The Frankenstein Candidate: A woman awakens to a web of deceit

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Three hundred years ago, social discourse held human nature — in all its fallibility, not its anomalies — responsible for criminality. I will discuss the opposition between Dr. The perspectives of both protagonists adapt tropes that can be found in criminal biographies still reprinted in the s, though offering a different take on the relationship between human nature and criminality.

Through all ages, criminality creates anxiety in society to varying degrees. Any phenomenon to which no cause can be ascribed breeds worry. Disquiet cannot be endured: an explanation must be provided. Society can hopefully manage collectively to bridle the circumstances from which the phenomenon emanates once they are pinpointed.

Today, we are acquainted with representations of the criminal as Other — the poor, the uneducated, the immigrant — a very comforting view for those who escape stigmatization: they need not fear to turn one day into a threatening criminal. Nevertheless, creating Others as scapegoats does not dispel anxiety, but simply shifts it to a wariness of those targeted.

If the young man considers the girl as a person incapable of such a rash killing, other comments extend this inability to all human beings.

Web of Deceit

Shelley, as well as to a small portion of the manuscript fair copy. The first edition appeared anonymously in Shelley revised the novel herself for a third publication in The nineteenth century saw an increasing awareness of criminality.

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The text best illustrates my argument, and page numbers thus refer to that edition. Unless otherwise noted, the wording in the two previous texts is identical. Closer examination of the manuscripts also reveals some surprisingly non-linear developments due to P.

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She reverted to the original wording in the third edition. The poet in this case obscured the specifically criminological stance of the text.

Downloads Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice e-book : Otto Payan

In the cases I do not judge it to be pertinent, the reader can refer to the notes, where all variations are recorded. Returning to the close reading, Justine herself pushes criminal capability outside of human reach and into the realm of the supernatural. Nevertheless, neither confession nor irrefutable evidence enables him to incriminate the creature.

Therefore, a strong belief in the incapacity of any human being to kill such a sweet child tints, and strengthens, his assurance. Furthermore, Victor firmly considers criminality, or at least homicide, to emerge from a state of inhumanity, to be the prerogative of beings other than human.

This belief contrasts sharply with the prevalent discourse in eighteenth-century England, according to which universal human depravity caused crime. Criminal biographies, for instance, emphasized common traits between murderers and the rest of the population, as Lincoln B. Faller describes in his sociopoetical analysis of British criminal biographies.

Samuel Johnson. The seventeenth-century popular text was therefore still common currency at the beginning of the nineteenth century. No one was safe, for depravity lied at the core of every human being. Nevertheless, some individuals did break the law and others did not. What could explain this discrepancy? Ultimately, criminals were neither more nor less depraved than any other individual, but by giving way to sin, they opened their hearts, wills, and minds to illegal mischief. The assumption at the heart of this aetiology — universal human depravity — did not rule all minds.

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As mentioned previously, philosophers of the Enlightenment, most notably Rousseau, challenged such a pessimistic view of humanity. Nevertheless, stating that humans are born good-natured does not resolve the interrogation about criminality. How do thinkers make sense of criminality in this new configuration? Explanations in which the elite could find comfort arise with the search for homo criminalis , a delimited group of individuals who indulge in crime and, in more radical theories, must be eradicated. Cesare Lombroso best embodies the latter Italian school, which regards criminals not as a distinct class, but as a degenerated and atavistic race, the product of reappearing primitive genes.

In contrast with these popular texts and the developing criminological theories, Frankenstein however contains no single rationalization. The novel provides not one but two discrete aetiologies to replace the religious-laden attempts at explaining crime in the eighteenth century.

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  4. Indeed, two characters voice their own views on criminality: the creature and Frankenstein, the criminal and its creator. The second sentence was struck out and P.

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