How to Get Your Start in Club Promotion

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  1. How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 1
  2. Starting a Club Promotion Company
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  4. Starting a Club Promotion Company |
  5. What to Look for in a Professional Nightclub Promoter

Because of the success of that event, I expanded it for the Championships to include three preliminary competitions in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Top sketch comedy groups competed in comedy clubs in the preliminaries.

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  7. The Ins-and-Outs of Club Promotion.

Then the winners went on to the finals, held at the world-famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. All of the venues were packed, and the entire competition was a resounding success. All of these qualities make this business exciting for aspiring entrepreneurs.

How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 1

This third method works perfectly with the event-promotion business. Hit more markets, and you pull in more revenues. Which means more money in your pocket. I took a formula that worked for one event, and turned it into four events. In doing so, I quadrupled my profits.

Starting a Club Promotion Company

The trick is to make them an offer that can make them money with little risk or effort on their part. For example, I have promoted ballroom dance competitions that were videotaped and shown on local cable television.

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These events drew enthusiastic crowds to the dance halls where they were held, so the owners of those places were not only willing to do a split with me on the price of admission, but also paid additional promotional fees. Ice shows, circuses, theater companies — there are many promoters that produce extravaganzas that travel around the country and even the world.

They may make lots of money… but think of what it costs to transport all of those people not to mention costumes, scenery, and equipment! Your primary goal then is to build a dubstep scene in your town. A secondary might be to make yourself known as a DJ and even build an industry network.

Get access to all our free DJ training!

What is your market? If the scene is just full of college students who only go see cover bands at bars, then think about what you could do to attract them to something else. Would it be doing a mashup night where you play a lot of music they know, only as dance music? They go out to pay for a lifestyle.

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  • Women go to these spots because they want to look hot, be pampered and worshiped with bypassing the line, no cover, and some free booze. What if you more want to throw underground events?

    Starting a Club Promotion Company |

    What lifestyle do those people want? Many of them want things to be more like Europe with top quality sound and talent in the DJ booth, and even expensive out-of-town talent they read about in blogs. Whatever goals you set and lifestyle you dream up to sell, this is a consumer market. The consumer is king, and they decide who makes it and who fails. If you want to succeed in throwing and promoting events, you have to be a businessperson first, and a DJ second.

    Stay tuned. Are you just starting out on the road of promoting your own parties?

    What to Look for in a Professional Nightclub Promoter

    Have you had successes or failures trying to put your nights on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Get your returns in on time, and pay on time. It will save you heartache later on — trust me on this one. See you then! He has DJed across Europe, and nowadays lives in southern Spain where he plays Balearic beach sundowners on the weekends. Creative Structure for a Unforgettable Mix. How to Launch a Club Night — Part 2.

    5 Things to NEVER Ask Vegas Club Promoters

    How to launch a Club Night: Part 1. Business of DJing. By Phil Morse On Oct 17, Digital dj tips how to Phil morse promoting start a club night Tips. You might also like More from author. Advanced DJ Tips. Basic DJ Tips. Drop your email address here, we'll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week. More Stories. Sep 14, Sep 6, Sign in. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers. Welcome, Login to your account.