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I am clear with its bitterness. I tinkle along brick canyons Like a crystal leaf. Content copyright: Translatum. Und Was jetzt ist, wird nie mehr ungeschehen. Was jetzt ist, wird nie mehr so geschehen. Ein Wort zuviel im Zorn gesagt, 'N Schritt zu weit nach vorn gewagt.

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Schon ist es vorbei. Du willst noch leben irgendwann, Doch wenn nicht heute, wann denn dann? Denn irgendwann ist auch ein Traum zu lange her. There is no way back. Do you still know how it used to be? Childhood… beautiful… The world is colourful and pretty.

German proverbs - Wikiquote

Till you some day understand, That not every goodbye means That there is also a reunion. Always forward. The other side of the coin, is that there is no such thing as "their style" as the band is way too diverse to be associated with only the gothic and darkwave scene. I guess each coin has two sides. I can of course not finalise this writing without paying attention to the music video that accompanies this masterpiece, because the video is as brilliant as the song itself.

We see black and white images of the band walking in empty fields, desolate landscapes painted in black and white to emphasise the emptiness, the trees totally bare, stripped of all leaves and colour.

The desolate and empty images just collide perfectly with the feeling of having a void inside and feeling like there is nothing left to hold on to anymore that reverb from the lyrics of the song. Throughout the video we also see black and white images of religious statues and church-like decorations, colliding perfectly with the religious references that are repeated in the chorus. The video is a masterpiece as much as the song itself and emphasised the atmosphere of the song: emptiness, desolate and gloomy. The combination of the words, the music and the images is just so spot on it is strangely close to perfection, the only bit of critique going to the TV stations forcing the band to cut the song short in order to have the video shown on TV.

It is hard to say if the darkness of the video helped people to portray Wolfsheim as a goth band, which they never really were. Maybe you can label this song as such, but the band itself has been way too diverse to just tag and categorise. I doubt foreign audiences know how diverse this band really was. Darauf bin ich ganz Stolz!

But I like French music too, I adore Indochine. Hope to see them live someday, but their concerts are so often sold out within a few minutes here in Belgium.

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But they were very good too. And well, we got Stromae. Oh, and pity Wolfsheim are no more, although I heard that some vague plans to continue the band are existing. I doubt this is true, but it would be great if they could solve their issues and get together again as a band. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Home About. The chorus repeats the line "God is on your side" each time, but again uses highly contradicting language in each repetition of the chorus: "God is on your side, dividing sparrows from the nightingales Watching all the time, dividing water from the burning fire… inside" "God is on your side, dividing presence from our history Watching all the time, dividing deaf men from the listening ones" etc. Ich warte immer noch" While a very literate translation, the undertone changes completely for those knowing a bit of German history.

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