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  1. Notes of a journey through France and Italy
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A small, ghost-like image of the portrait appears. It is visible from both sides of the note.

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The dashes form a solid line. Tilt the note. The dashes shift from gold to green. Small characters e. Irregular marks on the front and back of the note form a complete number. Look at the note under UV ultraviolet light. Red and yellow fibres are scattered on both sides of the note.

Notes of a journey through France and Italy

Always look at two or more features when checking notes. Red fibres are scattered on both sides of the note. The Canadian Journey series celebrates our culture, history and achievements. Read about the design features of each note. Young Canadians are the future of our nation, and play is a healthy part of their physical, social, and cultural development. Images of youngsters having fun tobogganing, learning to skate, and playing ice hockey capture the spirit and beauty of the Canadian winter. The signature possibilities are as follows: Left — M.

Knight, Right — D. Jenkins, Right — D. A veteran and two young people observe a Remembrance Day service as members of the Land and Naval Forces stand vigil. A member of the Armed Forces in a peacekeeping role complements the scene. Knight, Right — G. The artwork of Bill Reid, inspired by the Haida culture of the northwest coast, was chosen to illustrate this theme. Binsse, The Hidden Mountain , published in The quotation reminds us that arts and culture define who we are, as well as the system of beliefs, values and customs that we share. This note celebrates Canadians who have campaigned for the rights and freedoms that every citizen of Canada now enjoys.

On 18 October , the British Privy Council declared that women are persons, thus making them eligible to be appointed to the Senate of Canada. However, as you can see, there a re many limitations to it. Touchpoint Dashboard can be used in conjunction with Post-It Note mapping method. It can provide the necessary durable, sharable, secure and editable map format that the Post-It Note method lacks.

To help you see the differences between a Post-It Note map and a Touchpoint Dashboard map, we mapped the same basic shoe-buying experience that is featured in the Moz video. We also outlined the differences in the table below. We hope this information helps you determine the mapping method that will work best for your organization.

Register now. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details. I understand that I can opt out of marketing communications at any time, and further understand that Touchpoint Dashboard will never sell my personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. Post-It Notes can be a good way to start a customer journey map.

Check out the perks and pitfalls of this mapping method to determine if it will work for you. Image Source: DesigningCx At Touchpoint Dashboard, we often get asked to explain the differences between various journey mapping methods. Typically done in a workshop setting.

FILM - Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey Tickets, Fri 16 Nov at | Eventbrite

If key people miss the workshop, how do you share the map with them? This can be time consuming, and not all software-created maps are easy to design and edit. Provides a nice picture of the customer journey in its current state. Helps teams visualize how customers interact with their brand and touchpoints. Points out areas in the journey where customers are pleased and where they experience pain.

Class Notes: A Journey Through Musical Emotion (Music & Meaning Part I)

Provides only a snapshot in time. Just like your business, your customer journey is always changing with the addition of your new channels and touchpoints. Touchpoint Dashboard Vs. Post-It Notes The Post-It Note mapping method can be great way to start a map, especially when used in a workshop setting.

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Difficult for participants to contribute if they are not present at the workshop. Budget and time considerations: Workshops can be difficult to arrange and can be expensive travel expenses, etc.

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Not automated or secure — would need to manually input everything into software A user-friendly, web-based platform. Securely log-in anytime from anywhere. Can be used in a workshop to save the step of having to re-enter map data. However, this all depends on how fast ideas are being surfaced and how easily participants can view the screen. Templates are available, or start a new design. Entering touchpoint and customer data is easy, and a map is auto-generated for you. As you gather new data and enter it into the system, the map automatically updates to reflect your changes.

Eliminates the need to re-enter your data in a lasting and shareable map format.

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Data Capture and Analysis Fast way to capture data. The map is a one-dimensional and linear and customer journey are not. The map is 3-dimensional. You can attach files and images, so your map tells a story about each touchpoint displayed on your map. It provides a clear picture of where customers experience pain, when it occurs, who is most impacted and how it affects your bottom line.