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  1. Double Negative Examples
  2. How negative language impacts kids and why “no” should be limited
  3. Double Negatives Using Prefixes
  5. How negative language impacts kids and why "no" should be limited

You are welcome! That is great you are going to try it at work. I found it to be really effective with my HS students. This is nonsense that is turning us into a bunch of petulant children in adult bodies.

Brian, I mention that we do tell our children No and even in the classroom, I still used the word no. In fact, I have seen less whining both in my own children and in my older students when I aim to use positive language and open communication more often than shutting down the situation with No.

Double Negative Examples

I try to practice this with my 1. It drives me crazy. Any ideas for how to get others to stop? Or how to explain it easily? I typically try to explain not in the moment that we have found that when we tried something new where we tried to tell her what to do rather than what not to do, she responded better.

And then I just ask if they would try to implement this method on being mindful with words and trying to use no less since it can illicit a negative response and see if it works for them. It definitely does. It makes more mindful approaches to parenting as well to be able to use it less. This is certainly true.

How negative language impacts kids and why “no” should be limited

I saw this on a round up of the top 57 posts. It definitely has a huge learning curve! So glad you like it and I do promise that it gets easier over time. I got a nice laugh out of your story though! Such a great illustration how kids definitely need clear guidance as to what to do.

Double Negatives Using Prefixes

Thanks for sharing! I disagree. I teach Grades The rapport that I establish with students is that of trust, respect, sland truth. The fact is, we live in a world with much negativity.

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There is always a better way to say something, or a kinder way to handle a situation, but what percentage of the population will actually treat other that way in real life? Plus, children need to learn to respect no. I just do not believe that this article illustrates that balance well enough, just as those who do agree with this article will feel the same way about my response. No is always still suitable in certain situations.

When We Multiply:

This article was not intended to show the balance per se, rather present options for the parents struggling to set boundaries with just no. This is really about focusing on desired behaviors, teaching children what they should do instead of focusing on what they did wrong.. There is a ton of research to support this. Schools use Postivte Behavior Intervention Support all the time. This is part of that.


Teaching, modeling, and reinforcing the behavior you want to see. We are just currently modeling politeness when asking, so please was my natural choice. But we also model questions and answers daily as well. I strongly disagree with this premise when it comes to raising young boys. Absolutely Riaz! I am absolutely not against using the word no, I think there is a real place in our lives for it.

I just think as mothers and caregivers, we sometimes get caught in cycles of telling our kids no, and not saying yes or not giving very clear boundaries. Anyways, No still has its place and can definitely be much more effective as we use it more sparingly. Great article! My husband and I also use this method. We work to retrain their brains to focus on what they WANT so they can unlock all of their potential. And I believe that negative mentality starts being trained at birth. Then they meet people like my hubby and me asking them what they WANT in life, and they look at us like a deer in headlights.

They never thought like that before. Anyway, thanks for this article! Your comment was such a ray of sunshine when reading through it this morning. I am so glad you found it to be a helpful resource. It was such a powerful tool with my high school kids and has really shifted our family dynamics with little ones even more. This is a good reason to explain why do or not do anything.

I was really frustrated by getting that same answer, but I figired it out. Read more about parenting without saying no. Poor decisions cause negative consequences and create extra work. Some of that extra work usually falls on the mother, who already has a lot of work to do. I stressed that I understand we all make mistakes, but asked my kids to please think about what would happen and to make the best decisions possible.

It helps to mention that good decisions give us more time for fun.

How negative language impacts kids and why "no" should be limited

My friend Kara has a great video on teaching kids to make good choices in her article, Parenting Without Saying No. How amazing does that sound?! It is […].

Bully A Plant: Say No To Bullying

Your email address will not be published. It's about being intentional, but sometimes with younger kids that's hard. To order this book direct from the publisher, visit the Penguin USA website or call You can also purchase this book at Amazon. Quoth the Maven Many negative words begin with n , just like no: not, nothing, never, none, nothing. Take My Word for It From the s to the s, it was customary to crowd as many negative words as possible into a sentence.

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