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The Battle that changed French perceptions of Wellington.

A Classic Peninsular War Tour

His sudden seizing of the initiative led to comparisons with Marlborough, and we study this remarkable landscape in the depth it truly deserves. We follow in the steps of the French who escaped across the Alba de Tormes, and the legendary rearguard rout at Garci Hernandez before another relaxing night in Salamanca.

Onwards again, via the Bridge of Tordesillas, scene of multiple actions in , to the small but beautifully formed riverside city of Burgos. Home to the legendary El Cid, this was also a major Napoleonic staging post. Home to legendary wine labels, we visit the winery where the excitement started. Those less intrigued by wine are welcome to enjoy complimentary spa treatments at the hotel. We return to Madrid airport for your homeward flights, or to central Madrid if you choose to stay on stay on for a few extra nights.

Our tour takes in 9 top quality hotels, hand-picked for your comfort, reflecting the character of each location. This adds to the variety of your experience and, critically, avoids long travel times during and at the end of each day. From modern to rustic, charming to boutique, each is designed to give us a great end to the day, a good night's sleep and a refreshing start.



We often book superior rooms in these hotels to ensure you enjoy the best of comfort and views. The future Duke of Wellington switches from strategic defence to aggressive attack. Saturday 11th May to Tuesday 21st May All guiding, premium transport and entrance fees covered.

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The only battle to have a real impact on European diplomacy and where won Wellington was Vitoria. The other battle of importance was Baylen, being won by the Spaniards. Spanish under Norona defeated Ney.

Itinerary for tour - Wellington's Army During the Spanish Peninsular War

After victory at Baylen the Spanish troops proudly proclaimed themselves the "conquerors of the conquerors of Austerlitz. For the first time a British army under a British general was about to take the lead in a land war against a European power. Even in Marlborough's day that great general's achievements were only in part due to the British army. The British did not fight their battles single-handed; but in the Peninsula, although invaluable service was rendered in the war by the Spanish guerillas, Wellington's own battles were fought and won by British troops who received practically no assistance from the Spanish regulars who were acting with them.

Hitherto throughout the great struggle with France, at any rate for a hundred years, nearly all the British honours had fallen to British seamen. Now that there were no honours left for British seamen to win, British soldiers took their share, not in India and America only but in Europe. Wellesley in command The British force of twelve thousand men was under the immediate command of Sir Arthur Wellesley [Ed. Wellesley landed at the mouth of the Mondego, marched towards Lisbon, and was met by Junot at Vimiero. Corunna Juno attacked and was repulsed.

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Wellesley was confident that, left to himself he could have crushed him. But the pursuit was stopped by the arrival of Burrard and Dalrymple in succession. Reinforced by Moore, the army continued its march upon Lisbon, and the senior generals agreed to the Convention of Cintra, which permitted the whole French force to evacuate Portugal and to be simply carried back by sea to France in British ships; at the same time a Russian fleet, blockaded in the Tagus, was compelled to surrender.

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British public opinion was enraged at tne easy terms granted to the French. Dalrymple, Burrard, and Wellesley were all recalled for an enquiry, and the command in Portugal, now clear of the French, was left to Sir John Moore.

Wellington in the Peninsula - From Portugal to the Pyrenees

Meanwhile Napoleon, who was as angry with Junot as the British were with their generals, resolved to carry out the conquest of Spain in person. He seemed likely to carry out his programme, for the armies of the Spanish insurgents were quickly scattered, and by the end of November Joseph Bonaparte was restored to the throne in Madrid. But the Emperor's apparently easy triumph was made vain by Sir John Moore's brilliant diversion in the North. Marching with twenty thousand men from Portugal, he struck at the French line of communication with the Pyrenees.

Napoleon would not himself wait to crush the audacious Scot, but hurried back to France, leaving the operations in Spain to Soult.

As Soult advanced, Moore retreated. His one object had been to draw off a large French army in pursuit, whereby it would become impossible for the French to secure their mastery in the South. The move was entirely successful. The retreat to the coast, where a British flotilla was to take off the army at Corunna, was an operation of extreme difficulty and danger carried out with great skill. At the last moment Sir John had to turn at bay at Corunna, where Soult was decisively beaten off, and the embarkation was effected.

Tour Itinerary

But the battle cost England the life of the great soldier, who was buried on the field of victory. The Treaty of Vienna Moore's diversion had made it necessary for the French to do the business of suppressing Spain all over again. Sundry of Napoleon's marshals and a quarter of a million soldiers were left in the Peninsula, but Napoleon himself was taken up with other affairs. Austria, calculating that any successes would lead to a general German uprising, declared war, and the first movements seemed to promise well. But before the anticipated uprising took place Napoleon himself was in the field.

By the middle of May he was in Vienna, and in the first week of July his victory at Wagram, although very far from being a crushing one, induced Austria to change her policy and in effect to submit. The Treaty of Vienna in October deprived her of extensive districts, cutting her off completely from the sea, and rewarding Bavaria at her expense.

Tour Itinerary

It was followed by a further humiliation, since Napoleon demanded and obtained the hand of an Austrian princess, Marie Louise, in marriage, divorcing his wife Josephine for that purpose.