Drama Lessons: Ages 4-7

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  1. (ebook) Drama Lessons: Ages 4-7
  2. Weekly Singing, Dancing and Acting Classes (4-6yrs)

(ebook) Drama Lessons: Ages 4-7

This new collection introduces Literacy Alerts which identify how the drama activities develop aspects of literacy and suggest additional literacy activities. For each lesson plan, essential resources and timing information are provided. The lessons cover a range of themes and curriculum areas.

Full of pick-up-and-go lesson plans, this book will be of enormous interest to specialists and non-specialists of drama alike. All primary teachers, literacy coordinators and teaching assistants should have this book in their hands and it will give all trainee teachers a flying start in their school placements.

Drama Lesson Activities, Grades 4-6: Exploring Mime

Lonely Dragon 2. Red Riding Hood 3.

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Rubbish in the river 4. Romans in Britain 5. Building the Pyramid 6. Life Cycles 7. Reds and Greens 8. Charles I 9.

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Weekly Singing, Dancing and Acting Classes (4-6yrs)

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