A Child’s Seed of Faith

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"Tiny Faith" Mark Sunday School Lesson - Ministry-To-Children

Squishy McFluff: Secret Santa. Jasmine Fogwell. Megan and the Burglar. Zoo Boy. Sophie Thompson. A Rival For Louisa. When exposed to questionable material, your child should feel comfortable discussing it with you. Remember, when we ourselves are tempted, the Holy Spirt comes to guide and to help, not to harangue. A steadfast family promotes healthy growth by cultivating healthy lifestyles.

That way, when temptations come, their offspring will not be choked. Family entertainment should be chosen that adds to the nurture of the soul, rather than detracting from it. Music, books, and media should all align with biblical standards. Parents should model charity, accountability, and loyalty so that children will know what a godly lifestyle looks like, and emulate it.

A steadfast family promotes healthy hearts by passing on good and noble ideas to their children, cultivating that good soil that produces fruit v.

A Mustard Seed Faith

I recently attended a funeral for a man in our church. He had been a business manager, a husband, and a friend to all. One of his daughters testified that he instilled in his children a steadfast faith. Her sister said that she knew he was still alive, because he lived on in his wife and children. This man passed his nature and being on to those he loved because he put his faith in Jesus, and passed that legacy on to his children. He was a faithful sower of the seed.

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To us it is given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of God, Jesus said. God has called each of us to a steadfast faith. That faith begins in an individual man or woman, and as they are obedient to His Word, they pass that seed on to their children.

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