Coalberry: a sci fi short story of escape from a slave colony

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As usual, though, the opposite of one bad idea is another bad idea; the opposite of an economy based on the mass production of unpayable debt is an economy based on a rigidly fixed system of tokens such as gold. Both have severe problems. The Vikings were among other things capable businessmen, and always made sure they had a market for the plunder they took. Wynnsol, by all means keep moving. We are already well past peak and accelerating down the slope on the far side.

Baboonery, bingo. And so the US carries out another stage of its withdrawal from empire, with just enough blustering and saber-rattling to make sure nobody tries to accelerate the tempo…. Barrigan, thank you. Antonomasia, thank you for this. Lathechuck, good. You might also investigate writing materials other than paper…. Morfa, huzzah! Jamie, many thanks for this. The use of climate change as a sales tactic for overpriced and underperforming technofixes is a major issue just now, of course.

Glad to hear the bees are happy with your garden! And related, what is the ideal size for government? The city state or league of cities seems like a more manageable arrangement that would instill a sense of pride and identity in a populace, rooted in the local landscape…. And history tells us bad hombres will take advantage of a power vacuum…. I wonder if you have any career advice for a 19 year old man. He is switching majors to environmental economics which he says has more meaning for him. Any thoughts? That said…. A while back, someone posted a query about whether there was an esoteric side to programming.

Along with some other things I had encountered around the same time, it inspired me to write a series of meditations on the subject, which are now collected in a manuscript the length of a slim book. Specifically, in this case, people like me: I deserve to live in a society where saying I deserve something means I lose it! The answer is that you become whatever kind of person whoever produces the cacomagic wants you to be. This is particularly true as, almost by definition, they need to be engaging with the world in some way to be influential.

What this means is that our society is going to head to the extremes, since there is no one with the ability to reign it in, until the system of cacomagic we have set up starts to come undone. I will be putting this quote of yours in my already bulging folder of wisdom gleaned from Ecosophia and the old ADR:. I am a regular on a parenting forum — it skews heavily left-wing, educated and upper middle-class, with a scattering of outliers including myself.

Quite a few have got very angry at me. Or you could try the Schuessler cell salt method much less complicated since the remedy decision is limited to 12 vs. Acupuncture is also very effective in proper hands preferably a TCM practitioner vs. Eating locally produced honey or bee pollen daily is often helpful for pollen related allergies and asthma.

I moved away from atheism several years ago after being hit over the head by eminent writers like yourself and a personal crisis thrown in for extra fun , but still struggle with spirituality in practice. At first I followed the advice of guys like Guenon to go be a part of the traditional religions Catholicism, orthodoxy, Islam or buddhism and fake it till you make it but nothing clicked even though I went to the services. Then i tried out protestant christianity in my area and that just leaves me more bored and disenchanted with group religion.

I meditate daily, which helps feel centered, but my prayer sessions to God and the gods always end up feeling like they float up into nothingness. I just gotta wonder, did all those years of atheism damage my ability to connect to the greater spiritual reality? Would you have any recommendation on what practice I could incorporate to actually feel a connection? Best of all, a lower bill and a less torn up lawn. Do you foresee any major blowback from their tightened grip on what content can be shown on their platforms? Apparently my dad came into possesion of one years ago and it scares the bejeebus out of him.

I see it brought up all the time and something in me keeps screaming that it will be a big vector for that shock. Stephen D, Your comment reminded me of an interesting article that came across today. Mostly covered high government debt and low birth rate. Ordered the same day Providence was supposed to ship or the day after. Still no Providence except the E-book version.

May have to break down and read that one. We find a hot tea made with young leaves, buds and flowers of stinging nettle to provide relief from most symptoms. What would make the biggest difference and help the most people? Why, yes, all these loooong, delicately balanced service and supply chains are quite dependable…. Lawrence, along with Glubb Pasha, is one of my heroes. In the book, the author discusses how the British Indian government always saw the Middle East,particularly Persia and Mesopotamia, as a key area in its sphere of influence. The colonial government in Delhi had its own foreign policy, which often conflicted with not only those of the French and the Russians, but London as well.

So I very much expect the independent successor state based in New Delhi to resume the imperial policies of the old British Indian government more and more as time goes on. The more things change, the more they stay the same…. The Portland Press-Herald Maine is generally very good and quick to pick up on important stories that major newspapers would rather ignore.

Antonomasia , European and American fertility rates have been below replacement for nearly half a century, the US hitting this number in I have to say I am impressed with your publication frequency. I know a few writers personally and I know even one book can be a colossal effort. Apparently, TSW, my friend. You made a comment recently about some ideas you had for your own interpretation of the Arthurian legends. Yes, please! I would love to read that. For my question, I am curious about house spirits and how to interact with them.

Thanks to Marie Kondo, introducing oneself to the house is now out there in the mainstream American media. I have been listening, but so far no one is tapping me on the shoulder. Any suggestions for how to get a little further along with this? So the language of a Patron Deity is part of these variants. I consider the magic I do as in large part simply subtle hygiene. The same way that nasty infections can take hold of filthy skin, likewise I think one can all too easily get clogged pores and nasty infections of the subtle bodies. And so for health I find these magical practices very helpful.

I think the worst part is the claim that even if something is true they should still have the right to restrict it…. There is no one I know who lives in a 25 miles radius who cares deeply about the things I devote my life to. And so here I am! Understanding that I use the internet to meet real, human needs allows myself to be a little more gentle with myself. In my misspent youth I had quite a few addictions; I was a cigarette smoker, a big pothead, and did quite a bit of speed until I thought my heart would give out.

Full text of "Transactions of the Kentucky Academy of Science"

And so I think part of the cacomagia of addiction involves a complex dance of guilt, promises to do better, failing to live up to those promises, more guilt, rinse and repeat. This is clearly self-defeating and not great. And with that in mind, I focus on filling more of my time with activities I value rather than shaming myself for my starvation. And so the ways I meet my needs through the internet are certainly at least a little toxic, lack nutrition, and are not nearly tasty as the organic, farm to table option.

But I find it much, much better than nothing. Maxine: Thank you for the heads up on grown children moving back in and helping their parents build houses. If so, what has your experience of her been? John B. The more of your needs you can meet through your own labor, without having to rely on the intermediation of money, the better. Your Kittenship, of course. Swords in particular seem to have a real tendency to pick up metaphysical characteristics — not sure why, but that seems to be reliable cross-culturally. So the full set of planes are Physical, Astral, Mental, three Spiritual planes the plane of the life spirit, the plane of the human spirit, and the plane of the virgin spirit , and the plane of God or the gods.

Violet, have you read accounts of mystical experiences from Hindu sources? That might be a good source for comparisons. Jean, the mainstream media has lost control of the narrative and is frantically trying to shut down alternative views as a form of damage control. Somebody could make an immense amount of money, in fact, by launching alternatives to the sites that are shutting out dissidents — they could get big ad buys from Chick-Fil-A and Yuengling Beer, just to start with, and in short order have a huge and passionately loyal base that would go out of its way to buy products from the advertisers.

Thank you for your comments on The Weird of Hali — and thank you for noticing one of the things I wove into the series! Every one of the seven volumes has at least one important scene that takes place in a library.

About Superior Inspections Inc.

Yes, you can tell what some of my favorite places in the world have been since earliest childhood…. Baboonery, one of the news websites I follow regularly is Asian Times, precisely because it carries news stories about the half of the world most Americans ignore. Watch for India to lease a naval base somewhere on the African coast; when that happens, the maritime Great Game is on. MichaelV, thank you for passing this on! If not, then set your intention aside and ask God instead to have mercy on you and amend your sinful heart.

Faraday, my advice to any young person who has spirit and a brain is to flee college at all costs, and get an apprenticeship in some hands-on field. The skilled trades are begging for apprentices while hundreds of thousands of poor saps every year are being chewed up and spat out by the academic industry. Your son can develop his intellectual life outside of work hours, while getting the kind of steady income his college-educated peers can only dream of, and avoiding the crushing conformism of the chattering classes.

As the US empire winds down, managerial jobs are going to be far fewer, while jobs providing actual goods and services to actual human beings are going to have a steep growth curve. Your son can get in on the ground floor. Lovecraft accordingly borrowed it for his own stories, and other Cthulhu mythos authors picked it up from Lovecraft.

Christopher, sounds interesting. You might want to post some way for people to get in touch with you, though. Will J, ah, but in my Utopia anyone who tries to play recursive games with any of the rules — including this one — is flogged with wet cats until they repent. As for cacomagic — excellent! Ozquoll, yep. The hidden first commandment of the religion of progress is that the comfortable must never be expected to give up any of their comforts. Kris if I may , thanks for this. Andrew, remember that the gods are not vending machines.

If you have a daily meditation practice, great — but what kind of meditation do you do, do you have any other spiritual practices, and is there a religious tradition that attracts you more than others? There are already online spaces out of their control — why do you think I moved off Blogger to a server I pay for? Is the radio-type device picking up electronic voice phenomena EVP or something else? As for the F, word is that the pilots who have to fly it call it the Penguin, because it flies like one.

Not surprising, since it was optimized for one and only one mission — carrying out devastating raids on the US military budget. If that object ever has to go head to head with real 5th-generation fighters, the US is going to be in a world of hurt very quickly. Janitor, you should contact the publisher soonest — I know there have been occasional problems with order fulfillment from the print-on-demand press that handles that.

Shaun can get it fixed, though. The first is to remove the exemptions from antitrust and other legislation that permit the medical industry to rig prices and duck the consequences of bad practice. Do those three things, and competition will crash the price of health care and force physicians to offer good patient care if they want to stay in business at all. Mc12, I get the impression that Australia has the habit of jumping on board trends right about the time that everyone else is bailing out.

Violet, your account was very moving. Livelihood for those called to healing arts is one thing, profit-making another. Samurai, thank you. I credit my productivity to the lack of a TV, on the one hand, and a typical Aspergers syndrome social life i. As for house spirits, you may simply need to be patient. In this society, given the way people treat their houses, I suspect a lot of house spirits are pretty thoroughly traumatized and may take a lot of gentle treatment before they show themselves.

Will J, sure. In fact, unless something awkward happens to my papers, whoever ends up with them will have not only my natal chart but some years of annual progressed charts, monthly personal lunation charts, and relocation charts to work with. May I ask, do you or the wonderful commentariat know of good sources of literature on Hindu mystic experience, especially for devotees of different deities?

Will Oberton, For asthma, homeopathy can help, as can making sure you get enough vitamin D, through sunshine if possible. Get more Omega 3 and less Omega 6 oils. As a herbal remedy, coralberry is said to be effective at getting the bronchial muscles to relax, and so is ginger. For kids, drinking raw milk seems useful in preventing asthma and allergies. Avoid acetominophen. Avoid steroids as a treatment. Get regular exercize, and allow a little dirt in your life. I got this through a quick search on Mercola. However, if I go visit someone with a cat in a modern home with all its wireless gadgetry, I get my allergy, and if I speak too much in a high-EMF environment, I get asthma too.

Ron DeSantis is definitely someone to watch. He was a three time Congressman, a former federal prosecutor, and at the age of 40 he is currently the youngest governor in the USA. Not only did he sign into law the bill barring local governments from banning vegetable gardens, but he is a major backer of a huge class action lawsuit against Big Pharma for the role they played in creating the opioid epidemic.

He is an extremely impressive character. DeSantis is one of the rising stars of that movement. It is as the Spanish say, the world is a village! However, I would miss this format which allows you and commenters to interact and discuss ideas so easily. I hope the internet remains viable for many years to come. I liked your response to the gentleman who asked about political marginalization. A few observations, thoughts and updates:. The recent thread on Flight to the Fringes got me all sour-faced, for reasons that probably are familiar to those who have been involved in the occult scene for awhile.

We started out as a radio show, but now primarily broadcast on YouTube. I suspect that this is important in building trust. In any case, I hope everyone is well and I look forward to finding the time to participate in this forum more often. Take care. Will Oberton, my advice is to ask around locally for a practitionER with a good reputation for helping people with asthma and allergies. There are many potentially good practices, but results happen at an interface between patient and practitioner, and results therefore reputation matter, especially for people with too little time or money to mess around.

Like I said, this is not the first time this has happened. However I fear that the government might still at some point in the future get desperate as the fossil fuels run out and try nuclear anyway, it does not help that we are one of the worlds major sources of uranium. Violet, I have had similar experiences about internet use and other people. The profound ideas on mentioned websites are currently on the internet, because that medium is widespread now; in the past and in the future it would be books and magazines.

The same goes for social contacts; I have few connections, and although the people whom I know are intelligent, tere are quite a few things which they would probably not get. The whole subject is relevant to the discussion of monasticism and hermitism towards the end of a civilization. JMG, I have a question a bit similar to Andrews: Am I right in my assumption that personal contact and prayer to one or several gods is not as central in Druidry as in some other religious traditions, for example, as in Christianity?

Violet, thank you for sharing your spiritual experience! Occasionally I am able to see divine spirits. Not with my eyes. Some say with the heart. They are always very powerful experiences and I want to tell the whole world. People are generally speaking pretty open to it. I think lots of people have these experiences but very few chances to talk about them because they are so personal. Also there are people who will misunderstand what you are talking about. I had my own experience this week, not seeing the deity Dragon King directly but interacting and receiving information.

Which brings me to a question for our host, actually. If there are spiritual realms we cannot perceive, then conversely are there aspects to our physical world that the spirit world cannot perceive clearly? The Dragon King said he needed my help to understand what is going on here more clearly and assigned me to compile a report and publish it. I had bad allergies as a kid, but they almost completely disappeared in my late teens, with no explanation as to why. A chiropractor had done patch testing to determine all the things I was allergic to. Maybe that newfound awareness caused me to change my exposure?

Who knows. When I had a fall with a concussion in my early thirties followed by chronic sinus infection, a cranial sacral therapist identified the misalignment and adjusted my skull bones. My sinuses started draining right there on the adjustment table. Now if my sinuses get irritated I use applied kinesiology to determine if there is a misalignment or muscle imbalance pulling on the base of my skull. Usually there is and I can massage the sinus irritation away. The most interesting new studies I have read about allergies and asthma link their proliferation to our battle against intestinal worms.

Apparently, being exposed to parasitical worms strengthens the immune system in ways no one understands. A very good article on the health benefits of worm exposure is at:. This may be another reason not to broadcast the things one is actually doing to cope with decline too, well, broadly. Andrew, are you able to get out into nature? There are so many things in our modern environment that distract us or cloud our perception. Start with short walks in familiar territory and then try gradually longer ones.

When you get to the mountain tops you might find your connection there again. Samura 47, most houses in Japan have a shelf, usually up high, where they put some symbolic objects and offerings. A shaman I visited in Siberia had his own very similar version of a kamidana. Microsoft have said they will no longer support Windows 7. Which is what I use. Does anyone have any suggestions? Last Breath is a brilliant documentary about a deep sea diving accident. The ship drifted out of position and the crew tried to take manual control, but it was four separate controls and took at least two people to operate them.

It was only supposed to be used in port, so was impossible to control and the ship went all over the place. The Church has taken a hit because of its inability to limit abuse of authority. Just three years ago I was at a talk by friends who had visited rural Mexico. By chance they had visited a large old church in a rural area necessarily kept alive with only occasional help from the Diocesan structures. I wonder if the future of the US RC Church will actually be found in the future of the large Hispanic speaking population? The Church could thrive?

I actually found the atmosphere that Sunday sympathetic. A beauty alive in the congregation carried the liturgy forward, and I could feel for the people. They seemed to bring meaning to the priests, not the other way about. You are so right about Australia. As soon as something has been shown to be unsuccessful overseas we grab it with gusto. Rather our government will. This has been the case for years. Dear JMG, you wrote a response to another commenter and said that any younger people in IT might want to consider a second career. What about slightly older people in IT?

Could I bother you for the title? Anyway, one of the side story-lines was that the random acts of piracy against merchant vessels crippled the Roman empires maritime trade. Is that serendipitous? Probably not! The very act of having to escort an oil tanker reduces the EROEI of oil, and also diverts attention from other areas. Do you have any thoughts about how this may play out in the short and long term?

Do you reckon it will impact upon oil prices? I was reminded of that when I saw a link to a start-up seeking investment to launch a fleet of sail-powered clippers recently. It seems interesting, though, that people are anticipating the end of cheap energy, and planning a replacement infrastructure. I love to be able to listen to your fictional books.

What is the chance of audiobook versions of your futuristic fiction? Is there someone I should contact expressing my interest? A quick internet search came up with some shrill Jehovah Witness articles, claiming this fact to be the result of a conspiracy, perpetrated through the deliberate mis-translation of biblical writings. I was raised a devout Roman Catholic, and even though I turned away from the church as a 12 year old child, I have always had a deep and abiding respect for the teachings of this extraordinary person.

Yes, Australian civil society has a curious propensity to belatedly take up popular American systems of thought…. There is a little appendix about this in the back. Could be a fun read. One of the things that drove me away from the Left is the way white people are now viewed as the root of every single global evil. According to the woke, Europeans and their descendants have committed unspeakable sins for which we cannot possibly hope to repent.

Unsurprisingly, darker-hued people guilty of some of the same slavery, for example seem to get a pass. Another blog somewhere described the contemporary Church of Woke as Christianity without any of the forgiveness and no hope of salvation. Spot on. The raw herb contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, not good for the liver, so be sure that whatever product you buy is PA-free. Totally off topic, but this morning I checked on a couple of beehives and, after a devastating winter, I can report extraordinarily healthy hives stuffed with brood, honey, pollen and fat queen bees. I am SO pleased! And to top it off, two hours with the bees and no stings today!

To this end I have also been trying to cultivate a relationship with Saint Gobnait, patron of bees, to look kindly on my hives. That would be a possible meet-up city that would be reasonably equitable for everyone. Just a thought. Dreher, like me, began as a Methodist.

Unlike me, he moved on to Roman Catholicism and then to Orthodox Catholicism. So I wonder where he may head next. On the other hand, what I disagreed most with was the statement on p. Bridge, regarding Windows 7. Its Linux, based on Ubuntu, and well its free and lots of free good apps. Best of luck! If you move into areas which are practical SCADA and factory automation etc , you will have better luck than some useless social media company full of 20 somethings who want get rich and retire by You can also learn to use simpler tech to develop small scale tech with microcontrollers which may be more sustainable and useful.

Hi Maxine, I suspected it was a small community. Penny impressed us all with her resiliance! As a side note, we decided have adult children at home was merely a return to old school family homes. I suspect some of them will come and go and set up elsewhere but we have allowed room for those that want to stay.

Regarding nuclear power, I think the Russians are the ones to watch as Rosatom has fast breeder reactors coming online which deal both with waste and availability of fuel. Should be interesting to see how that plays out. I can see where the line might connect to someone else, if you ask God to smite your enemies or buy you a Mercedes Benz.

Better to ask God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, to bless them. Except knives. Wish I could say swords did, too, but no. If I had college to do over again I still shudder at the waste of time and opportunity it was! Give me the full list of rules to your utopia and I will break it within the day!

As for the burger, the really weird part is its currently being marketed for cheeseburgers, breakfast sandwiches, etc, which include egg and cheese and are thus not vegan either. My guess is that this is an attempt to let vegans still be vegan, but also let themselves eat meat. Your tofu burger sounds good, and we have all the ingredients.

The best burger I ever had was a veggie burger: it was curried potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn, and carrots, breaded, and then put on a toasted bun, with a thick slice of mushroom, some lettuce, both grilled and raw onions, and plenty of garlic sauce with a little spicy mayo. The thing about it is that it was unapologetically a veggie burger: there was a language barrier that kept me from finding out what was in it the vendor and I had no words in common , but I could taste what it was, and it made no effort to pretend to be anything else.

I agree, being here is not a problem! My internet use is roughly one third productive things email, looking up routes to camps for my scout group, etc , one third sanity keeping such as being here , and one third complete waste. I just know personally, if I cut out that wasted third of my time online, I feel way better. The Hebrew tetragrammaton is not used because the New Testament was written in Greek, but the Greek phrasing is the same as is found in the Septuagint the Greek translation of the Jewish Bible.

No need to drag HBHG into it. Thank you for your insights! I definitely do not want to define your experiences for you. My use of the internet though I think of as having a toxic element, even with such wonderful sites as the ones that JMG curates. They may be better than almost all others, but I see that what brings me here are unmet needs. The problem is that the internet proves to be a poor substitute for what is missing in my life. As for hermitism and monasticism, I think that you bring up an interesting thread of thought, which I hope you will permit me to riff on.

Every single institution in the United States is corrupt; education, medicine, organized religion, transportation, employment, rent, you name it. That is a pretty depressing picture. And indeed, I see almost all people as carrying that corruption with them to a certain extent, myself very much included. And what to do in these dark times? A certain threshold was crossed sometime this year in which I realized I spend more time with Her than any other being.

This helps make my life feel less corrupted by the prevailing darkness and more like I am actively engaging in meaning and beauty. Of course, this has entailed huge sacrifices. I left my friends, any prospect for dating, and the sense of getting ahead with a career. I had to examine a lot of dreams I had carried and found them to be nothing but cobwebs and discard them. Still, this choice was made a lot easier since every institution I can name is so corrupt that tending towards being a hermit seems to make more sense to me personally than trying to do anything else.

Evelyn Underhill discusses in one of her books how mysticism is the most pragmatic of practices, and in this sense I have to agree with her. Really, I shared the experience mostly just to have some sort of reality check, since it was so intense and so disruptive to my identity.

I literally cannot talk about the experience directly as it was so radically different from my normal mode of experience, and also as you mention, so personal. If I may, regarding your question to JMG, my patron told me, to the best of my understanding, that She needs devoted humans to do certain types of work, and is thus grateful to humans who devote themselves to Her. That was about as much as my meagre understanding would allow. If I may generalize, then, from this, I imagine that this probably holds true with other deities.

Totally unrelated to mite infections, but I had to put in here one of the oldest texts in German, a charm for bringing bees back:. Kirst, imbi ist hucze! Nu fluic du vihu minaz hera, Fridu frono in Godes munt, heim zi commone gisunt. Sizi, sizi, bina, inbot dir Sancte Maria. Hurulopes ni hab du, zi holze ni fluic du. Noh du mir nindrinnnes, noh du mir nintuuinnes, Sizi vilu stillon, uuirki Gotes willon.

Christ, the bee is gone! Sit, sit, bee, Saint Mary commands you. The text is in the singular, so maybe is addressed only to the queen bee and her company. The idea of a kamidana is really interesting. What is intriguing to me is that so many people are looking into Feng shui and other ways of relating to physical spaces in a spiritual sense.

Apparently there is no Western equivalent for these traditions, so it is evolving and mutating on its own to fill the need. The Marie Kondo phenomenon is part of this in my opinion. When I hear people who go through her process start talking about it, to me it sounds like they are describing a ritual of self-transformation. They may not see it that way, but I think it is. Cliff, it may well attract its quota of suckers. My guess, though, is that a lot of the more idiotic projects of the current huge corporate internet combines will be crashing and burning in the next few years, now that the Supreme Court is in conservative hands and antitrust suits have a good shot at winning….

I wonder, though — have you read R. Lainie, delighted to hear it! Getting radio back on its feet strikes me as a very useful step down the long staircase. Some Druids are deeply into working with gods, others are just as deeply into not doing so, still others fall into every conceivable and inconceivable! Patricia O, depends on the spiritual being, but yes, in some cases, they need our help as we need theirs. Bridge, Paul Devereux has a bunch of good books on the subject.

Jbucks, you should be fine. The IT industry should wind down around the time you do. Chris, excellent. Investingwithnature, I made a few inquiries about getting audio books made but they went nowhere. Will J, one of the rules is precisely that I get to make up new rules as I go, to annoy people who try to play games with the rules. Matthias, thank you for this! Dear JMG, thanks for the answer! I never felt it that strongly. In fact, the most profound culture shock I felt was when I left my California cul-de-sac as a teenager to visit relatives in upstate NY.

In contrast, I once had the good fortune to spend a semester abroad in Italy. Nice weather, good food, bad drivers, totally dysfunctional government. Right at home!


That conversation would require colour swatches! Adding a glossary with examples might cut down on the repetitive questions. Vietnamese classifiers function a little bit like pronouns. JMG: I often struggle with the decision of posting about some subjects here or on Magic Monday, that is now what I am focusing on, instead of the ugly guts of The Long Descent. I stopped watching news of any kind, because to track the slow unraveling of Progress was doing no good to me—the first After Oil anthology was the very first book I wanted to throw out of the window.

I never managed to finish reading it. There is also the problem that because of the inheritance from the late The Archdruid Report , Ecosophia has its share of orphans from the old ADR and its more secular approach, and as such, spiritual stuff is frowned here by some[who? But I think this post may be excused for being here. I will leave some details on the subject for the next Magic Monday , which I am writing in italics here because it acquired a life of its own. People may go gaga with the instructions for children because some want to have the cake and eat it too; that is, they want the practice and the children, so reason gets shut down, like when you get lifeless stares as you point the contradictions in the myth of Progress to its acolytes.

Magic is a magnet for people with imbalances and desperation in their lives. I know this very well, coming from that very situation—a lifelong struggle with suicidal thoughts, anxiety and seeing industrial civilization self-destruction was a heavy burden to carry. My personal experience shows that the imbalances that get in the way of the work, if you insist doing it, will get out of the way, because when you eat the cake it goes away.

Knowing that the seek for magic may come from unbalanced people, extrapolating from what happened to me I will say that going full force into magic can implode a troubled marriage—as in the other spouse will get the kids, and the lawyers will take all the money. This is one of the points of doing The Work, facing your demons.

One is free to check it personally. What I am writing here has a lot of personal research. I will get more speculative and comment on an aspect of The Work that is related to what I wrote. I will excuse myself doing so because today there is no topic. People hate death in our culture, and anything related to it. One of the unavoidable features of afterlife is what we could call forced self-reflection. Your experiences will be sorted out and become character. This often is not pleasant; another name often used for this process is Hell. Self-reflection is a thing some people do only after they die.

Violet, I would be most interested to know if you intentionally sought a relationship with your deity, or if you essentially made yourself available to whomever was a good fit and she was pleased and took you in as one of her own. Eurointelligence today wrote that they think its going to be very difficult to stop a no-deal Brexit under PM Johnson assuming he keeps to his promises.

Do you think that it is overall a good thing and will it make a meaningful difference given what we know is coming down the line. I remember you saying a while back that the only way to get good at it is to look at a whole lot of charts. The feedback I got was universally positive, very positive even. But then something very odd happened.

And for some reason, after about a dozen of these, I started to hate astrology! And I keep thinking about my own chart, which is riddled with challenging placements Saturn square Mars, Venus in Cancer square Uranus— actually every planet in my chart except the Sun and Neptune are involved in squares with the other planets , and feeling afraid. It feels like the sort of automatic aversion you get to something after a traumatic experience. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Do you have any thoughts?

Or is it maybe the Watcher at the Threshold keeping me from moving forward, since I was making good progress learning to do work as an astrologer? JMG: I believe a magical working seeks the goals it is intended to do with the attachment of a consciousness to it. When it comes to my awareness, it dies, I suppose.

It is tempting to think that as an amulet, or another kind of working, it had a life of its own, being able to look for the answer while dwelling in some part of my mind. Characters an author make are possibly a more elaborate form of this process. As every human is a sort of deva, with an own, separate mental structure, I believe it is able to sprout other consciousnesses, like a deva does with an animal that achieves humanhood by splitting from the consciousness of the last species where it stayed before becoming human. There is an interesting story by Stephen King—I sadly forgot its name—of a writer that created a character that was a private eye, in the beginning of the 20th century, and transferred his consciousness to the character, so that he could live his glamorous life, and the character had his consciousness transferred to the body of the writer, who then found himself living in our modern and rotten world.

I might have posted this on Magic Monday , but since this is a reply to why characters from novels give unexpected answers, I decided to leave it here. Some examples include abstaining from animal product consumption, disconnecting from the internet, voluntary celibacy, being sober this I understand for recovering addicts etc..

I have made a couple of comments in the past on an open post about the arctic sea ice. This is the solstice update for this year. It is bad really, really bad. The weather conditions in the arctic this year are almost perfect for massive melt. If July is anything like June we will set a new record low for the year in September. I consider the loss of the arctic sea ice as the first major consequence of global warming. Its disappearance is changing the way the jet stream works in the northern hemisphere. This year meanderings have brought an enormous amount of rain to the middle of the USA and clear sunny skies in the much of the arctic.

Speaking of nuclear technology, do you think that ecotechnic civilisations would have any use for nuclear technology? The only things that I can think that they may use are radioisotopes for medical purposes, using neutrons to investigate materials and maybe the occasional radioactive thermoelectric generator for special purposes.

Do you think the US will use them in the future due to the resources constraints in its imperial decline? For me is an stunning result, and it demonstrate how far the US citizens have been from any real war in his soil, and how the war propaganda and fear is swallowed by many people. It is really scary and I understand why is so easy for the MIC to obliterate countries at will with the condition that there will not to be too much american blood in the process.

Even more disturbing: There is no significant change in the percentage who would prefer or approve of a US nuclear strike when the number of estimated North Korean fatalities increases from 15, to 1. As we have previously found, the US public exhibits only limited aversion to nuclear weapons use and a shocking willingness to support the killing of enemy civilians Sagan and Valentino Sagan, S.

It seems to me that a good part of that american people in fact like wars, they do not like the dead of american soldiers, but with the end of the draft this is less problematic. You might be interested to know that India is actually building naval facilities on a small group of islands called agalega which are right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The agalega islands are part of the Republic of Mauritius and home to about residents. Since there have been persistent rumours in the Indian and Mauritian press that the Mauritian Government had leased the islands to India for naval purposes. This year indian workers and heavy equipment have landed on the islands and they are busy building runways and port facilities the extent of which is shrouded in secrecy.

Our Government is still denying that there will be an Indian naval base there, but nobody believes them now!!!!! Mauritius is fast becoming an economic satellite of India and I would not be surprised to see Indian troops permanently stationed here in the near future. With islamophobia and nationalism ranking up in India and with the spectacular victory of Modi at the last elections, this process of colonisation can only accelerate.

He was not amused!!!! Although I am quite safe in my country, this could change for the worse in the next decade or two due to foreign interference. With nowhere to go and nowhere to run, let us be merry till nightfall for the morning light shall see few of us!!!!! Dear Violet, your insights about the life of hermits are similar to mine. People do more or less their own thing, maybe with friends, and so, community feelings are not very strong. And politics and culture are more or less in a rut in Germany.

As to my own internet usage, it tended to become less during the last decade. The reason Jesus does not mention the Jewish God by name is precisely because he was Jewish: To pronounce the name of God is taboo in Judaism. If one never pronounces the name of God, then, ipso facto, one cannot take it vain.

This is an example of building a fence around Torah. In other words, one follows a custom that makes it impossible to break the commandment one is actually concerned not to break. An interesting, if random, reminder of the artificial yet very real impact of class on human interaction. I liked that one. To answer your questions brings us into pretty complex territory extremely quickly. Basically, though, to answer, I think I have belonged to my patron deity since before time began.

And so throughout all of my past lives I have had this relationship, whether conscious of it or not. I think many mortals — maybe most or all — are in such sorts of relationships with divine beings. These thoughts are what my meditations have yielded on these matters.

That makes sense. Part of me wonders though that if when an Individuality becomes ready for the experiences or being a hermit if part of that is that nothing else makes sense. It strikes me that the sort of world weariness we are describing may have ample opportunities in any human social context.

That said, it may indeed be much easier to be weary of the human world right now! After Mother Teresa died it was discovered in her personal writings that she had endured 50 years of silence from God. Also St. Keep on plugging! I would be in favor of a Wisconsin, or midwestern get together in Fon du Lac.

The following is a teaching of one of my Hindu Dharma masters Nithyananda :. There are 4 Principles of the Cosmos for Life that when followed lead to great joy, wisdom and power when rightly used. Integrity: Integrity is fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and others and experiencing that as a state of completion with yourself and others. Responsibility: Responsibility means living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of, and therefore responsible for, all happenings in and around you.

Enriching: Enriching is taking responsibility, with integrity and authenticity, to continuously enrich and expand life in and around you in both yourself and others. When one follows all 4 principles in everyday life one is aligned with the cosmos and accumulates no karma — ie actions that have yet to have completed all their effects in you.

This is effectively what the Golden Rule of the Bible and Confucius was trying to state more succinctly. Whenever someone does not follow the above cosmic principles the energy systems of the body, emotions, thoughts and energies get entangled and progressively harder to break. The effects have not yet come due and when they do, typically the person suffers. As for the energy and enhanced perception you experienced. One thing that has to do with is the chakras. Each chakra is also a Thought-Energy-Current in the body.

As one starts living out the above 4 principles the bound energy begins to free up. One of the results can be mystical experiences and enhanced perception and enhanced life. One extra fun note. People whom consciously make a point to live all 4 principles to the fullest decade after decade lifetime after lifetime develop an extraordinary superpower. When they speak of the future — whatever they speak of will come true. The West knew them as Oracles — ex: the Oracle of Delphi. Now you know how to consciously work toward being an Oracle. Are you using your blog as a way of initiating people?

I also have a question about a modified version of the SoP. I work extensively with the classical Greek gods, so I came up with a modified SoP to work with the Twelve Olympains: it starts out based on the form in the Druid Magic Handbook, invoking two gods and two goddesses, then when I cross my arms I invoke my patron; then one deity is assigned to each of the seven elements. It seems that our Faustian culture is reflecting an excess of Jovian influence.

If this is a correct interpretation, is it helpful to invite Saturnine influence into our regular practices to help us individually and therefore the collective unconscious embrace the age of limits? We tend to boil down a complex set of issues to a single binary choice, and then insist that one or the other of these is the right one and the other is evilly evil with a side of evil sauce. To what extent do you think our party system plays into this? We have by far the most rigid two-party system among large democracies; even places like the UK that have a similar first past the post electoral system and two parties which are larger than the others still see other parties win a sizable number of seats — witness the Lib Dems, SNP, all the little N.

Irish parties, etc. Canada has three national parties plus a fourth in Quebec, and has seen some major-party turnover in relatively recent times. In the US, by contrast, the same two parties have dominated national politics since and, especially lately, third parties have rarely risen above the level of little political clubs.

That seems to shoehorn issues into a binary choice, to be fought over in a zero-sum battle between two opposing camps. Does our party system make us think in dichotomous terms, does our tendency to dichotomous thinking lead to an unusually rigid party system, or both, or neither? Also, are there any electoral reforms that you would support if you were, say, made a delegate at an Article V convention or something along those lines? Coming a little late the Weird of Hali party, but hey, better late than never!

Related titles

I finished reading The Weird of Hali: Innsmouth recently and am re-reading it while waiting for Kingsport to arrive via the local indie bookstore. I especially got a kick out of the C. Lewis shoutout. After all, Belbury Hall and the Radiance have a rather N. Okay, so my grandparents were watching the news and one of the segments is a discussion of why the internet will be with us forever.

Er, who were they trying to convince? Alarm bells are now going off like crazy…. Varun: I read your blog post, and I liked it quite a bit. I like how you link our internal and external ecosystems, and the idea of making ourselves more machine-like to gain more power, and ironically make ourselves more susceptible to manipulation by doing so. The first trait of industrial privilege that came to me is hugely expanded external power, and utterly depleted internal power. In other words, we can fly across the Atlantic in a matter of hours and blow people up halfway around the globe with the push of a button, but dang if we can remember more than two weeks ago, or uncover the roots of our addictions.

Communications technology sits at the nexus of this, just as you said. If I chose, I could spend all day watching movies and TV shows and videos, and never see more than a tiny fraction of them. But by doing so, I strip-mine, clear-cut and pave my own imaginative and emotive faculties, so that I eventually wind up psychically hollowed out. The only unifying issue amongst them has been to get Trump out of office. As if they really care. Trump has already offered some suggestions for immigration reform. I enjoyed a lot of popcorn, and beer. Quite entertaining! The casual, social conversations at the potluck were different in nature from the written comments posted to the blog, but both come out of a background expectation to listen and learn from others and, hopefully, contribute in return.

Although academics and diplomats are supposed to be interacting based on those standards, most of what I experience from those disciplines is regurgitating approved answers while jockeying for status under a false veneer of thoughtfulness. Businessmen and gang members get to dispense with the false veneer and just greedily seek their personal advantage.

By creating and moderating a written forum for confessed outsiders to collectively try out new ideas, you have modeled some decidedly old-fashioned notions of tolerance, compassion, and reflection for the rest of us to practice. Why, your early missives have already been collected into folios to help spread this rebirth of thinking through these profoundly dark times! Ok, so that comparison is actually pretty spot on. You are searching out forgotten classics of the Mystical age to translate and share. You encourage your readers to practice the philosophies and trainings of bygone ages.

You challenge fellow travelers to write down their heretical thoughts. How delightful to think that your blogs are the quill and vellum of a much needed modern renaissance.


How sad to think that they are leading into a feudal dark age and not out of one. Methylethyl, interesting. Packshaud, thanks for this. Yes, it can be a rough road to walk! That article is, well, stunning, at least to me — being alone with my thoughts is my comfort zone…. As for ERM, er, I looked that up and found 52 different meanings for that acronym; any hints?

I know that the characters in my stories routinely surprise me, not only by the choices they make and the stories they tell but by the way they grow and change as people over time. Scott, au contraire, I see this as a good thing. Mc12, none at all, because the whole system cost for everything needed to do those things will be so high as to put them out of reach.

It is designed by storytellers for storytellers. When trying to picture a rural scene, it isnt helpful to see the entries for forest followed by the entries forget, fork, and formal. Its much more useful to find entries for terrain features, rocks, trees, plants, and weather all in one chapter. While browsing for forest features, other woodland details will become apparent to add depth to the scene. The next thing to notice is that this book isnt about exact synonyms, but about groups of words that make sense together. Sometimes authors envision a scene but their minds just cant fill in the details.

Maybe its one of those days when we have to fight for every word, or maybe the topic is something that just isnt familiar. Imagine writing a scene about a character who is a seamstress, for example. For anyone who has never taken a sewing class, its foreign territory. Even for an author with a fairly good working knowledge of sewing, this can be a challenge. What types of fabrics and doodads and implements will surround the seamstress?

A visit to the section about clothing construction in Chapter 2 will provide several pages of terms that might be useful in describing the work of our seamstress. In a standard thesaurus, a visit to the word seamstress will likely turn up only similar occupations such as tailor, and offer little in the way of sewing terminology. Thus, this book is designed to offer numerous choices to authors so they can effectively design a character or location.

Another goal of this book is to function as a reverse dictionary. Perhaps an author just cant recall a particular word and doesnt know where to start in a standard dictionary. By turning to the section on Garment Pieces, for example, he might be nudged into recalling that the name of the odd stand-up collar popular on jackets during the s was the Nehru collar. Likewise, he might wonder what a French cuff looks like and research it to discover that it is the type of cuff that requires cuff linksjust the thing for the spoiled dilettante he is creating.

Introduction The Storytellers Responsibility: Research Like any treasury, some things will be familiar and some will not. For unfamiliar items, research is essential in order to incorporate new objects and ideas correctly. A fiction story from a slush pile many years ago comes to mind that illustrates the pitfalls of research. This story was filled with details of a Persian setting, and the author did a nice job of establishing the flavor of the environment.

But the scene fell apart when a character took a bite from a pomegranate. The author had researched his setting well enough to understand that pomegranates were native to the region he was describing, but he had not gone far enough to understand that no one would take a bite from a pomegranate. The leathery skin and thick pith surrounding the juicy, edible seeds would make that almost impossible, not to mention messy.

This was in the days before the internet and before the pomegranate health-food craze. Authors owe it to their work to make their word choices carefully and select words that fit well. Research goes beyond understanding what an item looks like, feels like, and tastes like. It also means researching the way an item fits into society, the time period, and the geography. It means being mindful of a number of circumstances. Society: We all know that social norms dictate a great deal about language, dress, manners, and cus-.

Robert Smalls Escapes Slavery in a Stolen Confederate Ship - Drunk History

When considering unfamiliar terms, bear in mind that different occasions require different conventions, and some words vary in acceptability in different regions or countries. The word fanny, for example, is acceptable in polite company in the United States, but in parts of England, it refers not to the back of a girl, but the front of a girl, and its mention in certain situations may raise eyebrows. A few extra minutes of research can help avoid such stickiness. Time Periods: Characters in the late s did not spend an evening at home with a movie rental video stores did not exist yet , and doctors treating patients sick with the plague in the middle ages did not wash their hands the communication of diseases was not understood.

All kinds of styles and fads come and go, and in order to be authentic, authors need to immerse themselves in their time periods. Likewise, language changes over time as phrases gain and lose popularity, and can effectively enhance a setting or show a reader that the author has not done his homework. Geography and Climate: We all know that trees dont grow in Antarctica, and most people. But its less obvious that very few azalea bushes grow in Wisconsin, armadillos do not live in Minnesota, and grass lawns are not the norm in Arizona.

Likewise, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains are not covered in trees due to the high altitude. Some research is needed to put things in their proper places and make a setting realistic. And while it might be tempting to fill a garden scene with crocuses, clematis, and chrysanthemums, it will show that the author didnt do her research. Crocuses bloom in early spring, clematis blooms in summer, and chrysanthemums bloom in autumn. Even in a fantasy setting, readers expect a certain consistency that makes sense. An author who selects a halberd as a characters weapon first needs to realize that a halberd is a broad blade on a long pole.

The author had better not write about a character slipping a halberd into his boot, and such a weapon will influence the characters fighting style. Because a halberd is difficult to conceal, it may pose problems in tight quarters or draw attention. Authors need to consider the long-term big picture when selecting armor, weapons, equipment, occupations, character traits, and so on. The entry for easy, for example, contains the words painless and tranquil. A chemistry exam might be described as painless or a fishermans mood might be described as tranquil, but the words are not interchangeable.

Its important for authors to understand the words they choose and ensure that they convey the proper intent. Writing about a school of magic might be okay, but its not okay to use terms from movies, television,. Introduction fiction, or other copyrighted sources. Those concepts are owned by their authors, publishers, producers, and movie studios. In this thesaurus, every effort was made to omit ideas that are intellectual property; to do otherwise could give the impression that use of those ideas is freely accessible.

Public domain material, however, is incorporated throughout this book. Public domain works are those publications whose copyrights have expired or never existed , making them fair game for storytellers. The concept of a basilisk, for example, originates in classical mythology; it is not owned by anyone and it is free to use. In general, works printed in the United States prior to are considered public domain, but for works more recent than , the rules vary greatly. Copyright law varies from country to country as well, and exceptions do exist, so careful research is recommended before incorporating material that might be under copyright.

Curse Words and Inappropriate Language: Vulgarities and curse words are not included in this thesaurus. Such words should be chosen carefully and with purpose, and they were not included in this book so as not to give the illusion of an endorsement. Likewise, gender and racial slurs are also omitted. These words need to be selected with a purpose in mind and with consideration of the time period in which they are used. Such terms should be incorporated only after serious and thoughtful deliberation, and should serve a purpose, make social commentary, or illustrate certain traits about a character.

A Whisper of Encouragement As storytellers, we face many pitfallswriters block, stale prose, clichs, cardboard characters, repetition, and our own personal writing flaws. Our hope is that during those times when the muses of legend are not whispering brilliant prose into our ears, this book will serve as a dependable substitute for those fickle muses. We hope it provides inspiration and motivation in order to reduce the storytellers perspiration. Chapter 1: Character Building Gender Male: bachelor, boy, boy child, boyfriend, brother, brother-in-law, chap, dad, dada, daddy, dude, father, father-in-law, fellow, fianc, gent, gentleman, granddad, grandfather, grandpa, grandson, great grandfather, great grandson, great uncle, guy, half-brother, hubby, husband, lad, man, master, mister, nephew, pa, papa, patriarch, pop, son, son-in-law, stepbrother, stepfather, stepson, stripling, uncle, widower, Y chromosome, young man Female: aunt, babe, bachelorette, black widow, chick, consort, dame, damsel, daughter, daughter-in-law, doll, fiance, girl, girlfriend, granddaughter, grandma, grandmother, great aunt, great granddaughter, great grandmother, half-sister, lady, lady love, lass, lassie, little lady, ma, maid, maiden, mama, matriarch, matron, minx, miss, missy, mistress, mom, mommy, mother, mother-in-law, Mrs.

Terms of Endearment: adore, beloved, better half, cherished, darling, dear, dearest, fancy, favorite, honey, love, lover, pet, precious, prized, sweet, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie, treasure. Age Child: adolescent, babe, babe-in-arms, baby, foundling, infant, junior, juvenile, kid, kindergartener, mi-. Adult: grown, grown-up, middle-aged, mature Elderly: advanced, aged, ancient, antiquarian, archaic, biddy, blue-haired, centenarian, chronologi-.

Chapter 1 Mobility: active, agile, alert, alive, animated, athletic, awkward, brisk, busy, clumsy, dexterous, dynamic,. Facial Features Cheeks: apple-cheeked, chubby, fat, full, high cheekbones, hollow, round, rounded, sunken Chin: bearded, chinless, cleft, double, lantern, pointed, prognathous, prominent, rounded, smooth, square,. Ears: attached lobes, detached lobes, elongated, deep, flabby, flappy, flat, large, long, pierced, plugged,. Eye Color: amber, blue, black, brown, gold-flecked, gray, green, hazel, lavender, pink, violet Eye Type: beady, bleary-eyed, blind, blinking, bloodshot, cataracts, close-set, color blind, cyclopean,.

Face: diamond, heart-shaped, inverted triangle, large, oblong, oval, rectangular, round, small, square, triangle Facial Hair, Beard: Amish, balbo, beaver, bewhiskered, bristly, bushy, chin curtain, chin fuzz, chinstrap, chin strip, clean shaven, dundrearies, extended goatee, five oclock shadow, friendly muttonchops, full, goatee, imperial, lemmy, long, muttonchops, neckbeard, peach fuzz, royale, Santa Claus, scraggly, Shenandoah, short, sideburns, sideboards, smooth shaven, soul patch, stashburns, stubble, thin, unshaven, van dyke, Verdi, whiskers, Wild Bill Hickok Facial Hair, Mustache: bushy, Charlie Chaplan, chevron, cowboy, Dali, devil, Einstein, English,.

Errol Flynn, Fu Manchu, handlebar, Hitler, horseshoe, imperial, lampshade, painters brush, pencil, petit handlebar, prospector, pyramid, toothbrush, walrus. Forehead: bulging, five-finger, high, low, Neanderthal, prominent, receding hairline, widows peak Lips: cracked, cupids bow, dry, full, luscious, moist, narrow, pursed, ruby red, scaly, smooth, thin, thin-. Mouth: chops, ear-to-ear smile, jaws, maw, narrow, pie hole, round, small, trap, wide, yap Nose: aquiline, beak, bent, broken, button, cauliflower, crooked, flat, hooked, hooter, muzzle, pointy, prominent, pug, Roman, round, schnoz, schnozzle, short, snoot, snout, stubby Skin Types and Features: albino, ashy, bald, birthmark, black, brown, caramel, cracked, creamy,.

Teeth: adult, baby, broken, brown, buck-toothed, chipped, choppers, clean, cracked, crooked, decayed,. Teeth, Dental Work: bands, braces, bridge, bridgework, crown, dental implants, dentures, extraction, false teeth, filling, head gear, implants, partial plate, plate, retainer, root canal, rubber bands, spacers, veneers, wire. Hair Color: ash blond, auburn, black, blond, blue-black, brown, brunette, caramel, champagne blond, chest-. Style: Afro, bald, beehive, bob, bouffant, bowl cut, braid Dutch, fishtail, French, herringbone, ribbon, rope , bun, buzz cut, Caesar cut, chignon, chonmage, combover, cornrows, crew cut, crop, crown braid, curtained, devilock, dreadlocks, ducktail, extensions, fauxhawk, feathered, feelers, finger curls, finger wave, flat top, flip, flipthrough, fontange, French twist, fringe, high and tight, hime cut, jarhead, knot, layered, Liberty spikes, long, Mohawk, mop, mullet, odango, pageboy, parted, pigtails, pin curls, pixie, plait, Pollyanna, pompadour, ponytail, pullback, rag curls, rattail, razor cut, ringlets, rolled, shag, shaved, Shirley Temple, shoulder length, slicked, spiked, tail, teased, tonsured, top knot, twist, undercut, updo, weave, wedge, widows peak, wings Treated: colored, crimped, curled, dyed, flatironed, frosted, highlighted, ironed, ombre, permed, per-.

Type: bushy, coarse, curly, damaged, dry, dull, fine, kinky, oily, shiny, smooth, split ends, straight, thick,. Dwarves, elves, gnomes, giants, and others would be considered separate species in most settings. Dwarves, elves, gnomes, and certain others are commonly considered to be on equal footing with humans as far as characteristics and abilities. The term humanoid does not describe a single species, but describes creatures with humanlike shape but which exhibit certain degrees of animalistic or untamed qualities in physical characteristics, intelligence, or other attributes.

Each type of humanoid may be an individual species depending upon the setting. Authors must determine the parameters of each species in their setting, the evolutionary relationships between the species, and any subspecies. Dwarf: cave, cavern, hill, dark, duergar, mountain, shadow Elf: aquatic, arboreal, dark, desert, gray, forest, half, high, jungle, primitive, shadow, star, tree, wild, wood Gnome: forest, hill, jungle, lost, meadow, mountain, river, vale Human Races, Fictional: Abarimon, Abatwa, Atlantean, Blemmyes, changeling, Cyclops, Lep-.

Chapter 1 Humanlike Groups: giant cloud, fire, frost, hill, mountain, sky, stone, storm , goblin, hobgoblin,. In modern times, however, DNA studies have revealed no scientific racial distinctions among humans, and the term race is becoming obsolete. Scientists no longer divide the human species into races since no clear biological borders exist between groups.

Current trends divide humans based upon ethnicity or populations, and ethnic groups are often subdivided by nationality, tribe, or location. Authors need to be diligent about research in describing human groups and should take care to use terminology that is correct in historical contexts. Hundreds of ethnic groups have been documented; this number increases exponentially when mixed-ethnicity individuals are included.

The list that follows is a sampling of some of the more prominent groups. Personality Angry: annoyed, antagonistic, cross, contemptuous, enraged, fuming, furious, hostile, incensed, infuri-. Character building Intelligent: bookish, brainiac, brainy, bright, clever, genius, intellectual, sharp, smart Positive: calm, caring, cheerful, compassionate, concerned, considerate, friendly, generous, gentle,. Negative: abusive, acrimonious, argumentative, arrogant, bad, belligerent, boring, bully, conceited,. The causes, reactions, and severity of phobias are also widely varied.

Examples of phobias follow; authors may invent new phobias to suit their characters or setting. Phobias provide a wealth of opportunities for character development and plot devices. A number of phobias have multiple names or variant spellings. For the purposes of this list, preferred or more conventional spellings were chosen. In the case of multiple names, the simpler or more easily pronounced names were selected. Occupations Adventurers Assassin: attacker, bodyguard, contract killer, death-dealer, demolisher, destroyer, eradicator, executioner, Gurkha, killer, hired gun, hit man, hitter, mercenary, murderer, ninja, predator, slaughterer, slayer, sniper, special ops operative Barbarian: adventurer, backpacker, buccaneer, desert dweller, drifter, explorer, guide, fortune hunter,.

Indian, itinerant, migrant, mountain man, native, nomad, opportunist, pioneer, planes rider, rambler, rover, savage, scout, swashbuckler, trailblazer, traveler, trekker, tribesman, vagrant, voyager, wanderer, wayfarer. Bard: artist, artiste, chronicler, clown, comedian, comic, composer, crooner, diva, entertainer, fool, humorist, jester, joker, jokester, lore master, lyricist, minstrel, musician, poet, skald, troubadour, orator, poet, sage, satirist, schemer, singer, songstress, stand-up comedian, wag, wit.

Chapter 1 Cleric: acolyte, advocate, apostle, archbishop, archdeacon, astrologer, augur, bishop, bodhisattva,. Paladin: crusader, holy knight, holy warrior, monastic warrior, knight of the cross, templar Thief: bandit, beggar, brigand, buccaneer, burglar, button man, cad, card sharper, card shark, charlatan,. Wizard: academic, archmage, assessor, astrologer, augur, authoritarian, autocrat, canvasser, conjurer, counselor, crone, despot, diviner, dreamer, enchanter, examiner, executer, fakir, fantasist, forecaster, fortune teller, futurist, guru, hag, invoker, leading-light, logician, magician, maharishi, medium, mind reader, mystic, necromancer, oppressor, oracle, parapsychologist, performer, philosopher, practitioner, predictor, persecutor, prestidigitator, prophet, psychic, researcher, sage, scholar, seer, shaman, soothsayer, sorcerer, spellcaster, spiritual guide, spiritualist, sibyl, telepath, telepathist, theorist, thinker, tormenter, trendsetter, truth-seeker, tyrant, visionary, warlock, wide-man, witch.

Civilians Academic: admissions clerk, advisor, archivist, assistant principal, counselor, dean, instructor, headmaster, headmistress, intellectual, librarian, narrator, nurse, principal, professor, psychologist, researcher, scholar, school board member, scribe, secretary, special education teacher, specialist, storyteller, student, superintendant, teacher, translator, treasurer, undergraduate.

Character building Agricultural: apiarist, agronomist, beekeeper, breeder, caretaker, cultivator, farmer, farm hand,. Choose any product suitable to the setting; the result might be anything from rhubarb farmer to rabbit rancher to pecan grower. Palace, for example, employs approximately 1, staffers, including one individual whose sole duty is to keep all of the clocks cleaned and in good working order.

Construction: architect, boilermaker, bricklayer, carpenter, carpet layer, contractor, crane operator,. Finance: accountant, actuary, analyst, appraiser, auditor, banker, bill collector, bookkeeper, chief finan-. Fortune Teller: astrologer, card reader, clairvoyant, crystal reader, gypsy, medium, mystic, numer-. Hospitality: baggage attendant, bellhop, bouncer, concierge, desk clerk, doorman, hotel manager, por-.

Chapter 1 Housekeeping: cleaning lady, cleaning woman, domestic, handmaid, handmaiden, housekeeper,. Publishing: advertising agent, agent, artist, author, bibliographer, biographer, chronicler, columnist,. Rural: explorer, forager, forester, hermit, logger, miner, ranger, woodcutter, trapper Scientist: aeronautical engineer, anthropologist, archeologist, astronaut, astronomer, bacteriologist,. Singer: bard, crooner, diva, minstrel, opera singer, pop singer, rock n roll star, soloist, songstress, torch. Social Distinction: blue collar, bon vivant, bumpkin, caste, commoner, debutante, dilettante, elite, hayseed, high class, high society, hoi polloi, homeless, lower class, middle class, rabble, redneck, riffraff, social climber, society girl, trailer trash, white collar, white trash, unemployed, upper class, upper echelon, village idiot, working class, working poor Special Occasion: bride, bridesmaid, event planner, flower girl, graduate, groom, groomsman, guest.

Sports: athletic director, cheerleader, coach, equipment manager, manager, mascot, player, team doctor, trainer Transportation: bus driver, cabbie, cab driver, chauffer, co-pilot, driver, drover, flight attendant, jockey, navigator, pilot, stewardess Unique: voodoo priest, voodoo priestess Wanderer: gypsy, hobo, itinerant, rover, tramp, vagabond, vagrant. Organizations Guilds: assassins, blacksmiths, construction workers, farmers, grave diggers, mariners, merchants, money. They are. Guilds are not always altruistic and are highly susceptible to corruption. The occupations and activities listed here are only a sample; a guild might be created for almost any group.

Guilds are somewhat different from trade unions, which are designed to safeguard workers and provide a unified voice in negotiations with management. Political Parties: Democrat, Federalist, Green, Libertarian Republican, Whig Social Clubs: association, auxiliary, benevolent order, club, fraternity, guild, hermetic order, mens club, service club, sodality, sorority, womens club. Clothing Pieces Accessories: backpack, bag, baguette bag, balaclava, barrel bag, beach bag, belt, boa, bowling bag purse, box purse, briefcase, bucket purse, cane, carpetbag, chatelaine bag, clutch, compact, cosmetic bag, dog collar, drawstring bag, duffel purse, evening bag, fan, fingerless gloves, handkerchief, half-moon purse, hobo bag, hosiery, leg warmers, makeup bag, messenger bag, mittens, muff, muffler, parasol, pocketbook, pocket protector, pocket square, pompadour bag, pouch, purse, reticule handbag, rucksack, saddlebag, satchel, scarf, shades, shoe lace, shoe string, shopping bag, shopping tote, shoulder bag, sunglasses, suspenders, sword cane, texting gloves, top handle purse, tote, umbrella, walking stick, wallet, wristband, wristlet Athletic Shoes: baseball, basketball, bowling, cleats, climbing, cross-trainer, football, golf, gym, jog-.

Boots: chukka, cowboy, dominatrix, galoshes, granny, gum, hiking, hip, low, mukluks, overboots, over-. Socks: ankle, athletic, bobbie cotton, dress, gym, hiking, knee, knee-highs, over-the-knee, sweat, trouser, tube, winter, wool Hair Accessories: barrette, bobby pin, clamp, clip, comb, hair net, ponytail holder, roller, roller pin,.

Ladies Wear: baby doll top, baby doll nightgown, bikini, blouse, body stocking, body suit, bolero coat,. Unisex: apron, Bermuda shorts, bathing suit, bath robe, blazer, caftan, coat over, pea, rain, trench,. Masks: ancestral, animal, carnival, Cherokee, death, dragon, drama, face shield, funeral, grotesque, half-. Outerwear: cape, cloak, coat car, over, pea, rain, trench , fur coat, jacket ski, winter , mackintosh, mantle, parka, raincoat, ski vest, snowmobile suit, snow pants Religious: chasuble, miter, robe, Roman collar, scapular, skullcap, stole, vestment Special Purpose: chaps, conn, costume, graduation gown, hospital gown, judges robe, lab coat, safety vest, school uniform, singlet, straight jacket, surgical scrubs, tabard Undergarments: bloomers, foundations, foundation garment, intimate apparel, intimates, knickers,.

Fur: chinchilla, coyote, ermine, faux, fox, leopard, mink, sealskin Embellishments: appliqu, beading, beadwork, blackwork, bow, braiding, broderie anglaise, button, couching, crewel, drawstring, embossing, embroidery, feather, gathering, hardanger, lettuce edge, marabou, monogram, orphrey, piping, quilting, rickrack, rhinestone, ring, rivet, scallop, sequin, shirring, smocking, stud, tie-dye, topstitching, trapunto Embroidery stitches: basting, blanket, buttonhole, buttonhole wheel, chain, closed buttonhole,.

Notions: bias tape, button, elastic, frog, hook and eye, hook and loop fastener, seam binding, snap,. Sewing Equipment: bobbin, bodkin, curve square, cutting board, dressmakers form, embroidery hoop,. Sewing Terms: bias, burn-out, button hole, dart, dcolletage, grazed seam allowance, heather, keyhole, nap, ombre, pile, pucker, seam allowance, selvage, sewing line, wale, warp. Chapter 3 Doors: attic dropdown, automatic, back, barn, double, Dutch, entrance, entry, front, garage, overhead,.

Doors, Atypical: access tunnel, airlock, cave mouth, dimensional portal, dog door, flap, gate, gateway, hatch, hatchway, hole in the wall, iris, secret entrance, waterfall Door Materials: bamboo, blanket, bookcase, bullet proof, cane, curtain of beads, fiberglass, glass, hide, leather, paper, planks, rattan, steel, stone, thatch, timber, wicker, wood Windows: basement, bay, bow, casement, circle head, double hung, corner picture, fixed bay, fixed bow,. French picture, garden, glass block, intermediate combination, jalousie, manual awning, octagonal, picture, projected intermediate, round, sidelight, sliding, stained glass, transom, traverse.

Related: counterweights, frame, lock, pane, screen, shutter, sill, storm Roof Styles: butterfly, double pitch, Dutch, flat, gable, gambrel, hip, lean-to, mansard, M-style, para-. Property Features: barbecue, basketball court, boathouse, bocce ball court, cache, carport, cistern, dog house, doughboy, driveway, driving range, fence, fire pit, fountain, furnace, garage, gate, gazebo, golf course, greenhouse, hot tub, maze, patio, pit, pool, potting shed, putting green, shed, sidewalk, stable, swimming pool, tennis court, terrace, walkway, well, woodshed Landscaping: arbor, bird bath, bird feeder, border, fence, gate, hedge, lawn, garden, pergola, pond, rose.

Traps: acid, ambush, arrow, bait, ballista, bear, bottle, bungee sticks, bursting bladder, cannon net, chok-. Building Materials Exterior: adobe, aluminum siding, block, brick, clapboard, half-timber, log, mud, reed, sod, stone, stucco, vinyl siding, wood Interior: carpet, chip board, drywall, engineered lumber, gypsum board, hardwood, lumber, particle. Roofing: asphalt shingle, cedar shake, cedar shingle, clay tile, glass, grass, green, metal, rubber, shingle, slate, tar and gravel, thatch, tile.

Property Types Administrative: capitol, city hall, consulate, county seat, court, courthouse, embassy, federal. Architecture and property Related, Games: balloon pop, basketball toss, coin toss, dart throwing, guess-your-weight, pingpong. Academic: academy, amphitheater, archive, art school, auditorium, campanile, campus, classroom, col-. Business: accounting office, antique store, apothecary, bakery, bank, bazaar, bookstore, bowyer, bottling. Cemetery: burial chamber, burial ground, caretakers home, catacomb, cellar, cenotaph, chapel, crypt, cof-.

Criminal: den, hangout, haunt, hideaway, hideout, hole, lair, refuge, safehouse Entertainment: amphitheater, arena, art gallery, auditorium, baseball diamond, basketball court,. The products listed here are not generally considered table foods or must be processed to be usable. Fortification: armory, arsenal, barbican, barricade, barracks, barrier, base, bastion, battery, battle-. Chapter 3 ringwork, shelter, sickbay, star fortification, stockade, stronghold, strongpoint, tower, trench, turret, wall, watch tower, weapons storage General Buildings: administrative center, animal shelter, community center, community hall,.

General Property: aqueduct, commune, fair grounds, festival grounds, industrial park, market farm, flea, fruit, green, mini, open, public, stall, wet , marketplace, park, parking lot, parking structure, playground, plaza, public pool, zoo Health Care: asylum, birthing center, clinic, consultation room, dental office, detox clinic, doctors office, drugstore, emergency room, health center, health resort, health spa, hospital, hospice, infirmary, orthodontic office, pharmacy, private clinic, operating theater, rehab, rehabilitation hospital, rest home, sanitarium, sickbay, sickroom, surgical center, urgent care center, waiting room Hospitality: barracks, bed and breakfast, cottage, dude ranch, inn, hostel, hostelry, hotel, lodge,.

Marina: anchorage, beach, berth, buoy, break wall, canal basin, channel marker, dock, dockside, dockyard, ferry slip, harbor, jetty, landing, launch, lighthouse, pier, port, quay, quayside, riverside, seaport, slip, tie-up, waterfront, waterside, wharf, yacht club Military: administrative, ammunition storage, armory, barracks, base exchange BX , blockhouse, bun-.

Residential, Slang: bachelor pad, castle, cave, condo, coop, crash pad, crib, digs, hangout, hole,. Religious: ashurkhana, basilica, cathedral, cattedrale, chapel, church, duomo, fire temple, gurdwara,. Special Purpose: dojo, convention center, industrial complex, mill, National Guard Post, Pentagon, refinery, reservoir, stock exchange, tide mill, triumphal arch, wind turbine.

Specialty Anatomy Castle Anatomy: aisle, allure, apse, arcade, arch corbelled, depressed, drop, lancet, ogee, pointed,. Church Anatomy: aisle, altar bye, side , apse, belfry, chancel, cloister, crossing, crypt, narthex,. Related: catacombs, cemetery, community hall, memorial, parish center, rectory, school Related: mihrab. Chapter 4: Furnishings Beds: air, bassinet, box spring, brass, bunk, bunk bed, California king, canopy, cot, cradle, crib, day, double,. Desks: fall-front, ladys, lap, partners, reception, rolltop, secretary, school, schoolmasters, Wooton, writing Decorative Objects: art print, artwork, bric-a-brac, framed art, framed photograph, knickknack,.

Floor Coverings: bathroom rug, bearskin, braided rug, carpet berber, flatweave, floor mat, hooked,. Special Purpose: dais, dictionary stand, lectern, pedestal, podium, pulpit, stand Storage: bakers rack, blanket chest, bonnet-top highboy, bookcase, bowfront chest, breakfront china. Chapter 5: Equipment and Tools Adventurers Gear General Survival Gear: animal trap, backpack, batteries, bedroll, blanket, camp stove, candle,. Specialty Survival Gear: acid, barrel of sand, black clothing, costume, disguise kit, face paint,.

USAGE NOTE: The items on this list might serve as components to cast a spell, to imbue an object with a spell effect, to concoct a potion, or to be useful in any number of experiments. For more materials, cross reference Body Parts, Bones, Organs, and so on in the chapter Anatomy and Physiology with an animal, creature, or monster in the chapters Animals and Creatures and Monsters to obtain results such as cobras spleen, trolls claw, or dragons scale. Chapter 5 abridged , digest, document, E-book, encyclopedia, ethnodrama, field guide, hardbound, hardcover, hornbook, how-to book, journal, magazine, manuscript, map, newspaper, novel, paperback, parchment, phrase book, picture book, poetry, reference, reference guide, schematic, scroll, softcover, storybook, textbook, thesaurus, tome, trilogy, work of fiction Related: book cover, book light, bookmark, bookplate, dust jacket, end papers, map case Related, Literary Styles: allegory, autobiography, biography, diet, drama, fable, fairy tale,.

Fasteners: cable, chain heavy, light, medium , cord, cuffs, dowel, fetter, handcuffs, irons, line, manacles, rope, shackles, spike, string heavy, kitchen, light, silk, waxed , tape cellophane, duct, masking, painters , thread, twine Fishing Gear: bait, bead, bite indicator, blade, bobber, cast net, clevise, creel basket, float, gaff, har-. Games: action, arcade, backgammon, ball, bingo, board, card, carnival, checkers, chess, childrens, Chi-. Optics: binoculars, contact lenses disposable, extended wear, gas permeable, hard, soft , electron microscope, eyeglasses, glasses, kaleidoscope, magnifying glass, microscope, monocle, monoscope, opera glasses, spectacles, stereoscope, spyglass, telescope Personal Care: after shave, after shave lotion, antiperspirant, bar soap, bath oil, body splash, body spray, body wash, bubble bath, cologne, comb, conditioner, dental floss, deodorant, depilatory, disposable razor, eau de toilette, emery board, eye cream, hair brush, hair gel, hair mousse, hair pick,.

Equipment and tools hair spray, mirror glass, metal, pocket, silver, unbreakable , mouthwash, nail clipper, nail file, night cream, perfume, powder, razor, razor blade, shampoo, shaver, shaving brush, shaving cream, shaving mug, shaving soap, soap, straight razor, toilet water, toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth powder, tweezers; See also Hair Accessories in the chapter Clothing Religious Items: altar, book, candle, chalice, collection basket, collection plate, cross, crucifix, holy.

Signal Devices: bell, drum, flag, flare, fog horn, lantern, lighthouse, mirror, Morse code, signal fire,. Sporting Goods, Other: badminton racquet, baseball bat, baseball glove, baseball mitt, birdie, bobsled, boogie board, catchers mitt, croquet mallet, fielders mitt, hockey pads, hockey puck, hockey stick, ice skates figure, hockey, speed , inline skates, pads, parallel bars, polo mallet, pommel horse, roller skates, shin guards, shuttlecock, skateboard, sled, snowboard, snow saucer, snow skiis cross country, downhill , tennis racquet, uneven parallel bars, water skiis; See also Footwear in the chapter Clothing Spy Gear: acid vial, accomplice, attach case, binoculars, body armor, brief case, camera pen, car phone,.

Timekeeping: alarm clock, anniversary clock, carriage clock, chronometer, cuckoo clock, egg timer, grandfather clock, grandmother clock, hourglass, pocket watch, stopwatch, sundial, timer, travel clock, watch, water clock, wristwatch Toys: action figure, ant farm, baby doll, ball, balloon, barrel of monkeys, BB gun, bean bag, bean bag toss,.

Kitchen Equipment Appliances: cup coffee maker, air popper, Belgian waffle iron, blender, bread maker, can opener,. Chapter 5 electric tea pot, food processor, griddle, grill, hand mixer, hot dog roller, hot plate, hot pot, juicer, microwave oven, milkshake machine, percolator, pizza oven, popcorn popper, rice steamer, stand mixer, slow cooker, spice grinder, toaster, toaster oven, waffle iron Drinkware: bottle, canteen, chalice, cup coffee, demitasse, foam, paper, plastic, punch, tea, tin ,.

Linens Bed: bed curtains, bed spread, blanket cotton, electric, fur, winter, wool , chenille bedspread, comforter,. Miscellaneous: doily, dresser scarf, mantle scarf Pillows: accent, bed, bolster, cushion, neck support, throw. Equipment and tools Table: napkin, placemat, runner, tablecloth Towel: bar mop, bath, bath sheet, beach, dish, dish cloth, dish rag, face cloth, fingertip, flour sack, hand,. Window Treatments: blinds, caf curtains, curtains, draperies, drapes, holdbacks, kitchen curtains, mini blinds, Roman shade, shade, sheers, shutters, tiebacks, tiers, valance, Venetian blinds, wooden blinds.

Musical Instruments Electronic: etherophone, organ, piano, synthesizer, theremin Percussion: celesta, chime, clapper, clavichord, concussion club, cymbal, drum bass, bongo, conga,. String: banjo, bass guitar, string , cello, cembalo, double bass, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar acoustic, clas-. Accessories: baton, bow, brush, capo, capotasto, case, chord finder, cleaner, cleaning cloth, cleaning kit, cover, drumsticks, electronic bow for guitar, fret marker, gig bag, guitar pick felt, finger, flat, metal, plastic, rubber, thumb , instrument stand, metronome, music stand, mute, pickup, pick holder, pitch pipe, slide, strap, throat spray, tuner, tuning fork, whammy bar Parts: body, bridge, bridge pin, fret, hammer, key, keyboard, mouthpiece, neck, reed, rosette, string,.

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Garden: bulb planter, cultivator, dibble, edging tool, fertilizer spreader, fork, grass shears, hand shears,. Chapter 5 Large: electric generator, garden cart, grindstone, jackhammer, ladder extension, metal, step, wooden , merchants scale, miter box, pressure washer, lawn roller, lawn sweeper, router table, sharpening wheel, wheelbarrow Power: angle grinder, auger, band saw, belt sander, blow torch, broaching machine, chain saw, chop.

Bread can be as fancy or as simple as a setting requires. Thousands of different types of bread are known around the world. Quick Bread: apple, banana, beer, blueberry, cinnamon, cranberry, pumpkin, raisin, zucchini USAGE NOTE: A quick bread is distinguished by its technique; liquid ingredients are combined in one bowl while dry ingredients are combined in another.

The two are then mixed together, resulting in the quick bread batter. This is in contrast to yeast bread, which requires time for dough to rise alternated with kneading and shaping. Religious: communion, Eucharist, holy communion, host, sacramental bread, wafer. Chapter 6 filled, custard filled, cruller, danish, donut hole, elephant ear, fritter, frosted, fudge covered, glazed, jelly filled, kolache, long John, mini, paczki, pershing, plain, potato, powdered sugar, sopaipilla, sour cream, sugar Muffin: apple, bacon, banana, blueberry, bran, butter, cheese, cherry, chocolate, chocolate chip, cinnamon, cranberry, cream cheese, lemon poppyseed, peach, pumpkin, raspberry, streusel Pie: apple Dutch, sour cream, streusel , apple cranberry, banana cream, blueberry, brownie, butter, chess,.

Miscellaneous Dessert: baked Alaska, bread pudding, buckle, cannoli, cheesecake, chocolate clair, cobbler, cream puff, crme brulee, dumpling, fool, fruit pizza, plum pudding, pudding, rice pudding, schaum torte, slump, strawberry shortcake, tapioca pudding, tart, trifle; See also Dairy. Dairy Cheese, Common Varieties: acapella, American, asiago, baby Swiss, bakers, bathtub, beer, bleu, blue vein, breakfast, brick, brie, camembert, cheddar longhorn, marbled, mild, medium, processed, sharp, extra sharp , cheddar clothbound, cheese ball, cheese spread, Cojack, Colby, Colby-Jack, cold pack, Cougar Gold, crowley, Cypress Grove chevre, curds, dry Jack, edam, English cheddar, farmer, feta, fontina, fresh Jack, fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, gouda, gruyere, havarti, Hubbardston blue cow, Jarlsberg, monastery, Monterey Jack, Monterey Jack dry, mozzarella, Muenster, parmesan, pasteurized processed, pecorino, pepper jack, Pinconning, Plymouth, provel, provolone, queso, romano, roquefort, smoked, Sonoma jack, spray cheese in a can, stilton, string, Swiss, Texas goat cheese, Tillamook cheddar Related, Cheese Dishes: cheese pizza, cheese quesadilla, macaroni and cheese Cheese, Moist: cottage low fat, fat free , cream, crme fraiche, flavored cream cheese, mascarpone,.

Cheese, International Varieties: abertam, akkawi, allgauer, anari, anthotyros, areesh, arseniko naxou, ayib, aura, bachensteiner, bandel, basket, batzos, Bavaria blue, beast, bergkase, bokmakiri, bonifaz, brinsen, Brussels, byaslang, cambozola, caravane, chevre metsovou, cherni vit green, chhena, chhurpi, chimay, chura kampo, chura loenpa, danbo, Danish blue, Danish port-salut, Danish tilsit, dimsi, dunavia, esrom, flower of rajya, formaela, froumaela, fynbo, galotyri, gelundener kase, gbejna, gouda, graviera, grevenbroeker, grilled halloumi, handkase, harzer, hellim, herve, hirtenkase, hofoingi, imsil, kalathaki, kalathotos, kefalotyri, kesong, khoa,.

Related, Ice Cream Cones: cookie bowl, flat-bottom, sugar cone, wafer cone, waffle bowl, waffle cone Related, Ice Cream Mix-ins: brownie, cookie, cheesecake, chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, chocolate flake, crumb, crunch, marshmallow, pie crust, ribbon, ripple, streusel; See also Fruit, Nuts Related, Ice Cream Toppings: banana, brownie, caramel, chocolate sauce, hot fudge,.

Grain: amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn, emmer, oat, maize, millet finger, foxtail, Japanese, kodo, pearl,.

Chapter 6 Legumes: adzuki bean, black bean, black-eyed pea, black soybean, broad bean, butter bean, calico bean,. Seeds: flax, mustard, poppy, safflower, sesame, sunflower Spices: allspice, basil, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, chervil, chili powder, chives, cilantro, cloves, coriander,. Staples: baking ammonia, baking powder, baking soda, corn meal, corn syrup dark, light , cream of.

Eggs Sizes: extra large, jumbo, large, medium, small Styles: boiled, frittata, hard boiled, omelet, over easy, over medium, over hard, poached, quiche, scrambled, shirred, soft boiled, sunny side up. Food Berries: blackberry, black currant, black raspberry, blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry, elderberry, goose-. Meat Beef: brain, chuck roast, chuck steak, filet mignon, ground beef, chuck, sirloin , hamburger, heart, liver, New York strip, porterhouse, prime rib, ribs, rump roast, roast, short rib, sirloin, sirloin tip roast, standing rib roast, steamship round, sweetbread, tongue, steak Pork: crown roast of pork, ground pork, ham, hocks, loin chop, loin roast, pig roast, rib chop, sausage,.

Meals: bangers and mash, bourguinon, casserole, cheeseburger, chili, corned beef, croquette, cube steak, cut-. Chapter 6 Meat Pies: bacon and egg, corned beef, cottage, curry, homity, mince, pizza, pot pie, pork, scotch, shell,. Other: frog leg, lamb, lamb chops, mutton, venison Sausage: andoulli, blood, bratwurst, chorizo, corn dog, frankfurter, hot dog, Hungarian, Italian, kielbasa,. Poultry Types: chicken, Cornish hen, duck, goose, grouse, partridge, pheasant, quail, squab, turkey Meals: ala king, cacciatore, casserole, chicken pot pie, coq au vin, croquette, hot dish. Salad, Sandwich, Soup, Snacks Salads: antipasto, Caesar, caprese, chef, chicken, cobb, dinner, garden, gelatin, green, layered, pasta, sea-.

Sandwiches: bacon-lettuce-and-tomato, barbecue, barbecued chicken, calzone, cheese, cheeseburger, chicken, chicken salad, club, crabmeat, Cuban, Dagwood, egg salad, finger, grilled cheese, gyro, ham, hamburger, ham salad, Monte Cristo, muffuletta, panini, pasty, peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and jelly, pulled pork, reuben, roast beef, salami, sandwich loaf, sloppy joe, submarine, tuna salad, turkey, watercress Soup: barley, bean, beef, borscht, chicken, chicken noodle, chicken rice, chowder, cream asparagus, broccoli, carrot, celery, chicken, mushroom , egg drop, gazpacho.

Food Beverages Alcoholic Beer: ale, black and tan, bock, dark, ginger, half and half, hard cider, hard lemonade, lager, light, limbic, malt liquor, microbrew, mybock, near, Oktoberfest, pilsner, porter, stout, weiss, wheat Cocktails: boilermaker, bloody Mary, blue lagoon, blue Hawaiian, dacquiri, godfather, godmother, mai tai, manhattan, martini, old fashioned, pia colada, sidecar, Singapore sling, stinger, swamp water, Tom Collins, whisky sour, zombie USAGE NOTE: An unlimited number of cocktails, generally called rail drinks, can be formed by mixing a liquor with a soda, such as rum and cola, scotch and soda, or gin and tonic.

Garnishes: celery salt, celery stick, coffee bean, lemon twist, lemon wheel, lime wedge, lime wheel, maraschino cherry, nutmeg, olive, orange slice, paper umbrella, pickle, pickled onion, pineapple wedge Hard Liquor: anisette, bourbon, brandy, cognac, crme de cacao, crme de menthe, gin, rum dark,. Hot Drinks: flaming rum punch, hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, schnapps and hot chocolate Ice Cream Drinks: brandy alexander, grasshopper, pink squirrel Mixers nonalcoholic : bitters, cream, grenadine, ice cream, lime juice, simple syrup, sugar,.

Wine, Red: beaujolais, burgundy, cabernet sauvignon, carminere, chianti, marsala dry, sweet , merlot,. Wine, White: auslese, beerenauslese, chablis, champagne, chardonnay, gewrtztraminer, Johannesberg riesling, kabinett, late harvest riesling, liebfraumilch, mead, pinot grigio, rhine, riesling, sauterne, sauvignon blanc, sparkling wine, white merlot, white zinfandel. Nonalchoholic Coffee Drinks: caf au lait, caf mocha, cappuccino, decaf, espresso, frappuccino, half-caf, iced,. Vegetable Juice: beet, carrot, cucumber, celery, dandelion green, fennel, kale, parsley, pumpkin, tomato, turnip.

Chapter 7: Combat, Armor, and Weapons This chapter details many forms of combat, armor, and weapons from a variety of cultures and across many centuries. A few notes are in order to help guide users through this section. Historical Context: In any writing, research is needed to select proper weapons and armor for. In the sections that follow, weapons and armor are divided into Pre and Post lists. This helps to divide objects into approximate modern and antique categories. Resources: In fiction, some liberties may be taken with armor and weapons as long as those liberties.

The invention of entirely new weapons is reasonable depending upon available resources. Consider the climate and setting when inventing objects. In a desert setting in which trees are scarce, such as ancient Egypt, weapons are likely to be made of metal or stone rather than wood. In an arctic climate, inhabitants are not likely to have access to metal deposits, so bone tools and weapons might be common.

The earliest weapons were rocks and sticks. Weapons then evolved as sticks were sharpened and hardened in fire, and stones were chipped or split to form axes and arrow points. A cultures technology level will impact its objects. Even in the presence of great iron, copper, or other metal deposits, a culture will need the means to excavate those metals and work them into tools and weapons. This implies some level of competence in smelting, smithing, and forging.

Combat Vocabulary General: absent without leave, adversaries, ambush, armistice, assail, assault, army, atrocities, AWOL, attack,. Attack: annihilate, assassinate, bash, batter, beat, bespell, blast, butcher, charge, clobber, clout, coun-. Moves: absorb, blind, block, charge, concealed, cowering, defense, defenseless, disarm, disengage, dodge, evade,. Tactics: blockade, embargo, flank, guerilla, hit-and-run, pike line, pincer maneuver, scorched earth,. Pre Gear and Weapons Armor Head Gear: bacinet, benin, casquetel, chainmail coif, leather cap, leather coif, great helm, helm, hel-.

Armor Pieces: bracer, breastplate, bullet-proof vest, cuirass, doublet, gauntlet, gorget, greave, hau-. Armor Types: banded mail, boiled leather, brigandine, chain mail, coat of plates, cuir bouillie, en-. Horse Barding Materials: chain mail, leather, padded, plate, scale, studded leather Horse Barding Pieces: chanfron, crinet, crupper, cuello, flanchard, poitrel. Shields Types: buckler, figure-eight, flatiron, heater, kite, large, oval, pavis, rectangular, round, scalloped, small, spiked buckler, square, steel, targ, tower, triangular, wooden. Weapons Aklys: The aklys deserves special mention; it is identified as a Roman javelin, small club, dart, throwing.

Axes: adze, axe-knife, bardiche, battleaxe, bearded, Bhuj, billibong, broad, Dane, double-headed, English. Certain other axes are designed for combat; a number of these are engineered to be thrown rather than swung. Consider the style of axe and its potential use in combat, especially when choosing a primary weapon for a fictional character. Chapter 7 Black Powder: arquebus, blunderbuss, breechloader, brown Bess rifle, cannon, coach gun, dueling pistol, flintlock, fowling pistol, grenade, hunt gun, Kentucky long rifle, musket, pistol, wall gun, wheel lock USAGE NOTE: Black powder firearms require gunpowder technology.

Bludgeons: ball and chain, baton, baton Francais, belaying pin, b, cambuk, chui, club, clubbing boo-. Cannon: artillery, autocannon, basilisk, breechloader, bombard, culverin, demi-cannon, demi-culvern, falconet, field artillery, field gun, hand cannon, handgun, minon, howitzer, mortar, muzzle loader, organ gun, saker Chain: chigiriki, double-ended flail, flying claws, meteor hammer, slungshot USAGE NOTE: A slungshot is not to be confused with a slingshot. The slungshot is a long cord with a weight or monkeys paw attached to one end. Its purpose is to cast a line from one place to another, especially a mooring line.

Daggers and Knives: athame, baupmet, blade, Bowie knife, Celtic, chilanum, cinquedea, cleaver, deer horn, dirk, glaive, haladie, katara, kidney, knife, kris knife, leaf-shaped, left-hand dagger, main gauche, obsidian, parrying, poniard, stiletto, switchblade, throwing knife USAGE NOTE: Daggers and knives are discerned by their sharpened edges. A knife tradition-. Flexible: bullwhip, cat o nine tails, chain whip, crop, garrote, knout, lasso, meteor hammer, net, rope dart, small whip, whip Hand Weapons: bakh-nakh, bayonet, bichhwa, brass knuckles, buckhorn parrying stick, cestus, fist, gaff, gauntlet, hora, Korean fan, Larim wrist knife, Roman scissor, sap, scourge, spiked gauntlet, tessen, war fan Improvised Weapons: aerosol can, bar stool, baseball bat, brick, broom, butcher knife, chair, din-.

Man-traps: catch-pole, man-catcher Missile: arbalest, atlatl, blow gun, blow pipe, bola, bow composite, English, horse, long, short , boomerang,. Missile Loads: aclis, arrow, bolt, bullet, cannon ball, canister shot, crossbow bolt, quarrel, rock, sling. They can mea-. Their hilts are long enough for two large, gloved hands to grip, and the quillons crossguard are enlarged.

Two-handed swords were typically carried not in a sheath, but strapped across the back or shoulders. One of their uses was to break an enemys pike or pole arm before assaulting the wielder. In the case of weapons, however,. No product endorsement is implied. Readers are advised to observe correct copyright and intellectual property treatment. Body Armor: ballistic face mask, barrier vest, bomb suit, bullet proof vest, bullet resistant face mask, bullet resistant vest, chicken plates silicon carbide , dragon skin, Kevlar vest, modular tactical vest, outer tactical vest, PASGT helmet, PASGT vest, quilted nylon vest, ranger body armor Shields: ballistic, bullet resistant, riot, tactical Field Equipment: flame thrower, land mine.

The category has shifted in modern times and is currently considered a semi-automatic handgun. According to traditional usage, a dueling pistol, two-shot derringer, and a revolver could all correctly be called pistols. The choice of terminology will depend upon the time period of the setting. The spelling. The spelling derringer is genericized and was adopted by competitors; currently, it refers to small-scale handguns. A revolver has a. Handguns that use a magazine or in which bullets are breech loaded are not revolvers.

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