Soul of a Dragon (The Wayfarer Book 1)

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  2. "Jewels of Truth" Reading From "The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2"
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  4. 'Dark Souls' Comic Books Coming This April
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But can he escape before the beyonder champion kills him, devours his soul and takes his place as Wayfarer? If wizard Brodas Ravenkind has his way, Gavin will never make it that far. After all, he made a promise the first time Gavin crossed him Gavin Kinshield faces new challenges, including a magical deluge of unending rain and an age-old mystery whose time has come to be revealed. A former member of an elite battlers guild, Cirang Deathsblade has a dark past.

'Dark Souls' Comic Books Coming This April

In exchange for leniency, Cirang leads Gavin to a centuries-old, hidden journal that holds the secrets of ancient kings and a magical wellspring with its own dark past And what of his helpless heir growing in her toxic womb? Help seems to appear in the unlikely form of the Guardians, two ghostly figures tethered to the crystal that lies deep within the wellspring.

Can Gavin trust them Sithral Tyr watched helplessly while three of his children died of a strange illness. When his last remaining son falls ill, he gives up on his clan's shaman and, amid protests from the clan chief and his neighbors, Tyr sets out to find a cure for his son. His journey takes him to a land of danger and debauchery where he's forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of saving not just his son but his entire clan.

A powerful gift from a mysterious stranger gives Terik, the disabled heir to the Lordover Calsojourn, a chance to experience life unconfined to his chair. This short story is available free for my newsletter subscribers.

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From "The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2"

Click News to find out more or sign up below. Click to view the map of Serocia. Jora Lanseri always planned on fulfilling her duty. She was to be a wife and mother, nothing more. But when she discovers she has the uncommon ability to enter the Mindstream, allowing her to witness any event in the past or present, her fate changes for good. Whisked away to a new life in the capitol, Jora begins her training as a Truth Sayer. Her brand new world turns terrifying when she witnesses a shocking crime with world-shattering implications.

Faced with losing her family, Jora must solve the crime in addition to an ancient mystery lying at the bottom of the sea. As an unlikely ally supplies her with answers, Jora must summon every ounce of her strength and courage to save everyone she loves.

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Condemned murderer Jora Lanseri is offered a chance at redemption in exchange for her silence. Driven to protect her only remaining brother, she must secretly uncover the dark and hidden forces that are smuggling the life-giving godfruit to Serocia's enemies and perpetuating the long and bloody war. Aided by the dolphin Sundancer, Jora discovers more long-forgotten secrets of the Spirit Stones, giving her one chance to turn the tide against the warmongers profiting from the deaths of Serocian soldiers.

But she has opposition. She must battle her nemesis Ibsa Bervoets, who seeks to sieze power from Jora and the queen. When the diplomats sent to negotiate the peace fall suddenly silent, Jora is sent to learn what happened to them. On the Isle of Shess, beneath the shadow of the Tree of the Fallen God, she comes face-to-face with a powerful new foe whose only purpose for existence is her destruction. The continuing tale of Jora Lanseri, whose ongoing battle of magic and wits against her nemesis leads to consequences neither of them could possibly have imagined.

Now Jora must journey to the neighboring city to recover the stolen godheart and bring Ibsa back to face justice for betraying the queen. But when Jora returns to the capital, she finds powerful forces have converged with one goal in mind—to force the Gatekeeper to do their bidding. The continuing tale of Jora Lanseri, whose ongoing battle of magic and wits against her enemies is taken to a new level with even greater stakes—her very soul. Click to view the map of Mangend. Now at the height of her power, she faces a new challenge—to rescue the abducted king and retrieve the stolen godheart before the war ship carrying them reaches harbor.

But she has what Jora wants. The only way to protect herself is to convince the god—by whatever means necessary—to slay the Gatekeeper.

'Dark Souls' Comic Books Coming This April

Can Jora rescue the king and save the god from unspeakable torment before the darkness inside consumes the last vestiges of her humanity? When Gatekeeper Jora Lanseri learns the princess has been convicted by a vengeful enemy of terrible crimes, she must free the delegates trapped in gold statues on the Isle of Shess to trade for the captured princess.

Now, with the enemy warships on her heels, Jora must protect the king while negotiating the princess's freedom In a world of endless war, one woman learns the key to achieving peace—and the magical power to carry it out. But when profiteers discover her secret, to assure her silence they threaten everything and everyone she holds dear.

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The only hope for the future is a cure hidden inside Ryder Stone. Created in a lab and brutalized, betrayed and hated by humans, Ryder yearns for freedom. Outside, a group of human genetic purists want him dead. When Katie Marsh, a brilliant young geneticist, discovers his secret, she must fight to protect Ryder, gain his trust Benjamin Sykes, a brilliant neurosurgeon and engineer, has developed a device to cure psychological and neurological disorders.

He awakens a comatose schizophrenic, only to learn the patient believes his hallucinatory friend is a manifestation of God. Can Ben find a way past his consuming need to fix people and separate the delusion from the religion without destroying the patient he's worked so hard to save? Click to view the map of Kudare. A mysterious illness strikes down a young woman pledged to the god of the Blessed Empire. Two brothers, as helpless as the healers who say there's nothing more they can do, watch while their sister fades away.

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