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Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Otherworld Tales , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 17, Arletta Dawdy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: readers of fantasy. Markee writes of magic, Celtic mythology and the mysteries that are Mt.

The author creates a magical world inside of the mountain with the mythical and interdependent cultures of Lumerians and Yaktavians, and the terrorists Abbadon and Belial. Earth the Green World is threatened with extinction and it is up to teenagers Irish, Frost, Streak and Huff to save it. They learn to use their magical powers of fire, ice, speed and wind in the process of their journeys and use them to battle the would-be earth destroyers.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 228 ONLY [English][Early Release] + SUB INDO

How they rid Mt. Shasta of the evil-doers and their minions and bring justice for the Yaktavians unfolds in great adventure and action packed drama. Concepts of mind-merge, the ability to throw ice and fire, telepathy and help from strange places bring success without memory. Markee's books beg for movie scripts and special effects or, at the least, video gaming. Welcome to Markee's Worlds. Nov 05, melydia rated it really liked it. Irish and Streak are joined by Irish's cousin Frost as they search for their friend Huff in the wilds of Mount Shasta.

This is the second of the Otherworld Tales series, but reading the first one is not strictly necessary, as Irish and his friends don't remember the events from that book anyway. There's less Celtic mythology this time around but far more adventure as our heroes fight monsters and the elements. I liked the cranky dwarves are there really any other kind? There's nothing especially unpredictable here - you know that Huff will eventually be rescued and evil will be vanquished - but I think this is a story that would be enjoyed by most children who like fantasy and adventure. Robin rated it it was amazing Oct 08, He nodded, pleased.

While you have a sterling reputation, I am told it is impossible, even for a master thief. And I have a particular thief in mind. One whose reputation surpasses even my own. She reached into her briefcase and passed him a file folder. As he read the first page, his brows shot up. I have tried myself and have not even been able to arrange a meeting with him.

Avery smiled. But I believe we can persuade him to take one last job. As I edited the piece on chupacabra sightings, I sipped my decaf coffee and ignored the disapproving looks from the sales director. A week ago, she had informed me—complete with Web links—that even decaf contained caffeine and I was endangering the life of my unborn child. I ignored that. Which makes me feel very old. Which segues nicely into the reason for my call.

Good employees are hard to find, and when you do find one, you do everything in your power to keep him. I need you to talk to your husband. In two days, Karl had it done. The client was ecstatic. He started work on it. Then, after lunch, he tells me he wanted to go back into sales. I tried to talk him out of it, but you know your husband. Which is where you come in. Will you talk to him? When I married Karl, I knew exactly what he was. Not just a werewolf, but a jewel thief.

So there were no illusions. And the fact that he retired from the life six months ago has nothing to do with me. Instead of chasing human prey, he chases the glittering variety, getting his adrenaline rush from that. Nobody understands the importance of that sublimation better than me, as a half-demon who craves the same rush. Karl had begun talking about retiring when Nita was born.

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He took only a few jobs a year, all out of country, and it would be years before Nita started asking questions. It was at a Pack Meet. The youngest Pack member, Noah, had asked Karl to show him a few tricks, because he was taking law enforcement in college, so he was curious. Karl obliged. Nita watched. Nita had been very proud of herself, regaling her father with the story as best a three-year-old can tell one. Elena and Jeremy had been amused. Clayton was not. But one person was even more appalled than Clay: Karl. Given the time, Karl and Nita would be at the park.

Karl worked only part-time for Joel, doing as much as possible from home, because he was the primary caregiver for our daughter. Even from the parking lot, I could see my husband. In a sea of au pairs, nannies, and mothers, the only man stuck out. Of course, being married to him, I could be biased, but the looks he got from the other caregivers said I was not. As Karl watched Nita on the climbers, a couple of the twenty-something nannies stood nearby, trying to catch his attention and failing miserably. When he saw me, that somber expression broke into a smile and he turned. My mother is Indo-American, and being half-demon means I get my looks from her.

I scooped her up as Karl came over and kissed me, and the nannies decided they really ought to get back to, you know, actually watching the kids they were being paid to watch. I want to break mine. She shrugged, as if this was inconsequential compared with the thrill of a new experience, and I cursed Lucifer for that. When Nita was born, my demon father said she would inherit some of my chaos hunger, making it more manageable for me. She needs ice cream. My book says so. Milk and cheese and ice cream for. Mommy needs calcium. Mommy needs ice cream.

Daddy watch. Mommy and Nita eat. Need calcium, calcium, calcium! I laughed. Nita does have a temper—no idea where that came from—but the best word to describe our daughter is exuberant. I watched her run off, black curls streaming behind her. If the nannies were surprised she was my daughter, they needed glasses.

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Karl took my hand, entwining it in his as we walked. It is the realization of a goal he never allowed himself to even acknowledge. He had a stable life now—with territory and family—and public displays of affection declared that this was his choice and he was happy with it. His hand tightened around mine. Was it work you could bring home? He met my smile with one of his own. I was tempted to let the job conversation wait until after sex. It helps that I have a partner who very enthusiastically takes advantage of my libido upswing. Having a three-year-old, though, means scant private time. If I got the chance for an hour alone with my husband, I really did not want to spend it having a discussion that might turn into a fight.

As we were walking back to the house, I told Karl that we needed to talk first. Then I put Nita down for her nap, which is easier than one might think. She actually embraces the rest time, even reminding us if we forget it. She can feel her batteries running low and wants the recharge. Karl was at the bar, getting a water from the fridge. At my words, he stiffened, just a little. He uncapped a Perrier, his back still to me. You liked the security work, Karl. Liked it a hell of a lot more than sales. Designing and debugging security systems is right up your alley. Now he came over and sat in the chair across from me.

He fingered the bottle and stared out the back window, and as I watched him, turned away from me to hide his expression. It was killing me to watch it happen. Worse, I had to feel it happen. My powers may have weakened along with my hunger, but when my husband is struggling, I feel every twitch and roil of it. I got to my feet and walked to the patio doors and out onto the back deck. We refuse to put a lock on our bedroom door for privacy, so we put a bell over hers. I waited until he was outside. Then I turned to face him. You want to be able to tell them what you do for a living and have them be proud of you.

But you know what, Karl? The sales job is a temporary measure while I figure out what I want. To steal it. I hope I could figure out at least one plausible reason why you quit after being given that specific job. I looked up the Hoard. It contains the Eye of Pldans. A jeweled amulet with a diamond center.

In other words, for a half-demon, it adds a bonus power. He was quiet for a minute. I told myself that was part of the research. A security system must protect against the supernatural powers of potential thieves. That violates your agreement with Clayton. And betray my own decision to retire, a mere six months after making it.

I met his gaze. Not unhappy. Am I as happy as I was three months ago, when you told me you were pregnant again? Am I happier than I was before I met you? The worst days since you came into my life are better than the best days that came before it, Hope. That wins for worst day ever.


Otherworld Secrets - Penguin Random House Education

He continued. Also, being shot in the head makes a man rethink his life. But it did. It still does. I want to be able to look our children in the eye when I answer that question. I have Pack missions, and I have interracial council investigations with you. He pulled another chair over to sit in front of me. I know we keep going back and forth. Three, maybe four, no, three. I would like four children. Oh, hell, yeah. You like working on making kids. But you also really like this part. I eased my dress up over the bump it concealed. His hands slid up to that, fingers running over it as a smug smile played on his lips.

I chuckled. His fingers dropped back to my legs and eased down my inner thighs, but his gaze stayed fixed on that bump, the smile growing, just a little. He paused here for more wonderful finger-work. I responded with more appreciative moaning. With his free hand, he undid the buttons on the front of my dress.

The Otherworld Club

His hand roamed up my stomach, pausing at my belly, and then continued to my bra, flicking open the front clasp. He kissed me and I wrapped my hands around his neck and returned it. Then I pulled back, my hands dropping to undo his belt. I opened his button, pulled down the zipper, and reached inside. Very, very eager. Well, the Eye is the crown jewel of the Hoard, so to speak. My entire family was completely uninterested. The messed-up baby had found her feet at last—a career, a loving husband, now children. They just think it might not be. See how fast you figured that out? We need you, Karl.

No one else can do this. Which would be great, if Karl were the kind of guy who needed his ego pumped with flattery. You can talk to him about this directly, Joel. Not to me. I know my limits. Just talk to him, okay? That evening, we were on the back deck again, this time watching Nita run through a makeshift obstacle course Karl had set up for her. Pushing veers dangerously close to nagging.

His lips twitched in a smile. He chuckled and settled into his chair. We sat for a few minutes, watching Nita wear herself out for bedtime. Karl shifted forward. I know your family suspects I have a shady history. They look past it for your sake. Showing Joel exactly how thieves circumvented his security passes that limit. He shifted again. He can hire an expert. He just wants to woo me back to security work. The next afternoon, I got another call. This one was from Paige, leader of the interracial council.

Hold on. I was going to see if you had any missions for me. Preferably the type custom-made for a chaos demon. That would have me wondering already, Hope. But apparently the company guarding it is owned by your brother. Paige and her husband run a law and private investigation firm dedicated to helping supernaturals in need. Would Karl steal the necklace then? Yes, he was given the job of designing security for the Anatolian Hoard. The Eye of Pldans is gone, and Karl Marsten stole it. Elena is eventually going to hear about it. I sighed. Karl did some research before he dropped the security job.

He said the guy looking to buy it was a Turkish national who wanted to repatriate it. Fredrick Birkan. Who is also a half-demon collector and most assuredly is not repatriating it. The security company hired to protect it is the one Karl works for. And the most obvious buyer had a cover story about repatriating the Eye, which means Karl could have justifiably stolen it. Which is the point. No one except me. I had to warn Karl before Elena contacted him.

I called as soon as I got off the phone. Then I took off. I had reason to be concerned. I rang again as I pulled into the lane. I raced inside fast enough that I almost forgot the alarm. The fact I had to disarm it should mean everything was fine. I could see his phone, left on the side table where he often set it down. I was telling myself to relax when tendrils of chaos slid through the open back windows. That was the hell of my demon hunger. Even when it meant someone I loved was in danger, I was like a crack addict getting a long-overdue fix.

Then I was racing toward the back door, my gun in hand.

A Tween Fantasy Novel by Charles Markee

A scream cut through the yard. Any lingering trace of that chaos buzz evaporated. I yanked open the back door and—. A splash and another scream. No, not a scream. A squeal of delight. Karl and Nita were in the pool. Happy chaos. I stood in the doorway, letting it wash over me as I smiled.

My daughter has brought so much into my life, but this is one of the most treasured gifts, and one reason we never rein in her exuberance. Joyful chaos is such a rare thing. And I get to enjoy it almost every day of my life. Yes, it was being guarded by the company he works for.

No, he did not do it. Yes, I know rumor says otherwise. Luckily, the great thing about not actually being a Pack member is that I can ignore protocol. At all. All right, I did. But they were talking about you and Elena. No illusions. Same with me and Karl. My husband is an egotistical, arrogant thief and a werewolf with a brutal reputation, which he earned. But if he tells me he quit the life, then he quit the life. Would you like me to come up and take the twins out with Nita?