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  1. Morgan J. Bolt
  2. The Favored Circle
  3. Morgan J. Bolt
  4. The Favored of Odyn
  5. Favored (Among the Favored #1) by C.L. Stone

The older people of the village also recognize her as looking like Beatrice and predict that either she or Richard with be "The Favored Child" who has The Sight, as Beatrice did.

Morgan J. Bolt

As it happens, it's Julia. She often "dreams true," meaning she has dreams that predict what will happen. Richard is unwilling. He and Julia jointly inherit Wideacre, and he wants no competition in the form of a husband for Julia. Richard follows John and Celia and murders them, along with their driver. He then forces Julia to live with him in anticipation of the birth of their child.

The Favored Circle

Julia does remain, though she leaves the house the moment the child is born with the intention of drowning it in the river, ending the Lacy legacy forever. Instead, she follows an apparition across the river and discovers a band of gypsies, waiting in their wagons.

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She wordlessly hands the baby to a woman who is already nursing an infant, and the gypsies leave. When Julia returns home, her friend and mentor, Ralph Megson, has a knife to Richard's throat. Julia instructs Ralph to "kill him. As Julia lies dying from her exposure to the elements after the birth of her child, she writes James Fontescue. He's the man she was engaged to marry.

She asks him to find her daughter, returning her to the estate now that Richard is gone.

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Morgan J. Bolt

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The Favored of Odyn

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Favored (Among the Favored #1) by C.L. Stone

Chapters 7 and 8. Chapters 9 and Chapters 11 and Chapters 13 and Chapters 15 and Chapters 17 and Chapters 19 and Chapters 21 and Chapters 23 and His greatest challenge is deciding which Vocational Classes to sign up for and if he should pursue a career designing coasters or serving as a pastor. But an accident throws him into a secret world he never dreamed existed.

Much tougher choices with far greater consequences now lie before Kallam, as he realizes the utopian paradise he has always known is built on lies and oppression. As his eyes open to the truth that has always surrounded him, Kallam must decide what kind of person he is and which side he wants to stand on—no matter the cost. A terrific adventure set in a believable and terrifying future.