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  2. Wood Shavings
  3. Soon we could make all sorts of things from sawdust
  4. Soon we could make all sorts of things from sawdust

Volcanologists model latest flame-resistant lava suit fashions. Automated Antarctic station works on through the winter darkness. The new "superbugs": Cockroaches evolve resistance to pesticides they haven't even encountered. Phone-connected device detects bacterial toxins in water. Editors Choice.

This version is not supported by Behance.

Compare the latest tech gear. Sublime snaps from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist. Omega sets record for the deepest diving watch. Northrop Grumman and Raytheon team up to develop air-breathing hypersonic missile.

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Cannondale's new gravel bike features unique rear suspension. Gallery: Jeep campers, floaty amphibians and other world-exploration rigs of Overland Expo The Sawdust will feature the fine art and craft of over Laguna Beach artists and is sure to be the highlight of your summer adventures. Join our email list to receive Sawdust updates and special offers.

Wood Shavings

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and novice artists have come to the Sawdust since our beginning in for our mix of fine art and craft. Skip to main content.

Sawdust Art Festival’s 53rd Annual Summer Show

Hamster Sawdust. Living World Pine Shavings with a fresh forest scent, 35 Litre.

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In stock. These wood shavings are really good they are dust free and no big chunks or sharp bits in which is really good.

Sawdust and Resin Ball // FIRST Of Its Kind!😱

From one bag of this i got four cleans out of it for a indoor cage that is 3 foot by 1 foot. Add to Basket.

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Pillow Wad Woodshavings, Large, Excellet, 3 big bags of soft sawdust Pipkins by Petface Woodshaving for Small Pets, 1 kg. Only 7 left in stock.


Soon we could make all sorts of things from sawdust

This is a very good product however would not be suitable for rats as this would irritate their eyes and noses and could cause an allergic reaction. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, pet mice, rats - 20KG. Great value for money and contains a lot! Clear Label Shavings - 20 kg.

Soon we could make all sorts of things from sawdust

Bought months ago and still going. Good quality sawdust and Munch really likes it. Delivered as expected.