Adagio and Rondo Concertante in F Major: For Mixed String Ensemble: 0 (Kalmus Edition)

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Larghetto, II. Manneke, Daan or Daniel Mannino, Franco Manookian, Jeff Mansurian, Tigran also spelled Mansuryan Mansurian also has a Suite for winds and piano. Manzoni, Giacomo Maragno, Virtu Movements: Allegro pastoral; Andantino mosso; Largo-larghetto; Presto. Marais, Marin Woodwind and Brass Quintet versions of this work feature the Horn it was used as an encore piece by Dennis Brain.

There is also a woodwind quartet version without horn which features the flute. The original work was scored for viola da gamba and continuo. Marbe, Myriam Marcel, Luc Marcellino, Raffaele also listed as Ray Marcellino Flute doubles on piccolo, clarinet doubles bass clarinet. Marcello, Benedetto Sonata for Bassoon and Winds arr. David Marlatt. Marchetti, Federico Marckhl, Erich Marcussen, Kjell Marez Oyens, Gerrit de He was also married to composer Tera de Marez Oyens. Marez Oyens, Tera de Composer was married to Gerrit de Marez Oyens.

Marguste, Anti Andante; 2. Andantino; 3. Vivo; 4. Andante; 5. Moderato Tempo di marcia ; 6. Work is scored for traditional woodwind quintet even though titled a concerto. Cadenza prima; 2. Cadenza seconda; 3. Canenza terza; 4. Cadenza quarta; 5.


Cadenza ultima; 6. Mari, Pierrette Isaias Ferreira. Maric, Ljubica The expression was always individual, and the handling of the instruments original, without once becoming mannered, or insecure.


Applause was most enthusiastic…. Marie, Jean Gabriel Written for a Monsieur E. Marik, Antonin F. Co mi povidaly hudebni nastroje What I Say for woodwind quintet and narrator Kocka, ktera chodila sama Cats, which went alone melodrama for woodwind quintet and narrator Narrator and woodwind quintet Marinov, Ivan The brief excerpt online on SoundCloud shows this to be an aleatoric work where the narrator is supported by instruments playing extended techniques of wind sounds, some odd harmonics, and key taps.

The recording is by the by the Zoar Ensemble. Markovic, Adalbert Moments Musicaux, cetiri minijature za duhacki kvintet Moments Musicale, 4 miniatures for woodwind quintet Markowski, Andrzej Marlatt, David arranger. Maroney, Marcus Karl Maros, Rudolf Marsh-Edwards, Michael Marshall, James Robert Marshall, Pamela J. The flute, clarinet and oboe parts may be replaced by violin, horn or viola, respectively. Czech Polka Medley for woodwind quintet with optional drums and 2-part vocal arr. Joel Blahnik. Marson, Laurel Rose Martelli, Henri Marti, Heinz Martin, Frank Martin, Joseph M.

Intended for Pentecost or Unity Sunday. Martin, Robert This composer should not to be confused with Robert Bobby Martin. Martino, Donald This is not a concerto with orchestra or other ensemble , but a quintet work. Recorded CRI Martinon, Jean Francisque Etienne Martinsson, Rolf Preludium; 2. Allemande; 3. Courante; 4. Sarabande 1; 5. Musette; 6. Rigaudon; 7. Menuett; 8.

Sarabande 2; 9. Cadenza; Martinu, Bohuslav Nonette en fa majeur, H. Also listed as Nonet No. Nonette No. Introduction; II. Allegro scherzando; III. Ritornell; IV. Andante con moto; V. Ritornell; VI. Marttinen, Tauno Introitus, 2. Andante, 3. Allegretto, 4. Andantino, 5. Moderato, 6. Maruta, Shozo or Marvia, Einari Marx, Karl Mascagni, Pietro Adam Lesnick. Lovely arrangement of the symphonic interlude from the opera. Ray Thompson. Frank Jordan.

David Bussic for double woodwind quintet. Maske, Dan Maslanka, David Recordings of these quintets are available on the website. One of the movements of Quintet No. Some movements use repetitive patterns in the style of minimalism. Movements: Deliberate; Duration: Excellent pieces for both performers and audience.

Schubert Adagio and Rondo Concertant in F Major for Piano Quartet D 487

Both quintets are very challenging technically, especially for the clarinet, but the oboe generally gets the best solos! Recordings of the first and third movements performed by WindSync from 2 performances are available on YouTube. A quick reading reveals lots of extreme technical challenges and the movements seem even longer and repetitious than those of the first two quintets. Definitely for the professional-level quintet. See website for recording and sample score, too. Three movements. Sounds like it requires a professional quintet to pull it off. Maslanka also has Blue Mountain Meadow, Missoula for woodwind quintet and piano.

Mason, Daniel Gregory A lyric, fully-tonal work, well-crafted. Mason, Lowell When I Survey the Wondrous Cross arr.

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James Gilbert. Mas Quiles, Juan Vicente Massenet, Jules Emile Richard Price. Available from Richard Price, 75 Loughlin Ave. Massimo, Leone Massis, Amable Masson, Paul-Marie Mastalir, Jaroslav Sonatina nonet for flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns. Matamoros, Gustavo Matarazzo is probably Joseph J. Matarazzo, who also wrote under the name Joe Matt of Philadelphia.

Matasovsky, Anton Slovak born composer who moved to Vienna, Austria. Prelude and Interactions; II. Reminiscences; III. Written for the Scirocco Winds. Matej, Josef Mateju, Zbynek Mather, Bruce Commissioned by the Ayorama quintet through the Canada Council. Mathias, William James Matsudaira, Yori-Aki Composer is son of Yoritsune, listed next. Matsudaira, Yoritsune Dialogue Choreagraphique Dialogo coreografico for woodwind quintet, harp, 2 pianos, percussion. Alternate parts: clarinet 2 for oboe , alto saxophone for horn , tenor saxophone for horn , and bass clarinet for bassoon.

Mattheson, Johann Matthews, Colin Alto flute doubles on piccolo, E-flat clarinet doubles on bass clarinet. Recorded by the Haffner Wind Ensemble. A realization of A Musical Dice game ascribed to Mozart. Suns Dance for piccolo, oboe, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, horn, string quartet and double bass Commissioned by the London Sinfonietta. Composer is brother to David Matthews, below.

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Colin Matthews has also written Rainbow Studies for winds and piano. Matthews, David Matthews, Denis Matthews, Michael Away, Tear Away for woodwind quintet and electroacoustic sounds on CD. Commissioned and premiered by the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet. Title taken from a poem by Antonio Machado. Matthias, Mathew Maturana, Eduardo Matys, Jiri Matz, Rudolf Mauldin, Michael Movements: Morning prayers; River music; Shimmering heat; Sunset.

Mauldin has also written Voices from Chaco for piano and woodwind quintet. Maury, Lowndes Maxwell, Charles Maxwell, James Beckwith It is quite a reverberant space, with a curiously high level of low frequency noise …. Maxwell, Michael Mayer, John Optional tanpura part is improvised. See also: www. Mayer, William Work includes solos for each of the 11 players. Mays, Walter A.

Mazellier, Jules Non in Commotione for woodwind quintet and string quartet 2 violins, viola, cello. Mazurek, Ron McAlister, Clark A bit over-arranged for my taste — the cleverness of the arrangement overshadows the original carol. The instrumentation is solo contrabassoon, 2 flutes both doubling piccolo , oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns.

Second flute doubles on piccolo; 2 nd oboe performs exclusively on English horn. May be out of print. McAllister, Scott McBride, Robert Based on a Mexican folk song. McCabe, John London: Novello, Bury St. Edmunds: Exclusive distributors, Music Sales Limited, [? For 2 flutes piccolo, alto flute , 2 oboes English horn , 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns.

McCall, Brent McCall, Harlo Edward Includes Three blind mice go modern; Rock-a-bye, swing-a-bye, baby. McCarter, Kevin Score can be downloaded from www. McCarthy, Daniel William Oboe doubles on English horn. Program notes at www. Michael P. McCollin, Frances McCombe, Christine Flute doubles on alto flute, Clarinet doubles on bass clarinet.

McCombie, Alan McDaniel, William J. McDowall, Cecilia McEwen, John Blackwood Sir Uses A and B-flat clarinets. Both the old and new versions have proved highly popular with audiences. Score represents only the acoustic portion of the recital.

Thesis M. McGuire, Edward One flutist plays piccolo exclusively. Recently recorded by members of the U. McGurty, Mark McIntosh, Diana Commissioned by the York Winds. The piece reflects the idea of a journey that five people are taking and periodically one or two of the individuals go off in their own conversation, and then come back and join the group. McIntyre, Paul Commissioned by the Alaska Festival of Music, for the Westwood wind quintet.

McKay, David Phares For flute and piccolo , oboe and English horn , clarinet, horn and bassoon. Arrangements of:. Billings, William, The piccolo and English horn are only used for the first six measures of the work, off-stage. Otherwise the work is for standard quintet. Originally for various unspecified instrumental ensembles, keyboard instrument, vocal ensemble, or chorus. Selby, William: A Lesson: 1. Allegro , 2. Andante , 3. McKay, Francis Howard Five very short, easy movements.

McKay, George Frederick Notated to be performed by a woodwind quintet, but the horn part is optional. Three short movements: 1. Sailor Jack; 2. A Mermaid; 3. Barnacle Bill. Intended for student ensembles. Flute has option of doubling on piccolo. The first composer known to use the tune, however, was Mozart, who was probably quoting a much older tune. McKinley, Carl McKinley, Ian McKinley, William Thomas Clarinet doubles bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet, flute doubles alto and piccolo, oboe doubles English horn. McKinnon, John McLaughlin, Marian a. Thomas R. Ostrom McLean, Hamilton Gordon ?

McLoskey, Lansing Burnished splinters; II. Variation 1: Cornus florida; III. Variation 2: Ironwood; IV. Variation 3: Alternate Leaf; V. Quaking — Peak. McMillan, Ann Commissioned by the Quintet of the Americas. McPeek, Benjamin D. McPherson, Gordon Check SMC for updated contact info. McTee, Cindy Karen Thesis Ph. Meacham, F. Frank White Meale, Richard G.

Second movement, in particular, uses complex changing meters. See Cohn for more info. Medaglia, Julio Written for and recorded by for the woodwind quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic. Requinta Maluca — Chorino. It appears that the Trevco edition includes a choice of alternate flute parts. Medeiros, Anacleto de Features flute and oboe and clarinet, particularly. Probably my least favorite piece on the record mentioned above.

See the article about Quinteto Villa-Lobos for a link to the recording. Medek, Tilo Flute doubles piccolo, oboe doubles English horn. Movements: Phoenix; Ikarus; Eule; Adler, gleitend. Hanka; II. Janko; II. Ich bin das arme Waisenking; VI. Die Witwe hat den Sohn geheiratet. Tilo Medek also wrote a Divertissement for quintet and harpsichord.

Mederacke, Kurt Movements: Allegro moderato; Presto; Molto moderato; Allegro spiritoso. Meester, Louis De Mehler, Friedrich Mehrtens, Janine Meier, Josef Meijering, Chiel Meister, Karl The composer is NOT the tenor Karl Meister , probably not the the writer about Latin and German literature, nor the baseball player. He did publish several pieces of chamber music and piano works, plus he appears to have experimented with combining electronic and traditional sounds later in his career.

Mekeel, Joyce Melartin, Erkki Melbinger, Timothy Recorded on Nine Winds Records. Written for the Arcadian Winds. Melby, John Melikyan, Hrachia also spelled Grachya? Mendelsohn, Alfred Sapte Miniaturi Miniatures for Woodwind Quintet with optional chamber orchestra accompaniment. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix arrangements. Charles Newell Boyd. Gregory Cukrov.

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I played it several times. Nocturnes, Op. Donald Patterson for double woodwind quintet. Octet, Op. Hugh Bowman for double woodwind quintet. Originally the string octet from in four movements. Wolfgang Renz. Original is in E major. David Walter. Adagio non troppo — Allegro non tardante; 2. Canzonetta: Allegretto; 3. Andante espressivo; 4. Molto allegro e vivace. Rondo Capriccioso in E-flat Major, Op.

For woodwind quintet. Original piano work is in E Major. Rondo Capriccioso in E Major arr. Jane Taylor. Wolfgang Renz for dectet, woodwind and string quintets 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass. Michael Axtell for double woodwind quintet. Scherzo, Op. Friedrich Gabler. Gudrun Hinze. Gunther Schuller. Music zu Shakespears Sommernachtstraum, Overture Op.

Wolfgang Renz for speaker and dectet, woodwind and string quintets 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass. Hugh Bowman.


Wolfgang Renz for woodwind quintet and four strings. Arranged for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass. Scherzo a Capriccio in A Minor arr. Song without Words, Op. Antonio E. Thomas Bourgault. Includes an alternate bass clarinet part in lieu of bassoon.

Trois Fantaisies ou Caprices, Op. Originally for piano. Arranged for woodwind quintet. The arranger also has a version for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola and double bass. Arranged for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola and double bass. Ian Harrold for double woodwind quintet with optional trumpets.

Mendoza, Emilio Secretos sextet for flute in G, clarinet, English horn, bassoon, horn and trumpet. Work is based on a single chord with timbre, volume and voicing changing as the work progresses. Requires a quintet comfortable in playing softly. Mengal, Martin Joseph Composer was a hornist and a student of Anton Reicha. The three quintets titles and recorded lengths are:. Quintett nach Themen von Rossini arr. Robert Ostermeyer. Mengelberg, Misha or Misja Previously, I thought that might be by Sophie Menter, but that seems less likely, now.

This could easily be solved by going to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, exhuming their copy of the serenade, then digging up an early Andraud publication of Serenade, and then comparing the two sources. Mercury, Freddie originally Frederick Bulsara Merikanto, Oskar Ukko Noa, variatsiooneilla arr.

Jorma Panula Oskar Merikanto is father to composer Aarre Merikanto. Impression for wind quintet, percussion, piano, viola, cello and double bass Mersson, Boris Messner, Joseph Messner, Karl Mestres Quadreny, Josep Maria The composer is listed in a Catalan composer web site. Metallidi, Zhanneta Lazarevna Metral, Pierre It appears to be an educational tone work for more advanced student ensembles. Meulemans, Arthur Mevorach, Rafael Meyer, Johann David Meyer, Rene Meyer-Tormin, Wolfgang Meyerowitz, Jan Meza, Vinicio Take the A Train by Duke Ellington arr.

Vinicio Meza. Miagi, Ester Kustovna Michael, Frank Micheelsen, Hans Friedrich Michel, Jean-Francois ? Michel, Paul Baudouin Michel, Wilfried Micka, Vit Mielenz, Hans Mignone, Francisco Paulo Migot, Georges Mihelcic, Pavel Mihule, Jiri Mikoda, Borivoj Mikula, Zdenko Movements: Andante con moto; Andantino cantabile; Andante moderato; Allegro giocoso; Andante con moto. Movements: Allegro; Lento; Allegro; Vivo. Milhaud, Darius You can listen to a beautiful recording of each of the movements on the Dorian Wind Quintet site. It is now a main road in that town.

After a break of about 15 years, our quintet returned to it and we found the piece to be entirely charming. Easy to play, but hard to play well especially at the marked tempos. Movements: Balance; Dramatique; Joyeux. Based on music for the Alain Resnais film, Gauguin. Arrangement of Madrigal and Eglogue, from Four sketches; originally for piano in and arranged by the composer. Scaramouche, for alto saxophone or clarinet and wind quintet transcribed by Don Stewart. Scored for piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 horns. There are a number of recordings of this work on YouTube.

Concert de chambre pour onze 11 instruments, op. For flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, and double bass. Miller, Lewis Martin Composers in public school program. Miller, Scott L. Mills, Barry Mills, Charles Boromeo Milner, Anthony Francis Domenic Milnes, Ian Miranda, Ronaldo See blog listing for info on downloading the sound files.

Anacleto de Medeiros was a Brazilian composer. There are also several recording on Youtube, including one by Ventus Quintett Salzburg. Mirandolle, Ludovicus Miroglio, Francis Can be performed by 3 to 9 wind instruments. Published by the composer, Mitchell, Roscoe Mladenov, Sasho Mlejnek, Vilem Prokop Moeschinger, Albert Quintett nach schweizerischen Volksliedern, Op.

Moevs, Robert Notes of Steve Reich for piccolo, oboe, E-flat clarinet, bassoon, horn, xylophone, violin, viola, cello. Mohr, Wilhelm Molnar, Antal Autumn woods; II. Winter moonlight; III. Cherry blossom path. Commissioned by the Patagonia Winds Woodwind Quintet. The recording source is not listed, but is the Patagonia Winds. As the natural settings of the movement titles imply, these are beautiful, tonal, inventive, pensive pieces for quintet. No high-flying fireworks, but solos for everybody.

After several listenings, the work sounds appropriate for advanced student or professional quintets. Worth adding to your repertoire! Molyneux, Garth Eckert Monaco, Richard A. Monk, Peter Anthony For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn; or Alto flute, English horn, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Montague, Stephen Monteux, Pierre Percussion includes timpani in the first movement, snare drum and trianble in the 2 nd.

Also has an optional contrabassoon part in the 2 nd movement. Monteverdi, Claudio Montsalvatge, Xavier Canciones negras arr. David Walter for woodwind quintet and soprano. Montvila, Vytautas Moog, Johannes Performed by the Acelga Quintet. Moon, Beata Written for the Beata Moon Ensemble. Moor, Karel real name is Mohr Moore, Charles Moore, Douglas Stuart Society for the Publication of American Music, twenty-eighth season, , no. Moore, Timothy Moquet, Jules Moran, Jason See his sextet for quintet and piano. Apparently a student work, with interesting effects.

Moravec, Paul Moraweck, Lucien A Montreal-based composer, he often uses winds in non-standard chamber groups. A work, Quintet, of is listed as a brass work in one source, which might be an error. Morelli, Frank arranger. Frank Morelli is a New York-based bassoonist and chamber musician, who often performs with the woodwind quintet, Windscape. See www. Moreno-Buendia, Manuel Mores, Mariano born Mariano Martinez Taquito Militar Milonga , arr. Carlos Visnivetski. Morgan, David Sydney Morgan also wrote a Concerto for harpsichord accompanied by woodwind quintet and string quartet.

Morgan, Robert P. Moritz, Edvard This quintet is also included in the Andraud Collection, 22 Woodwind Quintets. Order solo parts and harpsichord separately from string set. Wind set can also be purchased separately. Minimum copies for all of the other items is one. Individual wind parts are not available. Introit et Kyrie 2. Offertoire 3. Sanctus 4. Pie Jesu 5. Agnus Dei 6. Libera Me 7. In Paradisum. There are minimum orders of for each of the string parts. Single copies of the string parts cannot be ordered. Hendrie, Gerald Strings must be ordered as a minimum set of Organ part sold separately.

I: There are minimum orders on string parts of Requiem, K. Extra string parts are available only when ordered with a set of parts, or with a minimum of 4 copies. Contents: 1. KV 67 41h Es-dur 2. KV 68 41i 3. KV 69 41k 4. KV a D-dur 5. KV b F-dur 6. KV B-dur 7. KV a F-dur 8. KV b A-dur 9. KV G-dur.

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KV F-dur 2. KV D-dur 3. KV d G-dur 4. KV c C-dur 5. KV d C-dur. Regina coeli, C major, K. This set contains both Grainger's and Stokowski's endings Grade 5 orchestration.