The Disappearing Trick (Illinois Poetry Series)

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Although linear can be quite useful, I've found, when the change is very small, like only moving a few pixels or a color changing shade. The ease timing function is so nice, perhaps, because it's a variant of ease-in-out.

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That is, the change happens slowly both at the beginning and end, and speeds up only in the middle somewhere. This gives soft edges metaphorically to the change and generally feels good.

While they make a certain intuitive sense looked at that way, the general "rule" in quotes is to use them opposite of how they are named:. Think of a knight's squire. When the knight calls them, they better arrive at a run, and slow down into place.

Who Wrote Piers Plowman? | History Today

When the knight sends them away, they'd better very quickly get moving out of there. That feels like a best practice. Like the animation is being courteous and obedient on both sides. Get here in a hurry, but compose yourself. Get out of here even faster and without delay.

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Here's the CSS that goes along with that kind of thinking. This changes the easing function depending on if the element in question is being shown or being hid, as well as the timing.

Adrienne Rich

I put this CSS-based demo together based on the smart things Val and Sarah were talking about as well as recently seeing Google's design spec for this exact movement. The animation timings we're using here are also in "rule" territory, as Val generally described : 0. Also, here's a handy-dandy reference to the defaults and their matching cubic-bezier in case you want to start with one of them and customize from there:. Nice post. Long time ago i made an example for easing functions in Adobe Flex, you can see graphically the parameters:.

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