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What does literature tell us about the essence of the city? According to Roshanna P. But in one of the passages she quotes, which are of course intended as criticisms, there lurks an idea which may help us to understand why, despite all these negative judgements, memory has preserved such a positive image of Odessa. This was an honourable aim and it is, as I have said, well documented by Sylvester, with a wealth of examples.

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What was about to be pedagogically taken in hand and improved was a kind of raw state, something unfinished, still in the making, expectant. Pretension there was, certainly, but also a kind of innocence. But History cunningly ensured that the experiences of impatience, of starting afresh, of pretension, of life in the Diaspora, came in with the immigrants and turned Israel into the multi-faceted society it is today. Politically correct persons cringe when they hear the name. But political correctness, I am sorry to say, has no place in Odessa.

For my guides in Odessa, Anja and Lena, and maybe for the entire city, he is the most important journalist and writer of the 20 th century. In the background, Odessa gleams. Their stories are intimately related to the city of their birth and experience. All this is set before the background of a beloved city:.

Ahead of me — the front staircase to the municipal library and, on the left, against the background of a broad, almost boundless bay, is the peristyle of the Duma: neither would disgrace Corinth or Pisa. In the next citation Jabotinsky describes a meeting with the other members of the literary circle in Odessa, and he notes something very important for our question:. All eight or ten tribes of old Odessa met in that club, and in fact it never occurred to anyone, even in silence, to note who was who.

All this changed a few years later, but at the dawn of the last century we genuinely got along. It is not really important whether or not this account is true. This is the image he had in mind — of a city and a youth, an innocence lost. In — one year before Jabotinsky left Odessa for the first time — one counted circa 17 babies and children between the ages of one and nine years for every one hundred Jewish mothers, 13 and 96 for the Russian mothers, 12 and 75 for Ukrainians, 10 and 55 for the Poles, 8 and 62 for the Germans.

With enlightenment and modernisation, Odessa became more of a Russian-speaking city. Although the Chief Rabbi of Odessa, Schwabacher, who came from a black forest town in Germany, never gave up his tradition of delivering sermons in German, his community moved towards the Russian language. One product of this development is the emergence of a Russian-Jewish literature, or a Jewish literature in Russian, with its main exponent in Isaac Babel. She died in in Domodedovo, near Moscow, and is considered the greatest female poet in Russian literature.

Today Moscow seems far away since the whole political geography of the region changed so dramatically after the fall of the Soviet Union. One can get a good picture of the Greeks for whom change was attractive by looking at the members of the conspiracy of The three founders of Philike Hetairia are representative. One was the son of a Greek fur dealer living in Moscow, who already had been a member of a Greek society while living in Paris.

The second was a Greek merchant from Odessa, another veteran of an anti-Turkish secret lodge. The third was a merchant from the Ionian Islands, a member of a Masonic lodge there who had contacts in the National Guard created by the British provisional government. In their merchant associations and their connections to the outside world, these three were typical of the members who put together the plot.

These people formed part of a movement for Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire which was finally granted in According to Patricia Herlihy, although the Ukrainian population in Odessa was small, the city played a significant role in the Ukrainian national movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The repressions of and and especially the ban on the use of the Ukrainian language in publications put an end to their political agitation.

This movement, however, did not win the support of Catholic Europe, while the greatest obstacles were placed in its way by Russia and the patriarchate of Constantinople. Sokolski lapsed back into schism in June, , and embarked for Odessa on a Russian vessel; the majority of the Bulgarian priests and laymen attached themselves to the recently founded national exarchate.

The Georgiev brothers made their fortunes in in the nineteenth-century in Odessa, then used their wealth to fund the establishment of Bulgarian-language schools. This is a different version of our story:. Having revised the narratives of the tzarist, Soviet, pre-perestroika and post- Communist past, the monograph not only reclaims the first Italian settlers, but examines the process of forging Europeanness, a cultural identity, beyond the traditional East and West, nation and people.

European culture has been notably influenced by Italian civilization, and Odessa is one of the important manifestations of this phenomenon. The book places this 18th century Italian migration to the Black Sea into various contexts- the ancient porto-franco, the12thth century Crimea, the persecution of Jesuits and Jews, Risorgimento and Romantic Europe. It challenges the post-modern concept of colonialism by presenting the colonial Other through history and philosophy, semiotics and architecture, history of art and musicology.

This history of Odessa not only reveals the neglected European past but imagines the future of the European continent, explaining the role of migration and mechanism of cultural transport. Italians were not just another wave of Odessa immigrants, not just another part of her multicultural mosaic, they were her founders and colonizers of the region. The Odessa Italian colony adds to the other Italian European cultural contributions.

The Italianness has forever shaped the Odesseans, imparting the aesthetic sensibility, the elegance, taste in music, attitude to life, their wit and specific speech. Odessa is an Italian city! But we do find interesting connections beyond such spatial fantasies. One very interesting Italian who came from Odessa is Leone Ginzburg. Born in Odessa, Ginzburg was an Italian editor, writer, journalist and teacher.

He died in Rome, after having established himself as an important anti-fascist political activist and a hero of the resistance movement.

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He was married to the renowned author Natalia Ginzburg and is the father of the historian Carlo Ginzburg. Arrested by the Gestapo, Leone Ginzburg was tortured and killed during the German occupation of Italy. For today, we have to hurry to meet Vladimir Jabotinsky once more. I was indifferent to Russia even in my youth: I recall that I always got pleasantly agitated when leaving for Europe and would return only reluctantly. If I arrived today, my hands would probably tremble.

Those who have written about Odessa in recent years have had one main theme: the emigration which is remorselessly killing the city. Life is abandoning it bit by bit. And today, too, emigration is still the dominant topic. Though they still live in Odessa, a part of them has already left.

And anyone who thinks constantly — every day, Lena says — of what it would be like somewhere else, anyone who draws sustenance from the letters and parcels sent from that somewhere else, is already lost to his own city. Emigration has other consequences too. Those who move into the city, filling the vacant spaces and positions in the queue , come from the Ukrainian provinces.


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They are interested in Odessa because they may find a job there. But was it any different in the past? I ask her later. Yes, it was, Lena says: in the past people came in order to make their mark, to embark on new initiatives and to improve the functioning of the city, to place themselves at its disposal. The bus has lost most of its passengers.

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Perhaps it really was an amusing city; perhaps it was so because it laughed so readily. Ten tribes converged, each and every one so fascinating, one more interesting than the next: it all began when these tribes started laughing at one another, then they learned to laugh at themselves, and then at everything on earth, even at what hurt and at what they loved.

All this has changed in the course of the 20 th century. The city lost half its population as a result of revolution and civil war. World War II annihilated the Jewish population that remained in occupied Odessa while subsequent Soviet policies deported Germans and Tatars for collaboration with the Nazis. He enquired at the Communist Party headquarters as to where they had gone. Then, to disguise the fact, the Zionists had added the names of all the other people in Odessa. In some ways, it has been depicted as a lost city, not so unlike New Orleans, a city of the American South with which Odessa has been compared in a recent study.

Maybe this question cannot be answered. For many decades, the idea of Odessa had been turned into a memory, a book, a poem, a song:. Ikh hob gehert fil lider zingen gute, men zingt zey ale mit groys interes. Akh Adesa, mayn Adesa tayer bistu mir, vu ikh gey un vu ikh shtey trakht ikh nor fun dir. Today, many things have changed again.

Some of those who emigrated to Israel or Germany in the early s are returning or at least commuting between places. So, where is Odessa? Today, the diversity, multi-culturalism and enterprising spirit which made Odessa an object of fame and of nostalgia can once again be found in the city that bears its name. He has published in the fields of Urban History and the cultural history of German-Jewish emigration.

Cristiana Facchini, Quest.

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Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. Focus Modernity and the Cities of the Jews. The City, the Ghetto and Two Books. Venice and Jewish Early Modernity. The Ambivalence of a Port-City. The Jews of Trieste from the 19th to the 20th Century. Moving Histories. The Jews and Modernity in Alexandria Ambivalent Modernity: the Jewish Population in Vienna. Lunching under the Goya. Stephen S. Miscellanea Holocaust Research and Archives in the Digital Age.

Holocaust Intersections in 21st-Century Europe. The Great War. Portrait of Italian Jewish Life ss. A Historical Appraisal. Contested Narratives of a Shared Past. The Making of Antisemitism as a Political Movement. Political History as Cultural History Jews in Europe after the Shoah. Studies and Research Perspectives. The cultural capital of Eastern Europe. The crime capital of Eastern Europe.

Some of the greatest thieves and robbers of all times grew-up in this city. Ah, Odessa The pearl of the seas 6 And this is not an isolated document. For many decades, the idea of Odessa had been turned into a memory, a book, a poem, a song: Adesa Mame Odessa Mama Ikh hob gehert fil lider zingen gute, men zingt zey ale mit groys interes.

Many thanks to Cristiana Facchini for her useful comments. Michael F. Die Stadt und ihr Traum. Shelly Kupferberg, Berlin ; Id. Nicolas V. Iljine ed. Located near Deribasovskaya Street and the Odessa Opera House this magnificent palace with luxuriant halls was designed by L. This list of the most eminent writers can be continued, and one can see personal belongings, autographs of the writers, first editions of their books, engravings, age-old placards, and rare issues of Odessa newspapers in the museum Visitors can smile at the sight of a funny drawing of Yuriy Olesha and see a cap that once belonged to Ilya Ilf.

The Literature Museum is finely decorated and each hall has its peculiar characteristics. Geopolitics and the History of Civilization , translated by Nedra E. A history , Cambridge, Mass. Zipperstein, The Jews of Odessa. Elusive Prophet. They are the true wealth, the courage, the greatness, the future of this country […]. They are joyous, diligent and enlightened. Samuel C. Washington D.

Votes: 1, Votes: S 92 min Drama, Romance. This melodrama revolves around the post-war meeting reunion an intelligent front-line officer, now happily married, and a woman street vendor. This encounter reawakens in them submerged A Russian version of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel. Edmond Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the A lawyer is preparing to defend a rich, respected man's wife, who killed a friend of the family who was attempting to sexually assault her.

The scenario changes abruptly for all involved Lord and Lady Glenarvan found a bottle in the ocean. S 92 min Adventure. In a small Russian town, there is a Research Institute for magic. One of the witches, Alyona Sanina, is going to marry a guy named Ivan Puhov not a magician. A jealous Apollon Sataneev PG min Adventure, Family. Without a book about the adventures of Tom and his friends Huckleberry Finn and A single woman has put all her efforts into raising her only son, Sasha.

When Sasha grew up to become a teenager, he got tired of the nagging of her mother. One summer, he goes to visit his The invincible "Kid" is a fan of karate, full of bright plans for the future. However, involuntary complicity in the robbery, and only by a miracle instead of prison, he enters the army. Votes: 6. A strange phenomenon has been noticed on the outskirts of our Solar system that quickly approaches the Earth.

It's called "Orion's Loop. In the first part, the students complain that classic works of literature have no bearing on modern life - and find themselves in a situation strangely resembling something they've read Russian short about the summer adventures of four inseparable friends from a small fishing village. The financial security of the transaction was guaranteed by Deutsche Bank, which granted a loan of Young journalist Evgeniy Maslovskiy is sent to tugboat, where the crew consists only from women.

Votes: 9. About battalions of penalized persons of times of World War II, month of service in which was equated by ten years of prison. The city has been shaken by the range of crimes. Investigation suspects young lady, who they believe has a "criminal talent". The five-year Senka is home alone because his mom is pregnant and his father took her to the hospital. From this event boy's amazing adventures in the village began. Votes: 8.

Die Akte Odessa. Roman. ( Piper Spannung).

Comedy, Musical. The events of the movie take place in the city of Odessa. A guy named Sasha sees a beautiful girl on the street and, following her, inadvertently causes a car crash. The driver of the car It is After three years of the Russian Civil War, communist government is finally established in Odessa. Young Alyosha Patrikeyv, who dreams of being a detective like Sherlock Holmes, Short, Drama. The musical tragicomedy based on the story of A. Kuprin of the same name.

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Beginning of the 20th century. In the southern seaside city the vegetable marrow "Gambrinus" is known by all.

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The battle between young teacher and her pupils wins teacher with the score What was the great scientist of antiquity drawing in the sand? Proof of a new theorum or design of one more engineering wonder? We will never know about the way he managed to calculate