Blood of Anteros: The Vampire Agape Series - Book 1

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But I won't hold that against the book, because I did enjoy it and will cross my fingers that Georgia Cates has something wonderful in store for us in the next installment to this series that gives us the continuation of Curry and Chansey's story. Dec 19, Sapphyria rated it really liked it. Blood of Anteros is was wonderfully different take on vampires.

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The novel is told from vampire, Curry's point-of-view. He is created against his will by an evil vampire, Marsala, and basically kept as her slave. In , during an eclipse, he decides to end his life and walk into the sun, effectively committing himself to the "Second Death. He meets up with Solomon, another vampire, and Solomon becomes Curry's mentor since Marsala had pretty much kept him the dark about everything.

Curry then finds himself answering a "Renter Wanted" ad at the home he build over years ago and discovers that the owners' granddaughter, a very human girl named Chansey, and he share a special bond. A bond that causes love and pain and puts Chansey's existence into danger. I enjoyed this non-typical vampire book.

Some of the dialogue was a bit choppy, however it didn't detract from the plot or the ideas that the author was trying to convey. Curry is every bit the protector you would expect from a man in love; human or not-so-much. He's old fashioned in some of his views, of which some of those views cause problems with Chansey while others are very sweet and wholesome. I can't wait for Book 2. I read this book based on a rec from a Goodreads reader Blood of Anteros was an enjoyable read. I wasn't so sure about it the first few chapters in, but then all of a sudden there was a spark of energy in the writing and I couldn't put it down.

I loved reading the story from Curry's POV-we usually get the "human" perspective and I loved having the perspective of the vampire himself. Near the I read this book based on a rec from a Goodreads reader Near the end, when we were introduced to Sully, I felt like there was too much dialogue and the introduction seemed forced- Cates had such beautiful descriptions and character development up until then. I would have liked to see more emotion behind Curry and Sully's reunion.

However, this was a very small section of the book and it would not deter me from rec to readers out there. Of course we were left with a small cliffy just some unfinished business and I eagerly await the next book in this series. Jul 20, Tutti Dolci marked it as owned-unread Shelves: kindle , kindle-lendable , series. Frightfully familiar to On the Soul of a Vampire Mar 27, Racquel added it. LOVE the cover of this! Aug 11, Laura What's Hot?

I was really surprised by the opening passages of this novel. The cover is just so fantastically beautiful that I had in my mind a form that I thought this book would take, but I was completely wrong. The beginning of this novel is so intriguing and right from the onset the author is setting you up for something big to happen later in the novel.

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The first chapter was just so mysterious, I couldn't stop reading and the writing of this book is absolutely mesmerising. I never really understood it w I was really surprised by the opening passages of this novel. I never really understood it when characters in books talked of people vampires looking young but seemingly wise beyond their years until now. Curry is a young man but something about him makes it seem like he's a lot older than that. The book is written from his perspective so we are hearing the thoughts of a vampire who's over one hundred years old and it's really strange because usually we read a book through the experiences of the human.

I was really surprised by the fact that this book was written from the male perspective. Most of the paranormal romances I've read have been from a woman's perspective, in fact, I don't think I've ever read a paranormal romance from the male POV. This was really interesting and refreshing because it meant that immediately it was different from all the others and it was the female character that was the intriguing one.

I liked that even though this is a 'paranormal romance', the paranormal aspect wasn't that overbearing. In fact, at times I completely forgot that Curry was even a vampire. This was unusual for me because in most of the other vampire books I've read, the fact that the characters were vampires was an extremely prominent feature that the author sort of forced upon you at every turn, but this was different.

The paranormal elements are quite subtle and this made the whole plot seem more realistic, something that is quite hard to do when you're talking about the supernatural in this day and age. I've read too many books recently where the characters fall in love instantaneously and frankly I was starting to get a little bored of romances. Blood of Anteros; however, has broken that streak because the relationship between the two main characters, Curry and Chansey, actually develops.

There is a real build up throughout the novel and the story unfolds slowly and carefully, keeping you interested throughout the whole novel. I tried to read this book at my normal pace but for some reason I just couldn't. I had to read every single word, slowly and carefully because I didn't want to miss a single detail. This slowness isn't a bad thing, it just meant that I was caught under this book's spell and it wanted me to read every single letter and it was impossible for me to even try to speed up.

I found it kind of annoying that the book had that sort of power over me and it was really strange because I've never really encountered a book that set out a pace that I couldn't break. I thought this would be just like those other vampire books popping up all over the place, but it really wasn't and for that I am so glad. This book is absolutely gripping and I would highly recommend it to all fans of paranormal romance. Jul 26, Megan rated it really liked it. Synopsis: "I was tantalized by the mystery of her.

Blood of Anteros (Vampire Agápe, #1) by Georgia Cates

First Thoughts: I decided to jump on this blog tour because the title just caught my eye as soon as I saw it! Then I read what the book was about and I just knew I had to read it. Its about vampires, and sure I been getting a little sick of them lately, but this sounded like a different spin on things so I wanted to see how it played out. She was also a pretty awesome girl. She definitely has been through a lot, with her parents being gone, and her psycho neighbor, but she still had a pretty good head on her shoulders and just took everything in stride.

Love is in the Air: Curry Brennan… he was perfect book bf material! He was hot obviously but he was also super sweet! It was also super cute to see him so overwelmhed by the feelings she invoked in him, the author was able to do such a fantastic job of portraying that. Was there a cliffhanger? Sure of course there was… but there always is in a great series. The reason this book had such an awesome ending is because we have learned so much… but we are left wanting to learn more… I have fallen in love with all the characters… and I want to hear there stories and how they fit into everything I think I have figured out.

Final Thoughts: Well, considering I wanted to read this book because the cover was so pretty… I was super surprised at how much I fell in love with it. I will totally be looking forward to the next books in the series! If you are looking for the vampires… but are a little over the whole Twilight phase… this book is what you need!

Today's review is on Blood of Anteros by Georgia Cates Sometimes the best things come in the smallest; or in this case, inexpensive packages. Curry Brennan was turned into a vampire against his will over years ago. When she decides to take him and the two other vampires she cl Today's review is on Blood of Anteros by Georgia Cates Sometimes the best things come in the smallest; or in this case, inexpensive packages. When she decides to take him and the two other vampires she claims to watch the solar eclipse he decides to take things into his own hands.

He decides to face the "true death" by remaining in the sun when the eclipse ends. Saying a brief prayer just before the sun comes back out he is shocked to find that not only is he still "alive", but he is able to withstand the suns rays. Twenty-One years later he finds himself back at the home that he had built in his human youth.

Though it is now home to an elderly human couple, he does not fear that he will want their blood. After all, he has had the help of his mentor to "train" him. It's only when he is informed that the couples granddaughter will also be living in the house does he have cause for alarm. That is until he meets her. Chansey captures Curry's heart from the moment he first meets her. Just her scent is enough to excite him, and it's not the scent of her blood. Unknown to either of them, they are meant to be together.

Chansey was born on the same day of the solar eclipse, and though she has her human parents' DNA she also has the blood of the god Anteros running through her veins. After finding out that she is his Agape, Curry decides that the only way to keep her safe from Marsala is to end their growing love affair and protect her from the shadows. There are other dangers out there though which prevent him from maintaining that distance.

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When things finally seem to be coming together in their favor however, Curry's younger brother shows up and throws a huge monkey wrench into the mix. Finding new and inventive ways to tell a vampire love story is not an easy task. Cates has been able to do just that in spades. Being told from the point of view of Curry is just one of those ways. You'll have to read the book to find the others. View 2 comments. May 30, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , blog-tours. Let me begin by saying I am a huge Georgia Cates fan.

I absolutely fell in love with her contemporary romance, Going Under, and decided to read Blood of Anteros, her paranormal romance, and true to form, Georgia did not disappoint in delivering an outstanding story. Curry Brennan is a vampire, and he is not very happy about it. Taken and turned against his will, he has been held captive by his evil sire Marsla for over years.

After years of bondage a supernatural event takes place that frees Let me begin by saying I am a huge Georgia Cates fan. After years of bondage a supernatural event takes place that frees him from his bonds. He meets a new mentor, who helps him learn a new way of life, a life that enables him not to give in to the monster inside himself. Twenty-one years after this event, he returns to his family home and there meets Chansey Leclaire.

Try as he may, he can't stay away from her. Fate and the gods have other plans for both Curry and Chansey, but will the choice between mortality and immortality as what Curry believes is a monster be more than he can bear, or will he finally embrace his Agape and the fate the Gods have ordained? I loved this story. It is told from Curry's point of view. I love the historical feel mixed with the modern romance. Yes, this is vampire story, but it is also a wonderful romance, with some mythology in the mix.

I absolutely adored Curry. I felt so bad for what he had to go through, and also wanted him to experience love and joy, and he's so hot, even though he doesn't realize it. I loved the way he desired to protect Chansey and how he was willing to sacrifice anything and everything because of his love for her.

I really liked Chansey also. She is fun, very strong-willed, and very passionate in her beliefs. She knows what she wants and she knows what she was created for, and she embraces that. I especially like Solomn. He brought quite a bit of humor to the story. All the characters were so interesting and enjoyable to get to know. I love the way the story progressed and the plot was great.

I enjoyed Georgia's perspective on vampires in general and found it quite refreshing. I especially liked the way the book ended. It is the first in a series, but it ended well, leaving you satisfied, yet still wanting more. This is a great book and if you enjoy vampires stories and paranormal romance, this is book you should check out. Curry Brennan intended to end his cursed life and escape the enslavement of the cruel vampiress who brought the forced change upon him over years ago.

A woman created to love him without hesitation and judgement. Now, you know me better than to think I'm going to tell you what that is or what it's ramifications are, but trust me they are significant. This book is written entirely from Curry's perspective and I couldn't have been happier about that. I always am much more interested in what the men are thinking or feeling.

What really caught me by surprise and something I didn't even realize until almost the very end of the book is that there are literally no curse words. I did notice there was no sex, but Curry is an old fashion kind of guy. Not that Chansey didn't give it the old college try, but he wasn't budging. Nor was there any guts and gore, it was actually all about the story, with no shock tactics.

I enjoyed the story, and even though I am not going to revert to being a cleaned up version of myself, I wouldn't hesitate to read more of Georgia Cates new series. Even though I spent a few lines telling you what wasn't in the book, let me tell you what was. Some really interesting and off beat good vamps, a really nasty ho vamp, some decent humans, and a few not-so-decent humans,and one psychotic meat puppet.

They were all tied together in a well written, thoughtful, intelligent sweet paranormal romance without all the YA drama and angst although Curry did attempt the angst angle. This is a book you could read over the holidays with relatives and kids around without fearing someone might think you're a perv. View 1 comment. Dec 26, Lissette rated it it was amazing. From the moment of his creation, Curry Brennan has detested the fact that he was made into a vampire. A fact his maker, Marsala, has never cared to acknowledge.

Spending every waking moment trying to devise his own demise, he knows it's only a matter of time before he succeeds in achieving that very goal. Drawn to Mexico to experience the coming eclipse, he decides it's the perfect moment in which to release himself from Marsala's hold. Stepping into the light, he awaits a blissful death, never k From the moment of his creation, Curry Brennan has detested the fact that he was made into a vampire. Stepping into the light, he awaits a blissful death, never knowing that his life would change forever from that moment on.

As he comes to realize that everything has changed, he's ecstatic to leave behind the wretched life he's lived. Returning to his roots, he soon comes face to face with Chansey Leclaire, a woman who stirs his senses and makes him question everything he's ever known.

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  6. Drawn to her in more ways than one, he allows himself to befriend the beautiful woman. Losing his heart to her, he vows to protect her to the best of his ability. Dark forces begin to close in, intent on keeping the pair apart. Yet this is something Curry will not allow. The circumstances surrounding his beloved's existence soon become clear - Chansey possesses the Blood of Anteros, a gift bestowed to her from the Gods.

    A gift others seek to make their own through any means necessary, even if it means that others must be hurt in the process. I truly enjoyed this book. It was definitely a unique take on how vampires live and the good versus bad aspects of their world. Georgia has created quite an intriguing story that draws the reader in from the very moment they begin reading the book. I look forward to reading the next part of the series soon. Apr 03, Bethaney rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone who likes vampire books.

    I loved that this book was a vampire story told from a males perspective! It's nice to know some men think like this and can feel this kind of emotion. The characters were strong, like-able, and relatable for the most part, since no one is a vampire. The story was intriguing but so short! The love between the two seemed real and their interactions with each other, falling in love, was adorable. The love was forme I loved that this book was a vampire story told from a males perspective! BUT it didn't feel rushed or all of a sudden. It seems natural and real. This is a clean romance although sex is mentioned to be an activity performed after marriage.

    I just read it and I can't seem to remember any curse words at all so it is more appropriate for the younger adults to read this even though the main characters are in their mid 20's. This is a great book and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see how the conflict is resolved.

    I loved the dialogue and went a little crazy highlighting sections on my Kindle Fire because I thought the words were so beautiful. The only complaint I have about this book is that it ended way before I thought it would and it ended somewhat in the middle of the action. It doesn't bother me to the point where it knocks down a star, but I know some readers out there that HATE when authors do this. So this is a warning to those who hate it. Just wait till the second book comes out to read the first then you should be good to go. Dec 31, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed.

    Marsala hopes that the eclipse will enable her to be able to have children and get Curry to love her again. Instead, the eclipse somehow releases him from the invisible forces that keep Curry by his side, so he escapes and hitches a ride to the States with Solomon, another vampire. Solomon tries to live a respectable life and introduces Curry to Sebastian, and both vampires help Curry several times throughout the story.

    Curry decides he wants a mundane life doing artwork and finds a place to stay with an older couple, who happens to have a grand-daughter, Chansey. Curry is immediately drawn to Chansey and discovers this is the girl that Marsala is set out to destroy.

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    Will there relationship even stand a chance? The plot to this story also has me intrigued to find out what happens next. Nov 16, Donna BLHmistress rated it liked it. As many know I am a huge lover of vampires and I am always looking for new author's to read, I signed up to give this book a try. Curry is very angry and eager to part from his maker, he hates her and everything about the vampire world, til one day he steps out intending to end his miserable exsistance. Then unexpectedly his bond is broken and he runs away back to his home that he lived in years ago.


    Where he meets a woman he is drawn to for the first time in vampire life, Chansey, the grandd As many know I am a huge lover of vampires and I am always looking for new author's to read, I signed up to give this book a try. Where he meets a woman he is drawn to for the first time in vampire life, Chansey, the granddaughter of the family he rents a room off of. What I liked about this book was the unique twist on the vampire lore. Though the vampires are and can be turned their mates are chosen by a God.

    And the vampire has the option for their mate to either be turned or just enjoy their time together, while he would remain immortal the mate has an option. What also is different this book is more about romance than smex, which I have to say is much different than I have been reading as of late and is a refreshing change of pace.

    Blood of Anteros

    I can honestly say I enjoyed this book, though I was wondering or maybe expecting to see Marsala again but when we didn't I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted to see how she would actually react to Chansey But I guess we will be seeing that in future books, I sure hope so. This book was a nice debut for this author and I would like to see where she takes this series. Actually rated this book a 3 and half. Jul 08, Stephanie Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: for-review. Although the concept of a vampire falling in love with a human isn't new in fiction, I thought that the inclusion of the Anteros myth made the plot stand out from the other books in the genre.

    I found the mythology surrounding Anteros and the Agape to be really interesting and I think it adds a lot of depth to the story. The plot was sort of predictable, but wa 'Blood of Anteros' is a young adult paranormal romance that centers around a vampire and the love he shares with a somewhat human girl. The plot was sort of predictable, but was really well written. It had a great flow and was easy to read, which made it a page turner that I read really fast.

    I really liked the characters, even though they were kind of cliched at times. Curry is a thoughtful yet tortured vampire who falls for Chansey - a clueless human girl. Although the romance between the two of them was a bit cheesy at times, I completely loved it. Normally I make a face when the romantic parts of a book are really syrupy or corny - but I couldn't get enough of it with this book. It just seemed so honest and sweet, and I found myself smiling while reading more than once. The book had a really open ending, which leaves quite a bit of room for the next installment to pick up at.

    I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Hopefully it will keep up with the sweet romance and maybe the plot will become even more unique. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    Jul 20, Mary rated it it was amazing. I thought the book sounded interesting and it was not going to be the typical vampire meets human girl story. Curry Brennan was held captive by his maker, Marsala, for over years. Then on the night of the Eclipse he was ready to meet the "True Death" but instead was released through a strange event you have to read it to believe it.

    During his escape he was helped by another va review on www. During his escape he was helped by another vampire, Solomon. After numerous years, Curry decided to return to his home that he left over years ago. It is now occupied by an older husband and wife and their granddaughter, Chansey. Right off the bat, Chansey and Curry have a connection. They both cannot deny it, either. After Solomon discovers that Curry and Chansey are becoming so close they call for Sebastian a very old and wise vampire to help with this situation.

    When Sebastian, Solomon, and Curry figure out the issue Curry has to decide what to do. He has to think about Chansey's safety and the one thing he does not want to do is turn her into a vampire. But, what does she want? And who is still lurking in the shadows? This is just book 1 and I cannot wait to read book 2 - Blood of Jewel. Jul 18, Marissa rated it it was amazing. Let me just say for starters Honestly, at first I did not what to except.

    What I instantly did like was Curry, and his words, and then I realize that this story is all from his POV and that was interesting at first, and I really l came to like it; what it's like to be an old Vampire oh yeah he's a vampire! This was a wonderful well put story. To me, I felt like there were really no c Let me just say for starters My cave consists of a huge big man chocolate velour recliner, which I occasionally put in the reclined position and take a siesta a side table with drawers so all of my things meaning my much needed coffee are within reach and a desktop I use for graphic designing and photo manipulation.

    Maybe I should call this refuge my Writing Haven instead of a cave. Cave sounds very…caveman like. Regardless, this is my beloved hangout. I am a wife, mother of two daughters and a labor and delivery nurse. Connect with Georgia:. Available for Purchase:. Be sure to check out the other blogs participating in the tour! You can check them all out HERE! I love the synopsis and the cover! Ivana recently posted.. Great review. I bought Blood of Anteros on my kindle a while ago and I really enjoyed reading it.

    It would be great to get the sequel. Thanks for the giveaway!! I love both of the covers by the way! Nice writing cave. Best of March Reads. Shallow Teaser. I have had the opportunity to read and review both books and they are fantastic! Book Now! We love our followers! We are associated with:. The writing cave looks lovely and comfortable. Sounds like a great read!