The Kitchen Sink (Fictional Poetry Book 4)

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He Has.

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The Radio by Leontia Flynn review – sheer pleasure, no slog | Books | The Guardian

From Audio Poem of the Day March Harold Washington Library. From Audio Poem of the Day April If We Were Honest. From Audio Poem of the Day June From NewsHour Poetry Series. From Audio Poem of the Day November Appeared in Poetry Magazine Short Reviews. By David Yezzi. Prose from Poetry Magazine. Appeared in Poetry Magazine Ten Takes.

From Poetry Off the Shelf October Coprolites, New Rivers Press, That might happen in the way we've fallen in love with work we've previously published, or it might happen in a way we have yet to experience. Maybe reading that other work will help in knowing whether you should send your work to us, but in truth, such a thing might not be discoverable. Here are things that matter :. Randall Brown—the managing editor and founder—will critique your single flash piece under words.

Net is a well-known blog also managed by Matter Press's founder Randall Brown. Net is looking to republish flash fiction that originally appeared in print or in now-unavailable online journals. Please include in the cover letter where the flash originally appeared and the date it appeared.

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  6. We consider flash fiction to be under words, although shorter pieces tend to work best for the blog. Please submit only one piece every three months. Along with your flash may appear some comments from Randall Brown. Such commentary perhaps helps these flash pieces make their way into the curriculum of flash fiction courses. Perhaps not. Although FlashFiction. Net cannot currently offer compensation for the flash, the blog can help you with the following:. We are currently looking for visual arts projects that incorporate the idea of compressed text into the work.

    We are especially interested in a series of visual arts pieces that can be published once a week over a period of a month or several months. We might also be interested in purchasing the pieces outright. Please let us know in a cover letter if the pieces are available for purchase and the asking price. If your project is chosen for publication, we will be requesting the individual files.

    If you've been published by The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, please wait a year before submitting again. Skip to Main Content Home. View Your Submissions. The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. Here are things that matter : Please do not include any contact information, including your name , in the manuscript. Do not include a cover letter as part of the manuscript document.

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    Please include, as part of your cover letter on Submittable, a brief bio. Please no more than one submission of a single piece in each genre at a time. Please feel free to submit again after receiving a response. Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, but please let us know if the submission has been accepted elsewhere.