A Christian Mystics Intimate Journey with the Holy Spirit

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Richardson helps fill this gap, and encourages those on this spiritual journey to freely mentor others and share the experience and gifts of the Holy Spirit with others. I am grateful for having stumbled upon his website and find his book on Amazon. It may turn out to be one of the best investments I have made, as I find myself seeking spiritual growth through direct experience!

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To avoid the never ending conflict of opinions and interpretations one must ultimately rely on the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, to provide true understanding that the text is incapable of doing alone. Just as we must not be afraid of allowing the Spirit to orchestrate our gatherings and lead us in our corporate worship and fellowship, we can rely on Him to lead us to the proper and ever unfolding understanding of the scriptures. He is the Word. The scriptures point to Him. There is a spiritual life that Western ignores due to the surrounding culture action, entertainment, constant stimulation with little prayer and fasting.

The West is simply to busy to sit still and find God on His terms. Btw, never mind that Christ was in the habit of withdrew Himself to the mountain all night to prayer whoa!!! Get some alone time with Jesus and one might be surprised at how He reveals Himself in the little details of daily life this is very cool and gives a constant interaction and strength to be in constant communication with Him. Spiritual is a difficult word.

But what is spirit? What is spiritual? I see at least three possibilities that we currently use:.

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  • Nor do I hold to chants which are parcel to Eastern mysticism. I never have. Tozer and Sparks are models for me in the area of prayer. Lectio Divina, the way some of the Reformers practiced it, is simply reading the Bible and talking to God about what one reads. Namely Catholicism, etc.

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    Any practice that takes a believer away from the Scriptures and from the testimony of the church in the creeds, etc. I heard you speak about prayer years ago and remember you warning about certain kinds of eschatic kinds of prayer with a passive mind. What other models or books do you recommend on prayer besides Tozer and TAS? Not everyone agrees with this, but I believe we can learn from people with whom we disagree. One of the frustrations of a writer is that there are always some who misinterpret and misread what we say. Another part is the natural proclivity by some to interpret what one says to fit their own agenda.

    I wish every author of books would have a blog to answer questions from readers and clarify things, but many do not and they are completely inaccessible. Jesus was pretty clear about the consequences of those who teach others to disregard His explicit commands.


    Retreat Schedule | Monastery of the Holy Spirit

    I saw a lot of this when I was part of the Charismatic movement. Anyways, if someone ever quotes me to support such ideas, feel free to point them to these links:. Many statements against inward, navel-gazing Christianity and for reaching out by the Spirit in season. Lord over all is another aspect of it. Interesting post, Frank. I think you know the church i mean. Deception can be so subtle. I will say that there are two sides of the Bible. It has to be the solid cornerstone for this.

    You MUST have the former down first. You cannot make the path into the celestial realms without first having the essential concrete foundations in the Bible. I am just beginning my journeys into discovering the Heavens and what is actually intended for all believers to partake of. But without the proper platform of right Biblical understanding and without Christ as The Way and the Holy Spirit guiding, it cannot be traveled successfully.

    Already as I begin I have been seduced by evil spirits trying to sway me from what was originally given to us. There is a difference between the way of the Christian mystic, and gnosticism. Unfortunately, what runs rampant today is a neo-gnostic hybrid of paganism with Christianity. That is what takes place, more often than not in these atrocious Charismatic circles. I did my research on the whole thing and much of their approach comes from the pagan mystery cults of Dionysus or Bacchus, and kabbalah.

    That being said, I have recently found a deep mysticism that is exclusive to Christ. What is different? In light of what I have received, the Bible has come alive and more concrete and amplified to me. What I have learned endorses the Bible and everything Christ has done. Yes, I was part of the charismatic movement in my early days as a believer. And there is an element of gnosticism in some of it.

    Re:Union - A Contemporary Journey In Christian Mysticism by Anina Thomas

    Your email address will not be published. Bruce I have often stressed in my writings and spoken messages that the Holy Spirit is alive and well and that He still speaks and acts today. That brings us to my fifth favorite quote on the subject, given by Jesus Himself.

    Comments Thoughtful post. Frank, I appreciate this in-depth article.

    The Biblical Basis of Christian Mysticism - Sandra Schneiders

    My 13 cents in seed form. Thanks for responding and I do realize that is a big subject. What a Christ, what a Lord, and what a high calling we have as saints! Very helpful post Frank. Thanks for sharing! I see at least three possibilities that we currently use: Spirit the being Spirit the attitude Spirit the motivation There may be more. Always learning, never arriving, fv Psalm Yes, very true.

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    Christians, Justice And Tibet. Handmade By God. Christmas Life In The Spirit. Add to Cart. Many people are experiencing dynamic encounters with God which, although prevalent in scripture, revival history and the mystical tradition, are often not common in contemporary Western Christianity. Re:Union encourages us into a deeper relationship with Jesus and affirms His invitation to enjoy unbroken heavenly union with God as a daily reality.

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