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Bosnian Lessons for Global Security

At what age did the church you were attending openly address the issue? My current church does an adequate job addressing the issue? Did your parents ever openly talk about pornography in your home? Other Worlds Apart Websites We're about more than just stats.

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worlds apart

Brett Ullman Professional Speaker. Leanne Cabral Professional Speaker. Close this Pop-Up. Brett's Blog Relevant thoughts from Brett's research desk. Click here to visit the BrettUllman Blog.

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Close This Pop-Up. Click here to visit LeanneCabral. The series consists of four programs, ranging from 10 to 14 minutes each; total combined running time is 47 minutes. Reviews "An excellent production.

Worlds Apart

Very different in feel from stagy, after-the-fact training videos. We plan to use it repeatedly in our training.

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  8. Very realistic scenarios. Worlds Apart will be an integral part of our cultural competency training program and future professional development workshops.

    The Survey Project

    Doctors have given only exceptionally positive reviews of these videos. Can be used in many contexts to raise awareness about disparities, the importance of providing culturally sensitive health care, and addressing the needs of increasingly diverse communities. Williams, National Conference for Community and Justice " Worlds Apart offers compelling insights into the lives of patients as they navigate the medical system, making sense of their problems and decisions about their care. It will give our medical students a unique opportunity to appreciate the complexity of patients' experiences, understand the significance of those experiences for patient-doctor relationships, and explore the impact of these experiences on the medical system as a whole.

    Duke University Press - Worlds Apart

    The modules will contribute considerably to our students' efforts to become the deeply knowledgeable and effective medical practitioners our diverse society needs. The four films focus not only on different ethnicities, but also on different gender and developmental stages, allowing the audience to realize the importance of taking multiple variables into consideration in comprehending patients' behaviors in healthcare.

    An excellent resource for cross-cultural healthcare education. His American doctors try to comprehend his faith and respect his viewpoints, but cultural and linguistic confusions complicate his treatment. His story, first summarized in the acclaimed Worlds Apart series, is a powerful argument for the necessity of cultural competence and diversity training.