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The first of several creek crossings, this one is just past the Nature Center. On a hot summer day, like the day of our hike, the pool is packed with people. The first two-thirds of the trail is like this, a nice wide fire road, and quite exposed.

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The trail itself is very easy to follow. It is well signed and well worn. The majority of the trail is a wide dirt fire road, but the final stretch does involve some scrambling across rocks. Be prepared for your shoes to get wet, because there are several water crossings on this trail I wore my Tevas the entire hike.

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Everyone, including our puppy, dug all the creek crossings on such a hot day. The minimal distance and elevation gain, as well as the beautiful waterfall and natural pool, make this an excellent hike for kids. Be prepared for crowds, especially on a holiday weekend. Our hike was so crowded that we had to wait for people to traverse one or two of the creek crossings made all the more difficult because of their poor choice of footwear , but, we certainly plan to visit this local gem of a hike again…just perhaps on a vacation day.

The beach alongside the pool at the base of the falls is equally crowded. View Eaton Canyon Falls Trail in a larger map.

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Eaton Canyon Falls elevation profile--click through for larger, more readable version. Did he die at noon, as in John, or at 9 a.

Beautiful Eaton Canyon Falls: Easy and crowded, but well worth hiking

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Hiking and outdoors activities in Southern California and beyond.

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Eaton Creek An Eaton Creek Adventure Eaton Creek Adventures Volume 1

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