Die Hunde-Geheimagenten-Schule (German Edition)

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Four Solutions to the Major Challenges of Digitalization. The customer as a development partner - Free Whitepaper. All Projects. For Partcipants. Local churches, schools and charitable organizations can give you a list of opportunities and places in need of help. For example, collecting toys and clothing for needy children in your community, donating to your local food pantry or volunteering at a soup kitchen are all good options.

You can also get a group together and work on a Habitat for Humanity project. It will make you appreciate what you possess. You can also find many opportunities in your local community at www. Nikolaus by helping those in need. History records marzipan as a valued blend of crushed almonds and honey, which dates back to BC in ancient Egypt.

It is believed that Marzipan was introduced to Europe by returning crusaders in the 13th century. During the Renaissance, the kings of France cherished marzipan and had it baked into small cookies called Masepains.

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At the time, sugar was a scarce and expensive commodity. Therefore, marzipan was typically found only at the tables of the affluent and nobility. Marzipan is a culinary paste created of ground almonds and sugar, which is then frequently sculpted into intricate shapes.

Persipan is a similar but cheaper product, which replaces the almonds with apricot or peach kernels. Marzipan was first used to form detailed figures of animals, men, trees, castles, and other shapes. The figures, made from sugar paste and jellies, were presented at the end of each course of a medieval feast. In the 18th century, when marzipan became a popular confectionery good, it was still reserved as a treat for special holiday occasions.

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  7. Once sugar production from sugar beets was industrialized in the early s, the price of marzipan dropped quite dramatically. In , Johann Georg Niederegger took over. The manufacturers distinguish their product from other marzipans by requiring strict limitations on the sugar content. Products must have a sugar content no higher than In Germany, as in our own production, the quality of marzipan is taken seriously.

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    Marzipan is hardly considered a luxury item any longer. The present uses of marzipan vary according to the region of the world. It is also traditionally used in wedding cakes, Christmas cakes and Stollen. Let people in your community see that DANK members and friends are caring. It is sure to bring more joy and happiness into your life. By using some of these suggestions, you will make a difference this year and it will help you to capture the true spirit of Christmas.

    Volunteering is not just an altruistic act. Americans gave, per capita, three and a half times as much to causes and charities as the French, seven times as much as the Germans, and 14 times as much as the Italians. Connect with your community Promote German goodwill Gain local recognition for your chapter Generate positive press for your chapter Attract new members. Look around and you will see something about American culture that is unlike any other country, their willingness to give across all income levels.

    These differences are not attributable to demographic characteristics such as education, income, age, sex, or marital status. On the contrary, if we look at two people who are identical in all these ways except that one is European and the other American, the probability is still far lower that the European will volunteer within his community to help the underprivileged than the American would. Anyone traveling to Europe will surely marvel at how different it is from the United States—and how Europeans have trouble understanding the difference.

    For Americans, the personal element—in giving, volunteering, and philanthropy, to those in need - form an indispensable principle of democracy. The belief is that Germans are spending less in donating their time for charity because, in the minds of many Germans, charity at home is something the state is supposed to do. You may think of volunteer work as a waste of time, or something that millionaires or retirees do with their spare time.

    Volunteer work is not just something people with altruistic tendencies do to fill their time. It can also be an excellent source for beefing up a resume, helping your community, and making you feel good about yourself. It gets your mind off of your own pain and forces you to count your blessings. Do something, anything, and do it not just to help others, but to help yourself. Volunteering is not just good for the one who gets the help, but for the one who gives it too. Do it as an event to celebrate St. Make sure to let your community news media know what you are doing.

    Send a press release out prior to, and after, your event in order to gain visibility within your community. Then send in an article, with photos, and we will publish it in the Journal. Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt Advent time — the most wonderful time of the year is coming nearer. This is the time when the first preparations for Christmas are being made.

    The Adventskranz — the wreath — has to be constructed out of fir twigs and branches of other evergreens. Four candles are stuck into the wreath and every Advent Sunday a candle is lit on the Fourth Advent, the wreath is fully aglow with Christmas anticipation. The Adventskalender — the Advent calendar — is made.

    The evening of Christmas Eve, the light tinkle of a little bell tells the children that the Weihnachtsmann, or the Christkind, had been there to bring the presents. During the Advent time, the Nikolaustag — St. The children place a freshly polished shoe in front of the door together with some milk and cookies for poor St. Adventskaffee is served with the first home baked Christmas cookies. This is the time of year when you invite friends you may not have seen for a long time.

    The house has to be cleaned, the Christmas tree has to be bought, the decorations have to be unpacked. If only the whole year could be so tranquil. When I am not in Germany, this is the time I miss the most. Publication Title. Ever since the tradition has carried on and is now gaining added momentum with the addition of another day to celebrate, German Unity Day Tag der Einheit on October 3.

    We carry on the tradition and still request a yearly proclamation from the President. During my visit I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with my new friends of the many delegations and Bayard Johnson of the Heritage Foundation gave me a tour of Hockemeyer Hall which will become the new GA Heritage Center and is slated to open on March 20, Publication Title 2.

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    6. Publication of Statement Ownership If the publication is aofgeneral publication, publication of this statement is required. If a general publication, of or this statement is required. Publication not required. Date Publication not required. Date Date Date. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this including civil penalties. Iform certify that all information on this form is true andform complete. Essential to the growth of America, these farmers, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and patriots gave their strength, determination, and in some circumstances, their lives, so we all may experience a brighter tomorrow.

      It is in this spirit that German Americans continue to enrich our national character, sharing their proud heritage with new generations from every background. German Americans have influenced our Nation in myriad ways with their industry, culture, and engagement in public life. These milestones reinforce the German to our collective identity since the first settlements were founded in the 17th century. German enrichinour character, sharing who theirhave proud heritage with new from immigrants, inhabiting every city, German have given much offor themselves throughout every background.

      Today, wemajor celebrate Americans their remarkable roleour in history, selflessly expanding the reach of the American Dream. On this day, we celebrate and honor the past, present, and future contributions of German Americans to the rich and textured story of America. We work closely with the Executive Board, chapters and all officers and members on both the local and national levels. Through our administrative tasks, strategic projects, networking at events and online, and our internship opportunities for students, we ensure positive exposure for DANK, attract new and younger members.

      We look back on a great year and look forward to another one that will be even better…Thanks for being a member! Our Wish List for the New Year includes a new office computer as well as a new database system in the near future. We are able to do everything, just a little bit slower due to some outdated technology. As always, our office is open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. If you look on our Imprint on the second page of this Journal, you will find our contact information and several ways to reach us.

      Remember, Eva and I have very different backgrounds, gifts and abilities, and we are here to make them work for you and for DANK. By: Fred K. Huttel, Sr. This town was first settled in My city played a very important part during the German Reformation. So, therefore, my up-bringing was very much Lutheran influenced. To Martin Luther, the family was the foundation for a wholesome daily living.

      My memories of Christmas, I thank my parents for a wonderful childhood. Christmastime for me, during my childhood years, was a very exciting time. In November, we started with our Christmas preparations by fashioning wreaths, one for Advent with four candles, and more for the graves of our ancestors. Just after the 1st Sunday of Advent was Nikolaustag St.

      Nicholas Day, December 6th. On this day was Nikolausmarket; Santa would come to visit us children, with a switch and a sack filled with sweets, apples and nuts. The switch was used on the bad behaved children. I never got sweets! We celebrated within our family, all four Sundays of Advent by lighting up the wreath candles and listening to the Brass Band playing Chorales from the Church steeple. On this day, the stores closed at noon and everybody had ample time to prepare and celebrate the birth of the Christkind — the Christ Child. We as a family would attend the Christmas Eve Service.

      O, this service was so festive, beautiful and joyous - unforgettable — with all the special music. We grandchildren would stand in front of the Christmas tree to recite, by memory, a Christmas poem. There were six of us grandchildren. Each of us tried to out do our cousins. Then all of us, grownups and children, would sing all those beautiful Christmas carols. Only then were we allowed to look for our Christmas presents.

      By 8 PM we would make our way home to celebrate Christmas within my own family. At home, the family would sit down for a delicious meal. Afterwards we were allowed into the living room, which had been off limits for us children, all during Advent. Behold, there stood the Christmas tree in all its splendor. My father read the Christmas story from Luke and afterwards we would sing, sing and sing our hearts out.

      Frauen der Mode: The German Fräulein: Toni Garrn - Gesellschaft - FAZ

      After 83 years I remember all of them by memory. This time of togetherness, the love, the feeling of security within my family was deeply planted in my heart. The climax for us children was to get to those presents the Christkind had brought us and lined up under the Christmas tree — Weihnachts Baum. On Christmas Day we played with our toys the Christkind had brought us. For us children it was always the most joyous time of the year. A time of love deeply etched into my heart. By now, we had a good portion of snow and we children would go sledding and skiing — plenty of good fresh air.

      We kids had three weeks vacation and lots of time for outside activities. I have one brother, Ulrich Juergen Huttel still living in Germany.

      Karsten Bornschein’s tracks

      I will do a Triathlon in about 4 hours and I am too nervous to relax. I get up and put my tri stuff on and go into the kitchen to make coffee. This is my first Triathlon, I am 45 years old and I started running 3 years ago. I have accomplished a couple of Half Marathons but this Triathlon business is a whole different ball game. It will take me about 4 hours to finish, if I finish… It all started in April in a pool in Arizona when I got into a conversation with an old lady with a Speedo swimsuit on.

      I was in awe how well she swam and started talking. She told me that she still does Triathlons and she is training for her next race. She was 86 years old. I never felt so unaccomplished in my life. That is it I thought to myself you have to try this. So I flew home and signed up for the big Chicago Triathlon for the long Olympic distance. The damage was done and after a couple of days I started getting second thoughts.

      What had I done? Did I lose my marbles? I have many flaws but I am not a quitter. So off I. The running part was easiest. I knew I can do that, after all I ran for the last 3 years. But the biking was a horse of a different color. I trained 6 days a week for 3 months, running, swimming, biking.

      I thought I never survive the training. My husband thought I completely lost it. My kids did not know what to think, but my girl friends were all thinking I had a screw lose.