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But just before Arika is set to ascend to the privileged class, a new student arrives and begins upsetting the status quo, sharing subversive messages of social justice and questioning whether peace can really be called that when it requires the sacrifice of innocent lives. Arika must make a difficult choice between her promised place among the elites and tearing down flawed institutions to forge a truer, harder sort of freedom.

In , Truckee Wallace lives in a part of the former United States called Crunch, United, working in a food processing plant. He has no particular enthusiasm for his life, but his humdrum days start looking better to him after the president of the company charges Truckee with transporting a talking goat named Barnaby across the country as part of an effort to stymie the nefarious plans of the inventor of a technology that links human brains with electronic devices.

Vintage , by Antoine Laurain In vino tempus itinerantur: this fantastical novel-in-translation from French author Antoine Laurain is a heady time travel story with strong notes of humor and romance. One glass of the vintage and the four awaken the next morning to find themselves transported back in time to Tobias Finch has spent centuries watching over Greenhollow Wood with only his cats and the dryads for company. Tobias recognizes Henry as the new owner of the woods, and feels an instant attraction that Tobias initially resists.

Fate soon brings the two back together, however, and Tobias discovers Henry has hidden depths—including an interest in collecting and preserving the local myths and legends. Henry begins to pursue the truth behind one of them, involving a wild man who roams the woods and abducts young men, putting himself in danger and pushing Tobias to a crisis point. After fighting a war in another universe, Captain John Wyndham returns to his home city of Khelathra-Ven, a place where time and geography are fluid.

When Haas is hired by socialite Lady Eirene Viola Delhali to investigate who is attempting to blackmail her out of following through on her marriage, Shaharazad quickly narrows the possible suspects—and enlists a reluctant Wyndham to travel through various trippy areas of the city in search clues. Along the way, he faces insane old gods and a prison cell in Carcosa, much to his dismay. The further they dig into the case, the more impossible it seems—even for a place like Khelathra-Ven. Three months before, the Crisis began—a terrifying plague that has killed most of the global population and led to the creation of horrifying monsters.

Most of the survivors are huddled in quarantine camps, which have become a breeding ground for desperate acts of violence and terror. But Red is determined, and no matter how grim her journey becomes, she refuses to give up, relying on her survival skills to guide her through a journey she has no guarantee of completing. His only allies are waylaid from helping him—witch Aster is captured by the same malevolent force that has cursed reality, while the half-dead Veronica delves into the secret behind her own murder.

I thank you for your time and I leave the last words to you. David: My pleasure…I thank you for your questions and I hope you will enjoy all the forthcoming tracks. And… I want to say that we are really looking forward to celebrating our music, life, and friendship with you all! David: Let me just start out by saying that everything is going very well right now, and many interesting things will begin appearing, as we have many irons in the fire as we speak.

As you know we have been busy, and have managed to get new sounds out inside each of the 3 re-issues that we released these past two years, so we have not been idle, we are not idle, and we are currently sitting on a huge stack of new material, some of which you my friend have actually heard this evening. But anyway… to answer your question, well…there are several reasons why not much news was forthcoming these past few months. I think that one of the main reasons is that we have never been the type of band to just post random things.

We prefer to update our sites when we have something concrete to announce, and since we did not have a clear idea of what we were going to be able to release through our label SPV, we had nothing new to add to what had already been said. It made no sense to keep rehashing the same information or to post confusing what ifs In our last interviews we did discuss what we were planning, and we did begin work on all that I had mentioned, and the work continues. As regards all those projects that I had discussed, well…the difficult part of making sense out of all those various projects was simply that there were and still are so many of them!

The year started out with discussions with our label about doing a DVD from the Historical perspective, and I began compiling footage and organizing it so that it could be edited in a coherent chronological manner. Also discussed with SPV was a brand new album…and we have been working on it. In fact as I announced several months ago…we really did begin work on 3 new albums…but more of that later. Anyway…then the plans changed….

We are absolutely going to issue all those albums I just mentioned, however… the schedule has changed once again. It has now been confirmed that we will issue those discs in February. And the good news is that not only will there be some bonus tracks…but that we have actually managed to create a new 79 minute bonus CD, which will be included inside the INVICTUS re-issue.


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I am happy to say that we will be getting a whole lot of new material out! While this bonus album that I am speaking about is not one of the 3 new albums that I mentioned earlier and discussed in other interviews, it nevertheless is a new album. While sorting everything out over the summer, we found ourselves going off on tangents and this album quickly grew and grew until it developed into this new collection of songs, which we have now completed.

And again I have to tell you that it really came together quickly and unexpectedly. It was very magical how it all happened. SPV will receive the final versions of everything shortly. David: Yes that is correct.

At the risk of being redundant, but to be perfectly clear, while this is not the album we had originally planned to release first, and while it is musically different to what we are currently preparing for the new album for next September…it is nevertheless a new album hidden There are so many different layers and moods to it. And it has that natural, organic sound. The rawness of it reminds me of the first Led Zeppelin album. Edmund: I look forward to hearing the rest of it. What you did let me hear sounds outrageous. As I said earlier we do not like to announce things unless we are really sure that they will happen.

That's another reason why things were so quiet Our focus is on the music and when we feel like we have something worth talking about then we do. Edmund: So you are not going to start tweeting about some great new coffee you found at Starbucks, or how often you change your strings? Edmund: Perfect! We recorded everything in my studio. Edward played guitar on it. I believe it is coming out in November. The record has a very English feel to it. His name is Mark Edwards… but he is known as Geoff Fontaine on the Exorcist album … he is a long time friend of mine. His new band is called TANG, and features two Long Island legends…Bonnie Parker on bass and Denny Colt on guitar … the music varies from straight up metal to a more gothic type of approach.

It is simply a collection of songs that work well and sound like they belong together. And then of course mixing and mastering will follow. David: Edward has done a masterful job of performing on these tracks. I think these albums will showcase some of his finest playing ever! There is a whole lot of guitar playing on these albums. This time, instead of orchestrating everything with various strings and organs and such, we have the guitar playing all the intricate harmonies that the piano plays, and together with just the piano and the guitars, the whole sonic scope of the progressions is clear and the music wails into life.

Edmund: Excellent! What does the title mean for starters and what can we expect to hear on it? Edward: It is ripping! But it reveals another side to the VS sound. David: Thanks. Whatever mastering was done on them at the time had changed the overall sound. Yes it still sounded fine, and the songs came across, but to me these new versions sound much more alive, and there is much more detail in them.

I am really pleased with how they turned out. The punch is there and the clarity comes through. Edward: Agreed! They sound so wide-screen and alive!

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I can hear and feel every bit of attack in the guitars. David: I am glad that I always went out of my way to preserve the various mixes and make backups, etc…as it has really come in handy. Edmund: And what can you tell me about the bonus tracks for them? However, we were able to still add some very nice things.

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In going through the archives, I came across various bits of acoustic guitar soloing that we had recorded Edward playing with the possible intention of turning into another song later on or using in some fashion somewhere on the "Marriage 1" album. These ideas were never used, and in the process of unearthing them, I discovered how incredible they were! I listened through, sorted out the different takes he did, got the mix together and then presented the finished version to Edward, who promptly fell off his chair!

He had forgotten about them, and was able to hear them with fresh ears and I believe he was more than a little pleased. Edward: That is the understatement of the year! I was absolutely floored and really happy that we had these recordings after all this time, and I am really looking forward to unleashing them on the VS audience.

David: It is a really beautiful bit that Edward came up with, and his performance on it is wonderful. We think it is a nice way to honor her. We would have liked to include more stuff but there really is no more room on the disc. These were done with just, guitars, some keyboards and the vocal…no drums except maybe a bass drum hit now and then, and no bass or elaborate production, but they sound amazing! Edward: Those versions rule the night. I have a cassette of them that I have been listening to for years! David: I had not heard them in ages, but I remembered them and I always remembered Edward telling me that he thought those versions were great, and now after hearing them again after all this time…I have to agree with him that they definitely do have some kind of magic.

Edmund: Great news! Frank Gilchriest wails like a God on them! Edward, Josh and I are really looking forward to getting all his tracks completed for the next several albums. Only Edward and I are playing on it. It was recorded live in the studio with just he and I, and then we added another guitar or two afterwards. It is a very emotional track, and could easily be re-recorded with the full on heavy treatment with electric guitars, bass and drums, but there is a certain charm and magic to how we do it in this version.

Edward: I love that song. It is really, really special. I am already calling it a classic. David: Again…we would have added more…but there is no more room on the disc. Please tell me something about the tracks on that.

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I am ready now. Regarding the question you asked me before, the title refers to the way in which it was captured. Since the music was coming together so quickly we decided to go for it and see things through to their conclusion and this is the result of our long, hot summer. These songs are a harvest…a collection of spectral moods, or ghosts that were born, died or unearthed during these past few months.

Josh plays some wicked 8 string guitar on here and Edward wails as always. While I do understand why our label wants to wait until February to release all these Works we are discussing, I am impatient to have them out. I really wanted them out by October to co-inside with the holiday…but unfortunately it is not to be. We do want to preview some of the material in video form well in advance of the releases. That one roars. As discussed with our label, our current timetable or operating schedule looks like this:.

And then …there will be the Release of the historical DVD. And quite possibly there will be some unexpected other releases in the midst of all that, because there are several more irons in the fire…. Edmund: So the DVD will eventually see the light of day? David: Oh yes. With it, I want to take the audience on a journey through our past, the present and future, and invite them into our environment.

Edward: The DVD will be incredible. It will be Epic! For me coming in fresh from being away from the tracks for awhile…I am blown away. The fire rages on! David : Indeed! I think that is all for the moment. Edmund: Thanks very much for your words and thanks very much for the sneak preview. And the Wrecking Ball Of Thor It is always a great pleasure and honor to do an interview with David DeFeis as he is a man with a wide knowledge of Greek and not only history but also a musician with an undeniable talent. Virgin Steele has already written its own, remarkable story in the last 30 or so years.

Rockpages gets in touch with DeFeis for yet another exclusive interview whereas we learn a few things more about this great American band. As a matter of fact, two of them were based on a yet unidentified concept. What can you tell us about them and will all three of them see the light of day in the near future? David DeFeis: Yes, Sakis, that is true we are working on the next 3 albums simultaneously.

We do hope to have the first of the 3 out this year I wrote the lyrics for this one with a very open style, so the listener can imagine themselves in the main role, and "feel" where the story is going. This album can be interpreted on many levels I have my own specific thoughts concerning what each song is actually about, but like I said, I wrote it in an open fashion so the listener can really find their own personal meaning for themselves in there For me it isn't necessary that the listener get my specific take on it.

I think that everyone who comes to it will find something different within to relate to. Musically it does absolutely flow like a "concept" album The other collection of songs or And the third album is a collection of tracks that are not necessarily at all related lyrically. If all goes well, the first one will be issued this year and the next one early the following year I wouldn't mind having both out this year. We will also re-issue the next set of the catalogue So there will be all sorts of new sounds coming out either way.

Is it evident of your maturity as a composer and do you think that you will release one day again a more traditional, non-concept heavy metal album? David DeFeis: Yes I think it is partially a case of development, and also My mind has always worked towards organizing material into a unified whole. At least that has been my goal But I do enjoy taking arms for or against a subject or an idea and trying to see it from as many sides as possible, and take the material on a trip to Hell or Heaven As I mentioned a moment ago But that being said I always feel that on some level they should relate, communicate, or have a thread that unites them in some way Nothing has faded or died I feel them everywhere I grew up in an environment that constantly put me in contact with your world, and the myths and philosophies contained within it.

In my house growing up, I was surrounded by the Theatre Plus the nature of how my siblings and I were raised within that house has something to do with it. The food we ate, the chores we were expected to do I saw the Myths come alive in my daily environment They were never far from my thoughts. I always loved the heroic quality, the tragic moments, the deep thought, the striving for knowledge Some of my relatives also shared this interest in the land and concepts of Greece. My Uncle Freddie who was deeply into body building and the martial arts, and who became a number 1 Mr.

I thought we were Greek! I suppose being of Italian descent doesn't put me too far away from Greece The Romans had similar Myths and such that they borrowed from Greece I do try to infuse our records with passion and all that I have learned, and am still learning. I want the albums to remain vital and alive for eons Why did you choose specifically this drama by Aeschylus? David DeFeis: It was one of those tales that stuck with me from when I was growing up I loved the tale for its timelessness, its savagery, its beauty and its profound effect upon human thought and judgments When I was asked to write"something like an opera" I had not thought of it prior I did not second guess my instinct I went for it, and it was an amazing experience to write and record and then perform that Work.

We still keep a lot of it in our live show! Did you try to approach the Greek Department of Culture or even a Greek theater producer in order to bring this musical to Greece as it would be more fitting? David DeFeis: No I personally never did try to approach anyone there about doing it. A friend of mine I would be honored to have that Work performed in Greece I have wanted to do it for ages, but getting the label behind it to do it the way I envision it, has always been another story I think though that this might actually now be possible with SPV.

We will discuss this in our next meetings which actually begin next week. I want to do an entire historical perspective and include a chapter on the 3 "Metal-Operas". This will take an enormous amount of time to assemble, because there is a large amount of material that I would want included It is a Work that I really look forward to doing, but I don't want to be distracted by making the new albums at the same time.

I want to give each project my full attention But one way or another From your perspective, why do you think the Greek audience remains so loyal to Virgin Steele? I am sure that you realize that this admiration transcends the boundaries of the music itself and there are many fans that think highly of you as a human being David DeFeis: Eyharisto Poli! I thank you sincerely for all your kind words We have been true to what our vision is, and have not compromised our ideals.

We have stayed steadfast and made the kind of music that we enjoy, rather than jump from bandwagon to bandwagon. I think the Greek audience appreciates that. One can be sure that if they pick up a VIRGIN STEELE album, regardless of whether or not they like it, it will be a true reflection and representation of where we are at, rather than an attempt to ingratiate or align ourselves with any particular sect or trend And perhaps also because when we have visited, we have always been very approachable, and have delivered some of our longest sets to the Greek audience I personally have always felt very much at home in your Country.

I can't explain it, but whenever I visit I feel the magick. It's where the Spirits meet In your opinion, which are the albums that perfectly capture the spirit and the essence of Virgin Steele? David DeFeis: For me they all have their moments I think each album is a reflection of what was going on at the time, and captures the spirit of that particular moment or age That my friend is a difficult question I think that it captures the vibe of the band.

David DeFeis: Thanks so very much I truly appreciate that. It was our intention to kind of summarize the Group from a kind of historical perspective My hope is to do more videos from the back catalogue, and I think each song could be done. We do wish to be more prolific in our visual output! Having to re-issue the back Catalogue has been demanding as not only am I re-mastering and sorting out the original tracks, but we have been adding all this extra material, and if you noticed David DeFeis: It changed probably because of lifestyles, and wanting to give other members of the group the opportunity to develop other aspects of their lives.

We entered into a kind of pattern of doing shorter runs of live work, and "one offs", and festivals. It is something that we do enjoy Right now though The studio beckons and once in there Do you agree with this and if yes, do you think in hindsight that the future of the band would have been radically different if you had started your career in Europe?

See a Problem?

David DeFeis: I don't think it would have been radically different Yes our style has always been more European In terms of what a lot of the European Metal bands are doing I don't feel like we have all that much in common. We also come from the "Blues", and that is an American musical form which permeates in a not so very obvious way, a good portion of what we do, and how we approach making records or write songs or perform.

I think that balance is what keeps our sound definable as our particular sound. If we all had been born in Europe and then started from there I don't know that we would have become more "Classical" than we already are Had we moved to Europe in the 80's or 90's It has always been about making the kind of music we enjoy, and growing as artists and performers This 2 CD digipak re-release comes with massive bonus tracks, a huge booklet with new liner notes and many rare photos. This version will be in digi-pak form and contain not one On disc 2 we have a total of 20 tracks.

These tracks consist of a large amount of newly recorded material completed this past month, as well as alternate mixes of some of the album's original tracks. And in addition we have also included a never released track from somewhere around that period of time. All the material has been re-mastered, and the package will feature copious liner notes, photos and unique packaging All is going pretty well thanks for asking. We met some great people the shows went well and the ship stayed afloat! Over the last autumn and winter we were in Europe several times and we also visited South America.

Those shows all went very well. We made it back to GREECE once again after several years which was really amazing… was a great year and has been quite rewarding for us as well thus far! So…what new music or in general what music have you been listening to lately?

I think it is quite brilliant what they are doing. Interesting I will check them out. Some of it was filmed on the North Shore, some around my home… We did it over a couple of days…it was a really nice experience for all of us. ANSWER: Well…we have always been aware that there is an interest and a demand for such things and we have always wanted to do more with video, and the time was finally right to get going on it.

Edward was particularly interested in having that specific song filmed, as he is a big fan of it, and he kept reminding me that we should do something with it, so I made some arrangements and we began. It was all very organic…very natural. It was an extraordinary couple of days…there was a real Magick in the air for all for us, and I think our bond…that feeling of togetherness can be found within. We intentionally did it very inexpensively, and yet it still captures a real cohesive Group vibe, has grace and makes a statement.

It looks like the kind of things that were once shown on MTV long ago. With this clip we succeeded in doing so for ourselves, and we are all quite jazzed up about it.

The Undomestic Goddess

It is real and it is us. The reaction has been mostly positive! If you see it direct on a DVD it looks much better, as it is quite a large file. The clip is a good will gesture. We are very anxious to get going on the next one as soon as possible. Possibly one of the new bonus tracks…I would like to start doing something from each of the albums.

We would rather not put up all kinds of random things. We hope to keep progressing with the making of videos and occasionally post a proper sounding live performance. We hope to get serious about that before the year is through. I think that would be amazing. I am very much looking forward to completing our historical DVD. This will be another step towards the ultimate direction of a feature film. Spielberg if you are reading this…we are ready! It keeps the neighbors at bay…. ANSWER: We are recording what will be the next new album, which hopefully will be issued before the year is out, and we are also recording the various bonus tracks that will be released on the next re-issues.

And in truth we are really working on what will be the next 3 albums, because there are quite a lot of songs…We are trying to capture everything as the inspiration comes…As regards what the new album will be all about…I prefer to wait a bit to give you more information, as I am still writing, and I am waiting to see how the latest music develops.

Two of them could be conceived as conceptual, while the third consists of separate unrelated material. We are essentially trying to record everything before committing completely to what we will release first. It features an extra disc of new material. I think this re-issue is very appropriate for the upcoming Summer Season, as it has a whole lot of sweat in it, and it already sounds quite suitable for listening to on your favorite beach.

The email is as always: virginsteele optonline. It was shot entirely on Long Island a few short weeks ago. It is not a huge massive budget production. It is more of a simple home movie type experience. It was shot by our longtime friend and engineer Ed Warrin, with one camera in several locations.

I then spent several days learning how to edit. We have come up with something that I believe represents the attitude and the feeling of what the Group is all about. It has a strong live energy about it, possibly because it was shot just a few days after we returned from our latest European performances. There is a really nice ambiance about the clip. It captures a very specific mood and moment in time, and shows a nice part of our Island where we live David had this to say: "We toured with Black Sabbath on their Eternal Idol Tour, and they were just so very gracious to us.

Tony was exceptionally kind and supportive of all that we were doing. January 23th - 27th For more information, go to: www. Greetings Friends, While the Group is currently working on what will be their next two brand new albums plus various other musical bits and pieces, they have also managed to keep a hand in the visual side of things, and several videos will shortly be forthcoming throughout the month of April.

Lyrics by David DeFeis. This is the Barbaric Remix Version. Recorded and mixed in a whirlwind two days and featuring David DeFeis' sister Danae on vocals, this album caused quite a stir in the Metal Underground when it was first released. The first disc will contain a remixed version of the entire album and the second disc will contain a remastered presentation of the original version. David DeFeis comments on the re-release:. In the Work Visions Of Eden — The Lilith Project — A Barbaric Romantic Movie Of The Mind… contrary to what the title implies, this album promises no fullfillment of the utopian dream even though the orchestration again shows lavish full-metallic creativity and the band re-demonstrates its compositional strength throughout.

However, that being said, in actuality, it is really about today…modern times and how we might have arrived here at this strange place we now currently inhabit…. Gail questions the Group about the meaning behind those clips and others, plus their plans for brand new sounds, and the next re-issues etc… Gail Flug: Hail Men Of Steele I really enjoyed the clips! What can you tell me about the meaning behind these visual experiences? David: Cheers Gail! Thanks for stopping by. I believe that you get a true sense of us and a sense of our place on this Sacred Island Of Long where we all live and that we deeply care about and love.

We captured the long cold winter and those last 2 snow escapades that occurred. The idea behind everything was to keep it raw, honest and present our natural environment. We have our own style and attitude and you can hear that in the music and see that onstage or in the videos. That one is very dark, yet quite beautiful. David: Thanks so very much. Since the music is alternately dark and also empowering, I wanted to try to achieve something similar with the visuals.

Who shot the footage for all the videos I saw? David: Ed Warrin wielded the camera. So you are Damian Rath right? Always have been…always will be…. David: All of it was filmed around my place and the still photos were taken at Saint Charles, you know it…the cemetery off Wellwood Avenue. Some of those stills I shot through my car window while driving around the various pathways, and then I decided to get a bit deeper into the experience so I parked, ventured out and shot several more photos while wandering around on foot in there one really freezing cold day about 2 weeks ago.

There is a definite sense of cold, and gloom about that clip that I really enjoy. What can you tell me about that? David: Yes you are correct! I think that clip is very majestic. It has a real royal, noble quality and a darkness that is moving. Josh: I found it epic and sad, but really beautiful, and triumphant at the same time. The audio is from the Barbaric Re-mix Version right?

David: Yes…absolutely. I think the re-mixes are wonderful. There is so much more detail to the songs now. What is that all about? David: Thanks a million! And where was that video shot? Edward: I like the energy of the clip. It steamrolls right over you. Josh: I agree. It is bombastic. It is a dream of mine…. Do it! What does that one represent? David: Thanks a lot! It also has something to do with the events that occurred here on September 11, The video clip I believe expresses all that, and maybe the visuals make it a bit more obvious in the idea of the severing of our personal relationship with the self…it shows a kind of dissolving of our being…and on a lighter note it showcases the noble good looks of our new drummer Matt McKasty!

Josh: Indeed! Edward: Yes! I mean that in the original sense of the term, as found in groups like T. Rex or Mott The Hoople or Queen. You could say that there is always darkness lurking behind the sun…so to speak.

I like the beard David. David: Ha ha, ha! In some of the clips I am sporting both looks…the beard and the clean-shaven face…it keeps things interesting for me. I do hope so as I really like it, especially the double disc 29 song version. Edward: Yes. That clip features just David and I doing our thing. David: Yeah, that one is pretty cool. It sometimes takes awhile, but in the end we do complete everything that we set out to do.

David: Oh yeah! That one is crazy. It features just Josh and I running the song down with him on seven-string guitar going through a Marshall amp, and my vocal. That video is already done so it will probably come out fairly soon. So what is the plan for those clips and the others that are still being edited? Those two will make a bold visual statement.