Lil Bastard

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  1. Vanished…Without a Trace?
  2. Death of James Dean
  3. Douchebags™ – Little Bastard 60L

Vanished…Without a Trace?

While filming Rebel Without A Cause , James Dean had upgraded from the to the Spyder and decided that he wanted to make it uniquely his. Dean called upon George Barris, of movie car fame, to customize the Porsche. Barris had kept the car in his possession sans the sold parts and it caught the attention of two would-be thieves. One of the thieves arms was torn open trying to steal the steering wheel while the other was injured trying to remove the bloodstained tartan seat. The first exhibit was unsuccessful as the garage that housed the car caught fire and burned to the ground.

Mysteriously the car suffered virtually no damage from the fire.

Death of James Dean

The car fell off of two more transport trucks while travelling on the freeway fortunately not injuring anyone. The A. The Auto Insider. And remember Eschrich, who initially bought the vehicle for its internal parts?

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  • Gipsy Moth Circles The World?

He and a friend, Troy McHenry, later used the parts of the wrecked car in their own race cars before putting them to the test in a friendly race. Sadly, during the race, McHenry lost control and hit a tree. He died instantly.

Eschrich himself was injured in the race when his car locked up and flipped over as he was going into a turn. And this is just a couple of the numerous accounts lending to the possibility of a cursed vehicle.

Douchebags™ – Little Bastard 60L

After the unfortunate accident, the wreckage of Little Bastard was showcased at many events across the country, and legend has it that sometime during its cross-country trek, the car disappeared. And to this day, the car has not been found.

Well, at least you can rest assured that none of the new and used vehicles for sale at Bryant Motors are cursed! New vehicles Used vehicles. But what happened to the Little Bastard?