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Here are some of the "facts" we collected about Stew in when we had a special party in his honor, hosted by fellow Board member Fay Slotnick and her husband, Jack, and attended by the ACLU national Board president, Susan Herman, with special comments offered through the magic of video by Anthony Romero.

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I personally will miss Stew's wise counsel, the impish twinkle in his eye, his fierce commitment to what's right, and his sharp intellect. He was unique and irreplaceable in every good sense of both. Our affiliate will feel his absence in every discussion of substance whether about an issue or our finances.

Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. This embed will serve content from youtube. Tun-Cos, et al. Perrotte, et al. Thorpe, et al. Virginia Department of Corrections, et al.

The Longest Shortest Time

Unwoman has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America and has performed with Abney Park, Rasputina, Voltaire, Amanda Palmer, Stripmall Architecture Streaming and Download help. Lotharia by Beauty Queen Autopsy. Love is Impossible by The Positronic Cats.

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I met these guys at a steampunk event in NJ and I listen to their music over and over. Beeps And Smudges by Doctor Popular. If you like Unwoman, you may also like:. Somnium by Jacco Gardner. A new record of swirling and hypnotic psych-prog from Jacco Gardner that celebrates the immersive magic of the album format.


Dalloway , was still three years ahead. Four days after their first meeting, Virginia invited Vita to a small dinner party.

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Vita reported to her husband — the diplomat Harold Nicolson, also queer — in a letter from December 19, I simply adore Virginia Woolf, and so would you. You would fall quite flat before her charm and personality… Mrs.

We Love Longest | Unwoman

Woolf is so simple: she does give the impression of something big. She is utterly unaffected: there are no outward adornments — she dresses quite atrociously. At first you think she is plain, then a sort of spiritual beauty imposes itself on you, and you find a fascination in watching her.

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  • She was smarter last night, that is to say, the woollen orange stockings were replaced by yellow silk ones, but she still wore the pumps. She is both detached and human, silent till she wants to say something, and then says it supremely well. At least, she asked me to Richmond where she lives. Darling, I have quite lost my heart.