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  1. Bug Hunting | The Secret Campsite Wild Boar Wood
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It is important, however, to remember that children also need to assess risk for themselves, so suggesting strategies as children explore the outdoor environment is just one way of supporting their understanding of this important element of play. There are many changing patterns in the outdoor environment, and children should be encouraged to notice these as they play.

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These can include the bark on a tree or the pattern in the clouds! Flora and fauna provide endless resources, enabling the children to build dens and create pictures, as well as enjoy making bug hotels and twig towers. Taking their ideas back to the setting continues the creativity, with reflection on discoveries, and talk about the endless fun and imaginative play enjoyed.

Bug Hunting | The Secret Campsite Wild Boar Wood

Skip to content It is an amazing feeling as you watch children investigate the natural world around them. How bug hunting links to the EYFS Communication, language and literacy The natural outdoor environment provides endless opportunities for open-ended questions. Personal, social and emotional Self confidence and a feeling of worth are essential in developing and learning, and an outdoor learning experience is a fantastic opportunity to offer this to children. Physical development Children are able to move their bodies freely in an outdoor environment.

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Knowledge and understanding of the world What better way to learn about the world around them than through firsthand experience of sight, sounds, smells and textures. Problem solving and numeracy Endless opportunities are waiting in the natural outdoor environment, including many to support problem solving. By extending these activities, children develop creativity. Credit: Practical Pre-School.

How to look for minibeasts

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Camping activities for kids come in all shapes and sizes but one that is great for children of all ages is going on a bug hunt. From a very young age children can learn simple identification skills to differentiate worms from beetles and ladybirds from grasshoppers. If you think bug hunting is one of the camping activities for kids your children might enjoy, you might like to download the tick sheet ahead of your stay at The Secret Campsite.

Older children can still enjoy bug hunting but may want to be a bit more independent in their search and may be able to identify more insects and bugs.

We can generate short DNA sequences from different bugs that can be used to identify them. This link up very nicely with studies of bug Ecology. Bug Hunt Hong Kong. Learn more. Bug Hunter's Handbook.

Download Handbook. Bug Hunt Field Trip. What is Bug Hunt Hong Kong? Hong Kong has a large biodiversity, with insects comprising a large part of the biodiversity. Yet most people in Hong Kong are disconnected to nature and even have an aversion of insects. This collection can be exhibited at public events such as the Hong Kong Biodiversity Week. We also want to generate DNA barcodes of the different insects in the collection in order to build a DNA barcode library of Hong Kong insects and to contribute to the international barcode of life initiative.

We want to invite the general public as well as students from secondary schools to participate in this project.

Communication, language and literacy

What are the Tracks? Bug Ecology Bug Ecology is the scientific study of how bugs, individually or as a community, interact with the surrounding environment. Bug Taxonomy Each species of bug is different from all others in some way. Subscribe to Newsletter.