God is My Swagger

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  3. My Swagger Has a First Name by Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

These friends die easy Oh! Just disappear Oh! Well, my best friend, I knew these lives would end up here and [x2] Fuck.

My Swagger Has A First Name - Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows | Mega Lyrics NET

Fuck, Fuck. Your weakness But if you like to fight This is the last time This is your last time If I could tell you any and everything Don't ask, just tell, and like I should, Like I know you never could and Moments come out of hiding Spitting weakness, true colors shining The dark you see, the reason why You fail at everything you try When everything you are, Well it's never good enough Oh!

Do not fear them. The Lord is with you. Since God is for us, who can be against us? I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! After filling up, I strode into the store for a restroom break or a soft drink. Later, I wondered what exactly it meant.


No one had ever said that to me. Was she picking up on my confidence, perhaps? As a rule, I have an abundance of that, methinks.

D.R.U.G.S - My Swagger Has A First Name [New Song 2011]

This being his second such trip, he was excited and having a great time. Suddenly, while exiting a city train, he was bumped by several people as the crowd flowed by. A moment later, he realized his pocket had been picked.

He lost his billfold and his passport. The train moved on and there he stood.

It all worked out. The missionary host accompanied him as they reported the theft to the police, then they ran the gamut at the American Embassy to replace the passport in record time. The team members made up the money he had lost. Even though things were working out for him, it was clear my son was badly shaken by this and demoralized. His self-confidence had taken a hit. But we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard! This has been the greatest shock of my life and the trauma of it has shaken me severely.

And frankly, I miss it.

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I love walking with my head held high, my eyes roaming to see who is in the place, and making idle chat with strangers. I compliment the checkout person, and assist the elderly. But without the confidence and boldness of the Spirit, I do none of those things.

My Swagger Has a First Name by Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

So long as I am withdrawn into my sadness and allowing the heartache to call the shots, my soul seems to die a little more each day. And that must not happen. Get your head up.