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Thanks Dave! Excellent perspective. I am a devoted fan of Downton, it is best show I can remember in very long time. One of the most compelling aspects of the show is restrain and subtlety. Everything is incredibly nuanced into a look, expression, quirk of an eyebrow or a slightly pithy remark. Great points Diane. The subtlety is indeed amazing; it really adds depth and intrigue to the storytelling.

The copy writing done for this article is as enchanting as the Downtown Abbey it describes. I have not been able to catch a glimpse of it too. But you have generated enough interest in me now to go and watch it as soon as I get the opportunity.

Excellent post. The art of storytelling is a hard one to get right I find and people get confused how it ties into marketing. So thanks, it helps a lot. So true. For me it was compulsive viewing ever Sunday, especially the Christmas Special. Your take on storytelling is so accurate and timely.

Thanks for your insights! Yes, and the excellent writing remains so far true to the characters. Forced narrative be it TV show, book, marketing blog is the first sign of the ship going down, so to speak. Here, by the way, by courtesy of our mutual friend Hola Mindy. Hi Yi. Yes, there are many repeatable patterns to great storytelling. Great to know you found your way here via our wonderful mutual friend, Mindy. These are great tips! I wonder if we actually start using these types of elements within our own writing what kinds of results that we would see from the efforts to make things more identifiable to the readers.

Glad this article served as a helpful reminder to re-connect and identify with your readers. Thanks Jo. Great breakdown of the story elements DA uses and that we need to apply to our own copy writing. You did an excellent job of pointing out those bits we need to keep an eye on. Funny thing! Ooooh 5 is spot on! I love this show and your words resonate harmoniously. A pleasure to read this morning. Thank you for great copy and connections. I have yet to watch the show but see why it would strike an emotional chord. This is the key, writing something that moves people into action.

To hit the Share button, or tell a friend, or take your call to action. I think Downton Abbey also shows how important it is to find an under-served market and give it what it really craves. They were only impaired by the lack of continuity. It also has the advantage of the soap opera in that as long as viewers keep watching it, writers can keep creating new story lines and the popularity of the show has time to build.

Fabulous insights and analysis Vicki. The actors are great as well as the story telling. So it seems the writers do a lot of research on these technological events and how the people regarded these changes; which finds itself sprinkled lightly throughout the series and gives authenticity to the the story. Not to mention all the other historical events, language, vocabulary etc which gives the viewers a great deal of insight to another era! Great article post…. The electricity scenes were brilliant.

And I too wish there were more episodes. Thankfully, season 3 has been approved and is production already. The sensation goes on! What I love about Downton Abbey is that it is just so intrinsically good. The characters, the sets, the costumes, the writing, every single detail is in place. And because everything was so good, it was nominated for awards, and consequently, won a lot of them.

I had only heard whisperings of the show when it won its Emmys, but once it did, I knew I had to see it. Following the takeaways here, drafting quality copy, and paying attention to the details will eventually get you the attention your writing deserves. Absolutely Mandy. Especially in our digital day and age marked with an impossible volume of content, producing yours to an impeccable level helps to elevate your work above the noise.

I agree with every point you made about DA and every other great epic. The story is important but so is the storyteller. Oh, I so agree, especially about the accents. A few weeks ago I did a post about Downton Abbey too. The Surprising Lessons Downton Abbey teaches us. Clarity of characters and their outcome is very similar to clarity of products and the results they bring, when it comes to marketing. Both characters and products must be irresistible, understandable, accessible, and ultimately create a change of some sort.

Thanks Gale! I really like your last takeaway — telling stories in a human way. The human element is essential and, perhaps paradoxically, the one most folks mess up … IMHO at least. For starters, let me congratulate you on a job well done. Thank you for writing this blog post. You are a gifted writer, to be sure, and we truly appreciate your presence here. Your writing makes me want to read your work on a regular basis. We also appreciate links, as always, quite useful. This is a great blog to read for those of us who enjoy learning.

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I am afraid I am not familiar with this show, but your analysis makes me want to check it out. However, I feel that such shows are culture-specific and may not always work in another cultural context.


People from other countries may not understand what is going on. They may need subtitles in case English is not their mother tongue. Also, it seems that the show is from another generation, so what about the younger viewers? Would it really hold their interest? Or, who grew up in a different environment? Or, who have never visited another country? Have never travelled abroad? Have never really experienced other cultures? For them, I fear, shows like this may pique their curiosity, but they may be disappointed.

Downton Abbey - BBC Miniseries Review

On the other hand, it also presents a great learning opportunity for them. If only we could build bridges between different cultures and nations by encouraging viewership globally. What a wonderful world it could be. Moreover, viewers can be attracted to programs even when they are not able to relate to the drama. There are so many cases like this. Just a thought. Thank you! It was a joy to write and pleasure to share this article.

I do believe Downton can be understood and appreciated by those of other cultures, nationalities, generations and probably any other cultural, geographical or psychology demographic. But the human energy will not. Downton is alive and thriving due to human conflict internal and external that transcends these boundaries. And I adore Downton with borderline obsession. And it was my younger sister who got me hooked.

Downton Abbey Tours and Locations

Your other questions are all very intelligent. Yes to them all. Every series seems to cast, or at least edit, to create stock characters. Dramatic conflict is contrived, leaving the audience feeling manipulated. This season of The Bachelor provides a prime example. I watch it with my daughters only for its mock-worthiness.

Nothing new. In contrast, Downton engages us on multiple levels. We find moments of compassion for even the most unlikeable characters, just as we often can for unlikeable people. Its restrained writing and acting allow for subtlety and nuance. Its themes are timeless: Love, loss, family, class, change. Is it perfect? Does it benefit from the contrast with the dreck and reruns of dreck that fill television schedules. Intelligent analysis and writing, Mr.

In those manufactured monstrosities creatively speaking , the individuals never change. The Innocent is the Innocent from start to finish. Downton is so compelling because each character even those you initially hate, e. There are times you hate them, love them, pity them, fear for them, and so on. I can start off on the right foot and get a good following from the beginning by following your Downton Abbey Guide… genius! Great points Matthew! It has a really friendly atmosphere. If you're feeling shy, see if the private booth is available. He also endorses Yauatcha , a tea house in Soho, known for their dim sum.

For dinner, head to 45 Jermyn Street. If you want to go full Bonneville this trip, Hugh has a signature drink at the Donovan Bar at Brown's called the Daddy. For more information on Brown's Hotel, or the Rocco Forte insiders program, head to their website.

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Jessica Fellowes author, Downton Abbey speaker

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