We Trust In The Name Of The Lord Our God

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All of Israel would gather together and shout this song of victory.

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The location that they would sing this Israeli fight song would have occurred at the tabernacle in Jerusalem. The sanctuary is the name of the inner part of the tabernacle. The sanctuary symbolized the presence of God among his people. So picture a couple million people gathered together around the tabernacle preparing to send the army out onto the field to do battle. More than a Song Now, as they gathered at the tabernacle in Jerusalem they did more than just sing a song?

Right before battle, with all of God's people gathered, an offering was made to the Lord. And this offering was an offering from the King, and it would have consisted of the killing of animals that would have then been burnt. Why would David need to offer sacrifices?

We Trust In The Name Of The Lord Our God

Because he, along with all of Israel were sinners. Sacrifices were done for the purpose of payment for the sins of the people, including David. And how did they know they were sinful? The law of God. It was the Word of God that showed God's people that they had broken God's rules. And prior to going off to war, it was the desire of David, and Israel to fight with clean hands, if you will. It is the nations that Israel was fighting against. Israel, stood in stark contrast to the nations of the world.

Instead of putting their faith in the size of their army, they put their faith in the size of their God. Israel was to look to their covenant keeping Creator and place their confidence in him and not in the dust of creation.

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And as we think about Israel we can see examples of this over and over again. We see it again in the story of Gideon found in Judges David, on the other hand was just a boy with a sling shot. God intentionally stacks the deck against his own people, so that God gets all the glory. And God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

And the foundation of this Psalm was Israel's faith in their God. The Office of King But this Psalm is not just about faith, it is also about a specific person. Perhaps I am wrong, but I counted 11 times you or yours is used in these nine verses. King David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, seems to make himself the center of this Psalm, but why?

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David is not the only one that goes out in battle. David will be marching along with thousands upon thousands of other men. Why before going to war is so much attention placed on the King? Because as the King went, so went the nation. As we stated earlier, David was appointed by God to lead God's people.

The King was one of the three offices established by God. The other two were prophet and priest. The Office of King entailed authority, protection, and prosperity.

The King was the ultimate representative of God's people, Israel. And as I said, as the King went, so went the nation. David, was known as a man after God's own heart, he never lost a battle, and he ushered Israel into the greatest prosperity that this world has ever seen.

Other Kings that followed David were not as faithful to the Lord, and they lead the nation into sin, which lead into times of difficulty, and eventually lead into the exile of Israel. As the King went, whether good or bad, so went the nation. David knew this, and on the brink of war, David is the one who needed the prayer of his people. So What? Now, many of you may be sitting there and asking the ultimate question that arises in every sermon.

So what? Who cares about how Israel prepared to go to war? How is this relevant to me? I bet you can guess, I will tell you.

It is written to encourage us. It is written so that you and I may have hope. Ac Ps May the Lord fulfill all your petitions! Ps ; Ps ; So ; So May he answer us when we call. Unauthorized reproduction of this publication is prohibited.

Psalm - English Standard Version :: BibleServer

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