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The player can then talk to the Maze Guardian to teleport to another maze, if they wish to do so. After solving five mazes in a row, the player will get a bonus of 8 pizazz points, 10 law runes, and 1, magic experience. Thus, the player gains roughly 3, magic experience per five mazes completed. If the player logs out before completing a maze, when they log back in, they will have to start the maze they were working on from the beginning.

However, if the player leaves the room or even the arena, the room remembers the player's completed maze count when they return. To approximate the magic experience gained for each five mazes solved, one could assume a cost of ten law runes per maze or 50 law runes for every five mazes completed, which is A player in the Alchemist's Playground, with Alchemy value window in the top right.

In this room, players can speak with the Alchemy Guardian , who can explain how the Alchemist's Playground works.

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Players cast high level alchemy or low level alchemy spells to convert five items found in eight cupboards to gold coins. Approximately every 40 seconds, the items rotate clockwise from cupboard to cupboard. The items keep their relative positions as they move. The alchemy value window in the top-right part of the screen shows the order of the items:. To quickly determine the location of an item, check one of the centre cupboards immediately after the alchemy value window changes. Cupboards are empty in groups of three, so if the checked cupboard is empty, then it is likely that adjacent cupboards also are empty.

It is therefore best, to skip over empty cupboards, to check the cupboards on opposite side at the opposite end of the row of cupboards. The order of the cupboards follows the order on the list in the top right of your screen. The alchemised value for each item changes every 40 or so seconds, and the window in the top-right corner displays the current values.

Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust | Books | The Guardian

The Alchemy Guard will call out when the prices are changing, so keeping an eye out for his messages will keep players from alchemising items that have changed in value. The values are the same for both high and low level alchemy. Item values range from 1 to 30 coins. A green arrow occasionally appears next to an item in the alchemy value window: The arrow indicates that the item can be alchemised for free, without expending runes.

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One thrifty training strategy is to convert only free items to get free training. While this is a slower method, it saves money, which is good for mages on a budget. Note, that although no runes are consumed using this method, players will still need at least one nature rune in their inventory to activate the alchemy spell in the spellbook.

Rewards: For every coins deposited in the coin collector, the player will gain one pizazz point and ten coins deposited straight to the player's bank. The player also gains two magic experience per coin deposited. To make the most efficient use of their time, players should try to alchemise items that convert for 30 coins. Low level alchemy should be used to get pizazz points faster since it takes less time to cast.

As the alchemy spells require only fire and nature runes , players can replace the fire runes with a Staff of fire. The maximum amount of coins that can be deposited is 12, A warning message about that is displayed every cast if a player has 10, coins or more in his inventory, so it's best to deposit the coins to avoid more clicks and slower alching. If the game chat is set to filter, it will not display the warning. If the player logs out with coins in the inventory, the coins are automatically turned into the corresponding number of pizazz points.

If the player attempts to redeem more than 12, coins in one transaction, they will be removed from the arena and the coins will be cleared from the inventory. They will receive a message reminding them that they were warned to deposit a maximum of coins in one deposit. The player will receive NO pizazz points nor will coins be placed in the bank for these transactions.

Assuming a staff of fire is used and that everything alchemised is worth 30 coins, the number of coins spent to earn one Pizazz point is 1, coins, gaining an average of In this room, an Enchantment Guardian can explain how the Enchanting Chamber works. Players cast enchant jewellery spells to enchant various shaped items blue Icosahedron , yellow cube , red pentamid , and green cylinder located in the four corners of the room into orbs. In the minigame interface an icon indicates which bonus shape to transform if the player wishes to gain pizazz points.

These shapes will transform into orbs, granting one pizzaz point per cast. The bonus shape changes every 25 seconds or so. The Enchantment Guardian also calls out the bonus shape as it changes. Player can deposit orbs in the middle of the room: Every 20 will earn a reward of either three blood, death, or cosmic runes. To save time, choose the Deposit Hole option to deposit all orbs at once instead of selecting each orb and then depositing them one by one.

For each ten shapes converted, the player is rewarded a bonus: On converting the tenth shape, the arena will award points according to the level of enchantment used to convert the tenth shape. For example, if the player cast Enchant Level 4 Jewellery to convert the tenth shape, four points will be awarded.

Please note that dragonstones do not count as shapes, and the bonus for the tenth item will be given even if you enchant the incorrect shape. While the shapes at first glance may appear to be randomly scattered into the four corners, the two corners of every side contains all four shapes.

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So a player needs only stay on one side of the arena to obtain all shape types, cutting down on run energy use. Six dragonstones spawn around the room every five minutes, which players can enchant at any level. The stones give more bonus pizazz points depending on the level of enchantment the player uses.

Points gained per dragonstone is equal to two times the enchantment level used; therefore, the maximum points available for enchanting one of the six dragonstones is 12, using Enchant Level 6 Jewellery. Fastest Method : The fastest way to gather Enchantment Pizzaz points is to collect the 6 dragonstones that spawn in the room, cast the highest enchantment spell you can on all of them and then immediately quick hop worlds.

Casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery will yield 12 points per dragonstone, allowing for a maximum of 72 points per world. Below are the point values received upon enchanting dragonstones, points awarded when enchanting a dragonstone depend upon the enchantment level used :. In this room, players can speak quickly to a Graveyard Guardian , who can explain how the Creature Graveyard works.

Players use the bones to Bananas or Bones to Peaches spells to turn four variations of Animals' bones into fruit, which they then deposit in the food chutes on the walls in the room to gain pizazz points. Each bone is worth between one and four pieces of fruit. When taking a bone from a pile, they follow a specific order.

The player will pick up four bones worth 1 piece of fruit, then four worth 2, then four worth 3, then four worth 4 pieces of fruit. The cycle repeats after this. Every so often, the player will be struck for life points by falling bones. Protection prayers will not prevent the falling bones from causing damage.

Mage Training Arena

Upon death, the player will be sent back to the arena's main hall and lose 10 graveyard pizazz points. The player will not lose any equipment. Logging out in the room will not affect the pizazz points, but the player will lose all fruit in their inventory. You can also bring food into this minigame. If the player has or can afford one, a mud battlestaff or mystic mud staff can be helpful, as casting the Bones to Bananas spell will require only one nature rune, with the mud battlestaff replacing the required Water runes and Earth runes.

It's a good strategy to choose a bone pile nearest to a food chute. Pick up 12 to 14 bones, cast the spell, deposit the fruit, and return to the bone pile. Players can eat some of their converted fruit, if they wish, to stay in the graveyard for a prolonged period of time. One strategy for healing is to turn bones into 20 bananas, eat four of the bananas, and deposit the other This will heal the player about as fast as they are being injured.

It also gives them roughly 50 magic experience and one pizazz point for each nature rune. If you have expensive spices , bananas will heal the player life points instead of If the bones to peaches spell is used in place of bones to bananas, peaches heal life points , whereas bananas heal However, the peaches spell requires two nature runes, and therefore should be used only when in need of healing. For every 16 fruit deposited in the slot, one graveyard pizazz point is earned.

As a further reward players are given one blood , death , earth , water , or nature rune. Assuming the use of a mud battlestaff, that 16 fruit are deposit at once, and that the probabilities of blood, death, earth, water, and nature reward runes are equal, one pizzaz point costs coins.

Players who do not wish to eat in the room and thereby save nature runes may exit the room when they are low on life points and heal by clicking on the bank chest just southeast of the entrance to the Mage Training Arena. Another option is to bring a small amount of high-healing food lobsters, monkfish, and so on into the graveyard and eat when needed. Expect to eat about 1 monkfish per minute if this method is employed. A Regen bracelet is useful if the player uses the Rapid Heal prayer, which doubles the rate at which the player's life points are restored. However the damage you sustain outweighs the speed at which you gain life points, so you will need to bring a supplementary method of healing.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 23, Tristram Johnson rated it it was amazing. Exciting and Intriguing I loved the book for several reasons but most of all for the world building around the mythos of the Guardian and the interplay of the cool magic systems.

As a heavy fantasy reader I love to see different ways of developing the heroic journey and this one starts quickly and develops in every chapter. This gives a lovely feeling of pace to the novel. The characters are particularly interesting in their diversity of ages, cultures and interests. I like how Edwards uses the yo Exciting and Intriguing I loved the book for several reasons but most of all for the world building around the mythos of the Guardian and the interplay of the cool magic systems. I like how Edwards uses the younger cast members this bring a sense of playfulness at times into what can be a very dark an ominous plotline.

One of her skills is the ability to build tension by building our understanding of the forces arranged against us, then pay this off through interesting twists, emotional climaxes or sudden unexpected relief. I recommend the book because though it deals with the scope of epic fantasy literally every thing on the line it is enjoyable and very easy to read. The plot is strong taking you all over the world and beyond, the characters are many but the development of the core team is compelling and the language is accessible and descriptive.

I'm hopeful that the success of Mage quickly builds towards the release of another book in the Nephilium Lands May 25, Heather Hayden rated it it was amazing. Magic abounds in this epic fantasy, which takes Clara, a young teen with little knowledge of, well, anything, and throws her into the midst of a centuries-old conflict. Clara's struggles to understand the world around her and her place within it will tug at the hearts of readers who've experienced similar struggles of their own.

Jul 07, Aly rated it it was amazing. What an epic adventure book! I loved the character of Clara and the complex world building. I was drawn in from page 1. The book held my attention through to the end. May 27, Valya rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading this book!

The text was well edited, which I appreciated , and the story was unpredictable, upbeat, and exciting. I thought the descriptions were clear and on point. The book drew me in from the first pages. I have to admit that "Mage" is a novel that has left me eagerly awaiting the sequel. Sep 01, W. Klass rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed.

List of Guardians of Ga'Hoole characters

When I do they are usually a different genre. This is the first book in the fantasy genre that I have ever read in the first-person voice. After I got passed that minor issue caused by my own reading experiences the book flowed naturally. Within this fantasy world developed by S.

As we read on, we feel what Clara feels and see what sees. The author does an amazing job in making you feel like you are her protagonist telling the story through her perspective. We encounter beasts, magic, Shades and explore the Plane of Shadow. The experiences of this book revel my own lust for fantasy-adventure stories. In my past readings I have encountered brief descriptions of most of these planes. The author does not tease us with just a mere glimpse. She spins her entire story around the denizens known as the Shades and… I guess you should read this for yourselves to discover why I was so excited to read it!

Edwards is an amazing author and I look forward to reading Book 2 when it is released. Don't let my 4-Star Rating fool you! This is an amazing book!!! I just don't hand out 5-Star Ratings easily, though this one was not far off from deserving one. Read this and all other books by S. Edwards, available on Amazon. Free to read on Kindle with Kindle Unlimited subscription. Jan 25, Natalie Kelda rated it really liked it. First off, this is close to a 5 star rating, more like a 4 but there was a few things that made me hold back on the fifth star. Mage is an exciting and fast-paced fantasy.

We're dumped straight into the world of Clara, an year-old who've never been outside the wall surrounding her village. When her and her two friends - Lallana and Charlie - find an archway leading to the outside, a cascade of events are triggered. Edwards does a great job of pulling us in, from first to last page, packing in so much action I felt like I'd held my breath the entire book and had a hard time putting it down. If you like fantasy with an incredible world and lots of action - this is a perfect read for you.

My main complaint is actually that I wish we'd spend more time with Clara and her companions. I felt a bit rushed going from one action sequence to the next. I would've loved to sit down and chat with Charlie and Lallana, spent time watching the different mages perform their magic more closely and in general just taken a small breather here and there.

That said I still sped through the book and didn't sit back feeling cheated at the end so it's really not a big issue. The other little bits where things that, for me, wasn't subtle enough. I won't spoil but as an example, a plot point pertaining to Charlie was too evident and it seemed weird Clara stayed in the dark about it for that long. Overall it was a great story that was very difficult to put down. I can't wait for the next installment to hit the shelves as I'll definitely be checking that one out too.

Jun 28, F.

Groot's Sacrifice / "We Are Groot" Scene - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Clip

Stephan rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. I have been delighted to find this book. I was struck by the first page and decided to give it a go. But then the story starts to make sense as Clara makes her way through a complex world. Action never stops, always some other part of the world to discover. This was really a good and enjoyable read! The only thing is that it goes so fast somtimes I would liked to know about each part of the world. There could be so many I have been delighted to find this book. There could be so many stories around this one Jun 30, Stephanie Hobby rated it it was amazing.

This book is packed with adventure, magic, and love. That's the best kind of book, right?

Clara faces many different trials and while everyone might not agree with her choices, she's still pretty badass. SA Edwards did a great job with this book. The chapters are fast paced, exciting and leave you wanting more. Be prepared to ignore all of your obligations because once you start reading this book, you won't want to stop. The world of the mage is mesmerizing and imaginative. The ending was W This book is packed with adventure, magic, and love.

Well, let's put it this way, I can't wait to read book number 2.