Cats Cradle: A Regency Novella

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After leaving home years ago amid scandal, Captain Desford Cardros has returned home to mend his wounds, and settle an old score with his brother. But he is drawn to a beautiful woman whose brother is the target of mysterious accidents. Now Cardros m Book 2 in the Demon and Warder Series. A demon hunter about to lose her license Mackenzie Solomon is on the edge of going "dark" and losing her warder license if she gets any more evil on her.

However, she's also the only one who can stop an early Four charming Regency stories from award-winning author Shannon Donnelly: A lonely proper widow A run-away bride headed for Gretna Green, but with one to On the other side of the Rift—the blackness that separates dimensional realities—a world exists, but just barely. Edge Walkers—things made of energy that feed off electrical impulses—have feed too long off this world.

With too many secrets in her past, a Returning to England with her niece will be a dangerous journey indeed, and one t As the brains behind her beautiful cousin's social success, Audrey Colbert has orchestrated the girl's match with the Marquise of Arncliffe. But when the bride-to-be is kidnapped, Audrey finds herself face-to-face with her cousin's fiance--and realiz Convinced of a plot against How better than to marry a low-born strumpet?

He sets out to find someone to play the part in return for a handsome s Can a perfect lady and an impeccable lord risk their reputations for true love? Penelope Harwood has no patience for starry-eyed, romantic daydreams. It's that sort of foolish thinking that saw her father plunge the family into financial disaster, a Eloping to Gretna Green was the only way spirited Claire Roxburgh could escape an arranged marriage to the sour elderly gentleman her father had chosen.

But she didn't count on her betrothed bringing along his best friend, army officer Alan Carlton. Glynis Chatwin has dreamed of becoming a respectable lady for as long as she can remember. Uncovering evidence of her stolen birthright is her only aim when she hides in a deserted bedchamber--bu Irresistible Romance A not-so-harmless fib A ruined ritual A slip of the tongue How will Cupid save these three delightful heroines this Valentine's Day?

Yet he makes it plain that he wants nothing more than a sensible wife--and a Christmas Eve wedding to please Wherever these kittens pounce, romance, mayhem, and mischief are sure to make an appearance. Follow their antics as they cross the paths of lords and ladies of the ton in three new stories; by three beloved authors, sparking passion that always seems Convinced that reformed rakes make the best husbands, beautiful and spirited Clarissa Derhurst is determined to find one of her very own in London--and reform him for herself. Only a rake will be capable of the gr An independent governess finds love with an irascible lord!

The dress is now period for the woman. It was low cost, so that let me get the book for sale so the book could actually finance how things went.

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The silhouettes, however, while they were something I liked, did not really catch the eye. I wanted the sense of a journey as in paths, as in the story is about two folks and their journey into a relationship , but the ship is just too much Captain Jack yes, Disney influences us all. For the next cover, I went hunting and found Della Jacobs, who does great covers, as well as writing great books. The goal here was to get a stronger pose for the couple. So this cover was born:. The outline on the lettering helped the text stand out, and the two different fonts also add a little more style.

We still have that moment before the kiss on the cover. So I really liked this.

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But there was one problem. When this cover is very, very small, the faded out couple tends not to read well not a great thing for an ebook. It still looks good here, but on a page with a lot of other colors and art and text, the cover does tend to get lost.

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Sometimes understatement is great for your personal style, but not for a book cover. So back on the hunt. Searches led me to Hot Damn Designs. I browsed the covers and the stocks. And I liked the covers. The cost was within budget, too always a consideration. So I sent them information and selected some stock that I liked.

Plot Summary of Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle"

The red automatically appealed to me the most—but then I like to wear red a lot, too. The hint of red hair also did not suit the dark haired heroine. So version 3B it was. We still have, too, the anticipation of the kiss. I also thought this gave the idea that the book is a hotter Regency historical. The cover had to say that. But is it too much in fashion? Does this now look like too many other book covers?

Does it do enough to tell the reader what the book is about other than two folks in bed? But does this need more? She has had novellas published in several anthologies, has had young adult horror stories published, and is the author of several computer games. She lives in New Mexico with two horses, two donkeys, two dogs, and the one love of her life.

Shannon can be found online at sd-writer. This was really interesting. This comes from long years—including those decades you mentioned up there—of never liking them unfair, maybe, but it did teach me to NEVER judge a book by its cover. Oh, art sheets get looked at!

As a cover artist, I try my damnedest to produce something the author will love, but will also help sell the book. I have seen differences in sales with different covers, so I think readers look at covers differently than writers. An interesting show of the evolution of your covers and the logic behind the changes. Thanks for the info. So updates are just updates.

cat’s cradle | Shannon Donnelly's Fresh Ink

Thanks for the great post, Shannon. Do you ever worry that changing covers might confuse readers, perhaps prompting them to re-buy a book they already own? Thanks again, Finn. I was fascinated to actually see the evolution, Shannon, thanks for sharing it with us. I wish the red would have worked — I like that one the best of all! Historicals have to look historical and Regency seems to be the hardest period to get right.

It shows that there is some depth into choosing it. Thanks for showing us the evolution of your cover. Seeing the picture with your explanation of why you wanted to change something spiked my learning curve. Loved seeing how the process works as well as your reasoning on why each did or did not work. Thanks so much. There are so many considerations when designing a cover, like color, readability, composition and authenticity of the images.

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The design of a cover needs to be a partnership between artist and author. And the resulting cover needs to attract reader interest in the story inside. There are so many factors to balance, but that one issue is perhaps the biggest. Thank you so much for sharing your process of choosing a cover.

It was enlightening to say the least. In the ever changing world of publishing, information is power.