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  1. 13 of the Freakiest Bogeymen from Around the World
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13 of the Freakiest Bogeymen from Around the World

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On its own, a tokoloshe is merely a mischievous dwarflike monster, known for leaving people with strange itchy scratches and stealing their groceries. But the only way to truly rid yourself of a vengeful tokoloshe, is to visit a nyaga , or local witch doctor, who will perform rituals using traditional medicine to banish the creature.

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Your only line of defense is to keep small children from playing alone by the river, and never, ever go looking for her. In Germany, the male version of the sleep demon is called an alp , a shape-shifting goblin that always wears a funny little hat. Maras , however, are generally female and, while they also take many forms, often appear as beautiful women who enter through the keyhole. All nightmare creatures sit on, or ride, the chests of their victims to incite the nightmares, crushing them not only psychologically but physically as well. Their main goal is to lure the lone traveler off his path in the guise of a beautiful young woman, in the form of a recent victim, or with an enticing fire deep in the desert.

bogeyman - Wiktionary

AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site. Share this article. Courtesy of Pexels. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. A DC 25 Will save negates this increase. A bogeyman gains fast healing 5 while any creature within its deepest fear aura is suffering from a fear effect, including any fear effect created by the aura itself.

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  • Many believe that the most cruel and mischievous fey become bogeymen as a punishment or a reward for their actions. Bogeymen use their powers to haunt houses or secluded natural places where they can hunt prey unobserved. They relish using their ghost sound ability to hint at their presence long before they fully reveal themselves.

    True to their name, all bogeymen are male. Shop our Store!