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  1. Selecting Images in the Picture Package Layout
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  4. Picture Package with Smart Objects
  5. Photoshop: Alternative to Picture Package for PS CC? Also, how import Actions from CS5 to CC?

Selecting Images in the Picture Package Layout

I kept cs5 on my computer but it is time consuming to close out cs6 open cs5 just to do package printing and contact sheets. What was Adobe thinking in eliminating picture package which a lot of portrait and wedding photographers use and this is not good. Larry White 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. All 3 Replies.

Photoshop Tutorial l ID PACKAGE Tutorial 2x2 with 1x1 l RUSH ID (Tagalog)

However, Lightroom has something very similar, if you have that. Submit Cancel. Paul Riggott Posts Reply Likes. If you are using Windows, you can use the CS5 optional plugin found here.. When it is a copy of a Smart Object!

Picture Package with Smart Objects - TipSquirrel

Many people have worried, fretted and fumed over this omission. But, with Smart Objects, we can create our own Picture Package in Photoshop — better, stronger and faster. Let me show you how. Before we get started, however, a note for anyone using Photoshop CS5. Adobe has added a new option in preferences that controls how raster images are placed into images. Open a new document, 11 inches wide by 8.

For best results, you should keep the aspect ration the same for all images in the document:. At this point you can move and resize it.

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Notice that the image has been placed as a Smart Object, as evidenced by the package icon in the Layers panel. Now, to make the copies. This creates a second smart object which is linked to the first smart object. This is a key concept when copying Smart Objects in this way. There you have it! Not so easy, you say?

Picture Package with Smart Objects

Lots of work? You can reuse this over and over. Start with the image we just created, with the five Smart Objects placed into the Picture Package template.

Then navigate to another image for best results, it should be the same size and aspect ratio. Your Picture Package is updated with the new image, thanks to the capabilities of Smart Objects. Since all the copies are linked together, replacing the contents of one, replaces the contents of all of them, simultaneously! You can create as many of these Picture Package templates as you like, with different combinations of sizes to suit your needs, but remember: you only have to create them once — then you can use them over, and over, and over….

Photoshop: Alternative to Picture Package for PS CC? Also, how import Actions from CS5 to CC?

You can choose to print a single picture package from one photo selected in the Organizer, or you can select multiple photos and print them all as multiple picture packages. Select a single photo or multiple photos in the Organizer that you want to print as a picture package s. From the Select Printer drop-down menu, select the printer you want to use for your output. As you make layout selections, you see a dynamic preview of the picture package.