The Better Man

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Adversity and challenge are no barriers to his success.


Though his charge at times may be unpopular, he is sustained by his conviction, enlightenment and belief in the universal brotherhood of man. The Better Man is a Man of Courage , defined by:. An unwavering courage to dare and to be bold in his actions, even in the face of adversity Principled Leadership Embracing innovative change and advancement A resolute conviction in his ideals, values and purpose, undeterred by his harshest critics or toughest challenges.

The Better Man is committed to improving the human condition with principle and sincerity. He does not resign himself to await the actions of others; when he sees a person in need, an injustice at hand or an opportunity to improve the world around him, he stands up and lends a hand. When others may falter or fade, he has the poise to act.

The Better Man is a Man of Action , defined by:. Commitment to service Generosity Being supportive, helpful and ready to assist those in need Devotion to bringing others peace and goodwill Uniting his efforts in the Fraternity with the needs of society Poise and self-control to act prudently, timely and with even temper.

The Better Man Academy – Delta Sigma Phi

The Better Man strives for excellence in all areas of his life. He is recognized for his constant self-development and pursuit of total perfection individually and collectively. He is committed to a lifelong experience of improving society, seeking wisdom, culture, enlightenment and truth, and exemplifying the ideals and core values of Delta Sigma Phi.

The Better Man is a Man of Excellence , defined by:. A tireless pursuit of knowledge, truth and intellectual development His commitment to scholarship and outstanding academic success Living with decency and integrity in every aspect of his life His symmetrical development of mind, body and soul His steadfast loyalty, selfless character and unfailing generosity A dedication to high standards of moral conduct. Home Page. Skip to content Join the movement.

Commit to being The Better Man. Mukundan, retired from government service, returns to the village of Kaikurussi where he was born. He is upset, viewing his life as a failure. He meets "One-screw-loose-Bhasi", a local eccentric, a housepainter and an inventor of an odd system of alternative medicine. He helps Mukundan transform himself. Then Power House Ramakrishnan, a locally important man, decides to build a Community hall, and selects Bhasi's land. He threatens to destroy Bhasi's business if he refuses to sell the land.

Mukundan intends to save Bhasi's land but is flattered into accepting membership on the project committee. Then Mukundan's father dies, and he undergoes a deeper transformation. Dhanyasree M, writing in OneIndia , says "A tone of wistful melancholy and incidents with a touch of keenly observed comedy makes the characterization in this novel more special.

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Her vivid knowledge on the pulse of Kerala can be well observed in this novel. This novel is a must read for anyone who wants to know the true pulse of Indian life.

Better Man

Kit Reed, writing in The New York Times , says "A genial, meandering tale filled with false alarms and diversions, The Better Man is slowed by loops in the story, by abandoned threads of plot. Charming as it is, the novel gathers momentum only at the end, when Bhasi and Mukundan find themselves at odds just in time for the drama of conflict and resolution.

Critics have opined otherwise Mukundan, her hero, returns to the village, hoping to exorcise bitter memories. Anita Nair not only has a wonderful knowledge of life in the village, but shows an almost Dostoevskian feeling for the undercurrents of consciousness, as Mukundan seeks and finds redemption. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.