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  3. Mother Earth's Children: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables by Gordon
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Six are considered at risk, as they are ranked Critically Endangered the North Atlantic right whale , " Endangered " blue whale, fin whale, North Pacific right whale, and sei whale , and " Vulnerable " sperm whale. Twenty-one species have a " Data Deficient " ranking. An estimated 13 million people went whale watching globally in , in all oceans except the Arctic.

Whale watching lobbyists are concerned that the most inquisitive whales, which approach boats closely and provide much of the entertainment on whale-watching trips, will be the first to be taken if whaling is resumed in the same areas. As marine creatures that reside in either the depths or the poles, humans knew very little about whales over the course of history ; many feared or revered them.

The Nords and various arctic tribes revered the whale as they were important pieces of their lives. In Inuit creation myths , when 'Big Raven', a deity in human form, found a stranded whale, he was told by the Great Spirit where to find special mushrooms that would give him the strength to drag the whale back to the sea and thus, return order to the world.

Mother Earth's Children: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables by Gordon

In an Icelandic legend, a man threw a stone at a fin whale and hit the blowhole, causing the whale to burst. The man was told not to go to sea for twenty years, but during the nineteenth year he went fishing and a whale came and killed him. Whales played a major part in shaping the art forms of many coastal civilizations, such as the Norse , with some dating to the Stone Age.

Petroglyphs off a cliff face in Bangudae, South Korea show depictions of various animals, a third of which are whales. Some show particular detail in which there are throat pleats, typical of rorquals. These petroglyphs show these people, of around 7, to 3, B. The Pacific Islanders and Australian Aborigines viewed whales as bringers of good and joy. One exception is French Polynesia , where, in many parts, cetaceans are met with great brutality. In Vietnam and Ghana, among other places, whales hold a sense of divinity. They are so respected in their cultures that they occasionally hold funerals for beached whales, a throwback to Vietnam's ancient sea-based Austro-Asiatic culture.

Whales have also played a role in sacred texts such as the Bible. It mentions whales in Genesis , Job , and Ezekiel The " leviathan " described at length in Job is generally understood to refer to a whale.

Fruits and Vegetables Mother Earth's Children by Iacob Adrian, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The "sea monsters" in Lamentations have been taken by some to refer to marine mammals, in particular whales, although most modern versions use the word "jackals" instead. A medieval column capital sculpture depicting this was made in the 12th century in the abbey church in Mozac , France. In , Alessandro Farnese , , and Francois, Duke of Anjou, , were greeted on his ceremonial entry into the port city of Antwerp by floats including "Neptune and the Whale", indicating at least the city's dependence on the sea for its wealth.

In , an article in The Pall Mall Gazette popularised a practice of alternative medicine that probably began in the whaling town of Eden , Australia two or three years earlier. Whales continue to be prevalent in modern literature.

Mother Earth's Children: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables by Gordon

For example, Herman Melville 's Moby Dick features a "great white whale" as the main antagonist for Ahab, who eventually is killed by it. The whale is an albino sperm whale, considered by Melville to be the largest type of whale, and is partly based on the historically attested bull whale Mocha Dick. Belugas were the first whales to be kept in captivity. Other species were too rare, too shy, or too big. Lawrence River estuary until the late s, after which they were predominantly taken from the Churchill River estuary until capture was banned in Petersburg , and Sochi , or exported to other countries, such as Canada.

As of , 30 belugas were in Canada and 28 in the United States, and 42 deaths in captivity had been reported up to that time. The beluga's popularity is due to its unique colour and its facial expressions. The latter is possible because while most cetacean "smiles" are fixed, the extra movement afforded by the beluga's unfused cervical vertebrae allows a greater range of apparent expression. Between and , the Navy carried out a program that included the study of marine mammals' abilities with sonar , with the objective of improving the detection of underwater objects. A large number of belugas were used from on, the first being dolphins.

Aquariums have tried housing other species of whales in captivity. The success of belugas turned attention to maintaining their relative, the narwhal, in captivity. However, in repeated attempts in the s and s, all narwhals kept in captivity died within months. A pair of pygmy right whales were retained in an enclosed area with nets ; they were eventually released in South Africa. There was one attempt to keep a stranded Sowerby's beaked whale calf in captivity; the calf rammed into the tank wall, breaking its rostrum, which resulted in death.

There were three attempts to keep grey whales in captivity. Gigi was a grey whale calf that died in transport. They were kept in a tidal pool with a sea-gate at the Izu Mito Sea Paradise. Another, unsuccessful, attempt was made by the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marine mammals of the order Cetacea. This article is about a marine mammal. For other uses, see Whale disambiguation. For further information, see Cetacea. See also: List of whale species and List of extinct cetaceans. See also: Mysticeti.

See also: Odontoceti. Main article: Evolution of cetaceans. Main article: Whale vocalization. Humpback whale "song". Recording of Humpback Whales singing and Clicking. Main article: Cetacean intelligence. See also: Cetacean surfacing behaviour. Main article: Whale fall. Main articles: Whaling and History of whaling. Further information: Cetacean bycatch , Cetacean stranding , and Marine mammals and sonar. Further information: Whaling controversy. Main article: Whale watching. Main article: Cetaceans in captivity.

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American Scientist. Houben, A. Bibcode : Sci Steeman, M. Systematic Biology. Bibcode : Natur. Fahlke, Julia M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Bibcode : PNAS.. Bebej, R.

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June Journal of Mammalian Evolution. Reidenberg, Joy S. The Anatomical Record. Hvalraadets Skrifter. Rose, Kenneth D. Norena, S. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A. Cranford, T. Bibcode : BiBi Smith, Craig R. Mass, Alla; Supin, Alexander 21 May Anatomical Record. Watson, K. Hof, Patrick R. Wiley, David; et al. Acoustics Bulletin. Zerbini, Alexandre N. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Bibcode : MEPS.. Miller, P. Current Biology. Morrel, Virginia 30 January Smith, Thomas G.

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National Geographic. Retrieved 2 September Stonehouse, Bernard 5 October University of Hull. Retrieved 4 September International Fund for Animal Welfare. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 19 December Metcalfe, C. United Nations University.

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Retrieved 16 August International Whaling Commission. Retrieved 6 August MacKenzie, Debora 4 June New Scientist. Retrieved 12 September O'Connor, Simon Retrieved 26 December O'Connor S. Viegas, Jennifer 23 February Discovery News. Retrieved 15 April Ghana News Agency. Hovhannes, Alan Retrieved 10 October Special Report on Captivity Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society.

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Stone Age people may have started hunting whales as early as 6, BC, new evidence from South Korea suggests. The Economist. Retrieved 1 September Ford, Catherine July The Monthly: Australian politics, societies, and cultures. Tsai, Wen-Chu. Taipei Times. Kirby, Alex 8 October Retrieved 14 September Current World Archaeology. Retrieved 31 August The Independent. Associated Press. Sydney Morning Herald. Extant Cetacea species. Parvorder Mysticeti Baleen whales. Bowhead whale B. Southern right whale E. Common minke whale B. Humpback whale M. Gray whale E. Pygmy right whale C.

Parvorder Odontoceti Toothed whales cont. Commerson's dolphin C. Long-beaked common dolphin D. Pygmy killer whale F. Short-finned pilot whale G. Amazing cakes for every occasion—from all-time classics to contemporary favorites Get ready for a stellar Amazing cakes for every occasion—from all-time classics to contemporary favorites Get ready for a stellar lineup of the most delicious cakes ever! From everyday treats to spectacular showstoppers, here are recipes for snack cakes, layer cakes, decorated children's party Children of Fall.

It is twelve years since Daoud's war started. Humanity is fighting a desperate battle against Humanity is fighting a desperate battle against multiple alien species, and on the verge of losing the war. General Kate Leland is in prison, a traitor to her species. Her old friend and Children of the Fall: Wails of Mother Earth. There is no law. There is no morality. There is no peace. Compassion is a Compassion is a weakness, and Faith is insanity.

Such is the world of Thomas Fremont. Struggling to survive in the desolate terrain of southwestern America, all he knows Children of the Fall: Thus Spake the Cosmos. The new norm is war, crippling need, and chaos. For the orderly Lewis Varnhill, this For the orderly Lewis Varnhill, this norm is trouble. Working as an officer for the Children of Earth Project, Lewis is sworn to complete a mission.

This mission: create a team Clark in the Deep Sea. Clark and his brother and sisters are stuck on their front porch on a rainy Clark and his brother and sisters are stuck on their front porch on a rainy spring day. When a stuffed bear is flung off the porch into a puddle, the backyard becomes an ocean, and Clark, with some help from Falling into Place. First her dad remarried—plink. Then her grandfather died—plinkplink. Then her grandmother had to sell the house and move into a retirement community—plinkplinkplink.