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But all of this precisely because smuggling involves illegal cross-border transfers. It needs to be kept in mind that the illegalisation of border-crossing for some, creates a very lucrative and entirely illegalised market of facilitation of illegal passage across borders.

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As any black market, this one too is entirely deregulated and thus enables full blown exploitation. But this is inherent to any black market, or indeed any market full stop. The structural conditions that enable the thriving of such a vibrant and lucrative black market for smuggling, lie precisely in the restrictive migration policies of the EU, which exclude a large portion of the world's population from traveling legally.

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  2. Masked Chinese migrant to be released, will live in Toronto.
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  5. The increased budgets for more extensive border controls and more advanced technological devices CO2 detectors, heart-beat detectors, thermal cameras Yet the moral indignation present in the mainstream discourses seems to be directed mainly at the human smugglers — the media discourses additionally directing at them the moral outrage, spilling over from the one aimed at human traffickers. The focus on the human smugglers often takes away the focus from — or event attempts to directly mask — the route causes of the deaths and exploitation that happens on the borders of Europe.

    As a popular slogan puts it so well: "seeing migration as the problem is the problem".

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    Illegalisation of people's movement is the problem. Strengthening borders is the problem. Both force people to search for ways to cross the border and this creates a black market for border-crossing. When human smuggling becomes cruel, disproportionately costly or inhumane, this is a by-product of the much larger problem, which precisely the focus on human smuggling is intended to minimise or mask. The Smugglers.

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    POP! Movies: Black Panther - Killmonger (Chase) - Smuggler's Keep Toy Shop

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