, along with his army of counterparts, and for it he has been hailed as "the hero of the workplace.

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    God Bless You Mr. Fighting alongside his beautiful mate, he takes on a corrupt television evangelist who schemes to enslave America. The action-packed, near-future adventure sequel to Streetlethal. Agur John N. Gardner, Editor Grant's Atlas of Anatomy " Textbook Paperback, 9th ed. Packed with scientific detail, compelling characters, and a thrilling story of humankind living at its newest frontier, this second volume in the epic promises to become a classic.

    Bantam Books, Incorporated, April 3 Mars series. Here are 32 ready-to-mail postcards selected from the four bestselling "Hell" books, featuring America's favorite rabbits. Two-color cartoons. Paperback Pantheon Books, October humor, cartoons Postcards. A quarter century after humanity quarantined the aliens known as the Moties within the confines of their own solar system, the wall between them and the galaxy beyond is beginning to crumble. Pocket Books, December 2 Mote series. Trudeau Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! Clarke The Hammer of God Clarke's first major solo novel in years--a national bestseller--tells the compelling story of the race to protect Earth from imminent destruction.

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    Graphic novel format. Dark Horse Comics, Inc. Underwood Books, Inc. Evil times are ahead for the Deryni as power-hungry regents seek their destruction. What's more, Camber of Culdi appears dead--unless he has worked a spell to defeat death. Ages of Chaos 2 Paperback,pp. Random House, Incorporated, May 2, second Uplift series. But nobody truly comprehends this storm until they are swept into its deadly funnel.

    This side-splitting encore to the first bestselling collection--Politically, Fashionably, and Aerodynamically Incorrect--captures the further adventures of Opus the penguin, Bill the cat, and other strange characters. All eight previous Calvin and Hobbes collections have sold more than 1 million copies in the first year of publication. N A L, March 13 Horseclans series.

    N A L, January 16 Horseclans series. Wallace How They Do It An entertaining look at the mating habits of some 50 common and rare species, from lions and elephants to bedbugs and seahorses. The result is a remarkably practical plan for adding years to your life. The Hugo Winners, Vol. Now, the screenplay is presented in a large-book format. The tale of memorable robots with positronic brains is brought to life by vibrant, full-color illustrations.

    Mass Market Paperback,1st ed. Trudeau G. Trudeau I'd Go with the Helmet Ray For more than twenty years, Garry Trudeau has satirized current events and lampooned politicians in his comic strip, calling attention to social and institutional ironies. This latest collection tackles the crisis in the Middle East, the savings and loan crisis, AIDS, the tobacco industry, the Census Breau, and the environmental bandwagon.

    Corduneanu Integral Equations and Applications Hardcover, pp. Davis Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell It has been said, with respect to tort law that anyone can recognize a punch in the nose. Unlike a punch in the nose, "Patents and copyrights approach, nearer than any other class of cases belonging to forensic discussion to what may be called the metaphysics of the law, where the distinctions are, or at least may be, very subtle and refined, and, sometimes, almost evanescent. Further, it addresses torts and property; antitrust and government regulation; concepts of federalism and state and federal conflicts.

    The text provides the scope and highlights you need to excel in understanding this field. This will enable you to answer exam questions more quickly and accurately, and enhance your skills as an attorney. Smith Introduction to special relativity New York: W. Some jokes--from ribald to shaggy dogs to put-down puns--will delight readers and listeners alike. Data pirates, new-age mercenaries, high-tech shamans, and murder stalk a brutal netherworld of deregulated havens in the Global Communications Network--Islands in the Net.

    Ace Books, February 2 copies. This collection of cartoons, starring Dilbert and his sarcastic and power-hungry canine companion Dogbert, features nearly two years of strips that have never before appeared in book form. Paperback,3rd ed. Paxson; Elisabeth Waters; C. The young King Alroy is dying, and power-hungry former Regents begin their plotting once again--this time against Prince Javan. But Javan proves to be a formidable opponent.

    Collection #1 (Stories 1-4)

    Kauffman On Knots Paperback,pp. Bantam Books, Incorporated, September Continuing time series. Pocket Books, July 1 Heorot series. Illustrations by George J. History , Humor In fascinating detail, James W. Loewen offers a wonderful retelling of American history as Loewen believes it should--and could--be taught to American students. Meadows Dennis L. Meadows, Jorgen Randers, William W. Thomas The Lives of a Cell Twenty-nine masterfully crafted essays make up this volume.

    Dickson Lost Dorsai 6th printing Ace, Dorsai series. Gordon Dickson David W. Tor Books, May Dorsai series. Pantheon Books, February humor,cartoons 2 copies. Kidd Lovelock Mayflower Trilogy 1 From the bestselling author of Xenocide comes the story of Lovelock, a capuchin monkey engineered to be the perfect servant. Behind his eyes lie digital recording devices and in his heart is the desire to please. But he is something special, he's a little smarter than most humans--smart enough to feel the bonds of slavery, and want freedom. Martin Jr. Martin and Donald Kingsbury. The Kzin Third Fleet has decided a change of strategy is in order after two unpleasant defeats at the hands of the humans or "monkeys" from Earth.

    Only luck or the Outsiders can save us now. Paperback,6th ed. Baen Books, May 6 Man-Kzin wars series. Page prrofs. Bantam Books, Incorporated, August Mars series. Chalker Mask of the Martyrs Rings 4 Hawks suspected their greatest battle still faced them even before the pirates of the Thunder had collected all the rings to bring Master System to its knees. But he never suspected betrayal from one of their own, and unless Hawks can find the traitor--and learn how to use the rings--Master System may be the victor after all!

    Albers, ed. Alexanderson, ed. Even as many on Earth deny their existence, the giant wormlike carnivores prepare the world for the ultimate violation--the enslavement of humanity for food! Complete and uncut version. It's the nearly complete account of Harlan Ellison's attempt to be a genuine writer. He wanted to write about gangs in the mid-fifties. So he joined one. This story is about how this one stupid mistake managed to haunt him for years afterward. It's not a happy book, but it's important. It's an historical account and it effects Ellison to this very day. There's a lot of ranting about the system and of children thrown away -- a lot of anger.

    And it seems justified. I don't have the personal experience to say whether or not this book is accurate, but it's certainly gripping and convincing. It's an ordeal. Ace books. He's now in charge of the new recruits guarding Ankh-Morpork, Discworld's greatest city, from Barbarian Tribes, miscellaneous marauders and unlicensed thieves. It's a big job--but an even bigger job awaits when an ancient document reveals that Ankh-Morpork has a secret sovereign. HC: HarperPrism. Weaver Mercedes Nights Hardcover,pp.

    Cherryh Merchanter's Luck The fateful meeting between the owner of a tramp star-freighter that flies the Union planets under false papers and fake names and a proud but junior member of a powerful starship-owning family leads to a record-breaking race to Downbelow Station--and a terrifying showdown at a deadly destination off the cosmic charts. Hofstadter Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern An array of observations and ideas about how we perceive and think. Now the invention of instantaneous travel between the stars has brought all these isolated worlds back into contact--and conflict--with each other.

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